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151 M'Farlane, Alexander.
1 24 Cook, Wm., wine and spirit mercht.
20 Small & Barnett, packing-box inks.
Benton, J. D., & Co., merchants.
M'Intyre, Arch., spirit dealer.
Gartly, James, teacher.
118 Robertsoi, David, house-factor.
32 Sinclair, Thomas, warper.
Hogg, Wm., fruit merchant.
30 Simcock, Mrs., spirit merchant.
28 Gilligan, Patrick, merchant.
M'Dermot, Francis.
20 Young, John, wine merchant.
5 Cleats, John, spirit merchant.
9 Smith, John, corkcutter.
29 Boyle, William, contractor.
41 Scott, Peter, carter.
53 M'Alister, Robert, jun.
Maclean, Malcolm, beadle.
55 Galloway, John and James, merchts.
63 Wilson, James.
71 Wilson, Taylor, & Co., sugar refiners.
90 M'Naughtan and Cochrane's store.
36 Walker, William, merchant.
22 Spalding, Mrs., ladies' nurse.
14 Campbell, James, chimney-sweeper.
43 Reid, Hugh, wright.
Graham, Malcolm, & Co., grease
47 Marshall, J. andT., wade manufacs.
10 Stewart, Walter, smith.
12 M'Lean, William, cartwiight.
1 Maxwell, Chas., Rob Roy hotel.
2 M'Lean, Mrs. D., midwife.
8 Speed, Alex., Londonderry hotel.
4 Munro, Hugh, grocer.
5 M'Lauchlan, Mrs., Commerc. tavern.
6 M'Lean, Miss, lodgings.
Skirving, William, ship-rigger.
7 M'Dougall, D., spirit dealer.
8 M'Phie, D., wine and spirit mercht.
9 Hendry, William, tavern.
10 Anderson, Andrew, hotel.
11 Angus, James, baker.
12 Limont, David, spirit dealer.
Cormie, James, smith.
Anderson, Miss J., lodgings.
Clark, William, mill furnisher.
Findlav, William.
13 Clyde Hotel.
14 Jarvie, R. and J., ropework.
15 Bennie, Archd., spirit merchant.
16 Agnew, Mrs., Old Hawk tavern.
17 Strathearn, Andrew, eating-house.
18 Nichol, Mrs. William, grocer.
19 M'Neil, Andrew, spirit dealer.
20 M'Dougal, Mrs. Archd., eating-house.
21 Perry, Arthur, wine and spirit mer.
22 Campbelton Steam-Packet office.
M'Michael, John, a?ent.
23 M'Millan, Neil, M.D.
26 M'Gregor, Alex., spirit dealer.
27 Cowan, John, wine and spirit mer.
28 Dunlop, Alexander, spirit dealer.
30 Montgomery, A., spirit dealer.
31 Crombie, Mrs., baker and victualler.
32 M'Kinnon, Chas., spirit dealer.
33 Tod and M'Gregor, Clyde Foundry.
Pearce, R. F.
Gilchrist, Archibald.
Pearson, William.
49 Smith & Rodger, St. James' Foundry.
55 Stewart, T. and J., & Co., ropework.
56 Downie, Agnes, spirit merchant.
57 Robertson, John, plumber.
58 Barclay, Phillips, & Co., ship smiths.
60 Hobbs, Samuel, painter.
61 Taylor, Mrs. James, spirit dealer.
64 M' Vicar, Archd., chain works.
66 Steven, John, Clyde Ropework.
68 Napier, Robert, Lancefield Foundry.
Napier, J. R., Lancefield Foundry.
7 Ferguson, James, merchant.
9 Wylie, James, & Co., coppersmiths.
19 Paterson, Wm., & Son, smiths.
27 Finlay, Wilson, & Co., bonded stores.
27 M'Naughtan & Cochrane's stores.
29 Allan & Poynter, bonded vaults.
24 M 'Master, J., & Co.
22 Gilfillan, John, corn merchant.
ANN STREET-Bridgeton.
9 M'Alister, Archibald, dyer.
ANN STREET-Port-Dundas.
86 Steel's Court.
Bain's Coukt.
Bain, George, agent.
Thompson,Thos., carter & crane-mast.
42 Eaglesham, James, spirit dealer.
32 Kenney, Hendey, spirit dealer.
20 Ralston, James, grocer.
10 Morrison, Peter.
Brown, John.
Duncan, Mrs.
Waddell, Alexander.
Kilpatrick, Robert.
Edmond, Rev. John.
Mitchell, James.
M'Donald, Charles.
8 M'Farlane, Duncan.
9 Mather, Dr.
10 Ross, A. M.
11 Lehmann, Chas.
13 Runciman, Rev. Dr.
14 Clark, Matthew.

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