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39 Miller, Andrew.
Stell, Thomas.
Stevenson, William.
24 Paterson, William.
7 Carter, James, eating-house.
9 Smith, Andrew, grocer.
11 O'Neil, C, green-grocer.
15 Clarke, George, undertaker.
25 Henderson, J., provision merchant.
29 Crosby, D., weaving-utensil dealer.
Stewart, Robert, & Co., spinners.
47 Currie, William, grocer.
55 Lightbody, James, spirit dealer.
57 Johnstone, .
Downie, William.
Dewar, P.
61 Orr, John, baker.
63 Seaton, John.
M'Dicken, John, wright.
65 Orr, John, office.
67 Gilmour, Mrs., flesher.
69 M'Carron, John, surgeon.
71 Docherty, Edward.
Galletly, Colin.
73 Shaw, Archibald, spirit dealer.
77 Houston, William, portioner.
81 Porter, Eliza, butter and egg store.
85 Collins, John, bookseller.
87 Armour, William.
Knox, Adam.
89 Horn, George, victualler.
93 M'Kechnie, Misses, milliners,
95 Macnaughtan, James.
Dunbar, James, wright,
97 Grainger, Mrs. Hugh, spirit dealer.
106 Gall, Archibald.
104 Bell, David, surgeon.
96 Paterson, James.
92 M'Allister, George, baker.
86 Snedden, Mrs., grocer.
78 Knox, Robert, boot and shoe maker.
68 St. Mary's Catholic chapel.
52 Bailie, Robert, victualler.
42 St. Joseph's Place.
Munn, W., grocer.
20 Wyper, Robert, earthenware house.
8 Connor, John, spirit dealer.
32 Batty, G. Daniel, spirit dealer.
24 Dickson, Adam, jun., grocer.
6 Johnston, Robert, baker.
4 Simamon, Thomas.
30 Paterson, James, bonded warehouse.
3 Graham, William.
4 Blaikley, L.
Hosie, John, ropemaker.
Thomson, Samuel, wine merchant
M'Laren, Daniel.
5 M'Gregor, Miss.
7 . Gall, W illiam, baker.
8 Wilson, Mrs. John, furnishing shop.
9 Hutcheson, James, printer.
M'Intyre, James, teacher.
M'Intyre, W. A.
10 Gibson, Dr. Matthew H.
6,11 M'Laren, Dan., spt. dealer & flesher.
12 Leckie, Alex., provision merchant.
13 Russell, James.
13, 14 M'Dougall, James, pastry baker.
15 Brownlie,W., millin. & furnish, shop.
15|Mathison, Duncan, and Sons, boot
and shoe makers.
16 Auld, John.
Laird and Ritchie
Smith, John, of Bennet and Smith.
Lambie, James, tailor.
Whyte, C. and R., spirit dealers.
18 Russell, Thos., & Co., spirit merchts.
20 Johnston, Jas., grocer and tea dealer.
21 Thomson, William, flesher.
22 Barclay, Robert, baker.
23 Lindsay, Geo., bookseller & stationer.
24 Thomson, William.
25 M'Millan, John confectioner.
26 Ross, Donald, victualler.
27 M'Dougall, Donald, spirit dealer.
29 Rankin, Bryce, druggist.
29£Henderson, Jas., baker and confect.
30 Equitable Loan Office, Jno. Scanlan.
31 Galbraith, John, confectioner.
32 Thomson, Miss, lodgings.
33 Stewart, Archibald, spirit merchant.
34 Clark, Alexander, chemist.
35 Smithj Margery, confectioner.
37 Paterson, James, carver.
Smith, William, corkcutter.
38 M'Lachlan, Robert, flesher.
39 Nevan, John, provision merchant.
40 M'Lachlen, Alexander, flesher.
41 M'Gregor, Dun., tailor and clothier.
43 Davidson, William, shoemaker.
44 Preston, W. A., surgeon.
44|-Struthers, Robert.
45 M'Lean, Daniel.
Lindsay, Alexander, smith.
Thorburn, John, lodgings.
Hunter, Robert.
46 White, Jas., wine and spirit mercht.
47£Erskine, Alexander, fruiterer.
49 Donald, Andrew, bookseller.
50 Jack, Mrs. James, tobacconist.
51 Dobbie, Thomas, watchmaker.
Gillespie, Jno., boot & shoe manufact.
Session-Clerk's Office; J.Coates,clerk.
52 Muir, M., & Sons, prov. merchants.
ALBANY PLACE— Sauehiehall Street.
1 Kerr, William, manufacturer.
Kerr, William, jun.

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