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TAYLOR, Alexander, of James Taylor and Sons; house, Shawlands.
Taylor, Alexander, general outfitter, 132 Broomielaw ; house, 4 York street.
Taylor, Alexander, of Alexander Taylor <$■ Co.; 11 South Frederick street.
Taylor, Alexander, & Co., merchants and agents, 1 1 South Frederick street.
Taylor, A. M., 114 Bath street.
Taylor, Daniel, 89 Gallowgate.
Taylor, Daniel, boot and shoe maker, 75 Crown street.
Taylor, Daniel, of Wilson, Taylor, ty Co.; house, 92 Buccleuch street.
Taylor, David K., M.D., surgeon, 88 Main street, Anderston ; house, 6 do.
Taylor and Downs, jewellers and watchmakers, 139 Trongate.
Taylor, Edward E., of E. and R. Taylor; house, 47 Abbotsford place.
Taylor, E. and R., wine and spirit merchants, 10 Stirling street.
Taylor, George T., 14 Green vale place, Woodlands road.
Taylor, Henry John, Springbank, Parkhead.
Taylor, Henry, and Sons, grain and flour merchants, 15 Hope street.
Taylor, Hugh, of James and Thomas Brown § Co.; house, 6 Rutland pi. Govan rd.
Taylor, Rev. James S., of Hutchesontown United Presbyterian Church, 8 So. Apsley st.
Taylor, Rev. James, D.D., of Renfield U. P. Church, Oakfield house, Hillhead. Let-
ters, &c, left at the vestry, 37 Sauchiehall street.
Taylor, James, merchant, 12 Howard street; house, 260 West George street.
Taylor, James, clerk, Post-office ; house, 121 Hospital street.
Taylor, James, manager of Patent Hydro Extractor Co. ; house, 14 Glebe street.
Taylor, J., & Son, calenderers, packers, & hot-pressers, 28 Cochran st. & 104 Hope st.
Taylor, James, of Darling and Taylors ; house, 6 Main street.
Taylor, James, at Wilson and Matheson's ; house, 19 Ronald street.
Taylor, James, ivory turner and billiard ball manufacturer, 84 Upper John street.
Taylor, James, of J. and R. Taylor; house, 177 St. Vincent street.
Tayler, James, of Tayler and Kirhland ; house, 65 West Regent street.
Taylor, James, & Brothers, Anderston Saw Mills, timber merchants, wrightsand builders,
6 Main street, Anderston.
Taylor, James, flesher, 108 King street; house, 113 do.
Taylor, James, of James Taylor and Brothers ; house, 318 Bath street.
Taylor, James, jun., ivory turner and bowling-green bowl maker, 190 Trongate;
house, 4 Bellgrove street.
Taylor, James, jun., commission merchant, 115 Graeme street.
Taylor, James, & Co., cotton, woollen, flax, and silk card makers, 115 Grasme street.
Taylor, James, general ironmonger, smith, and tinplate merchant, 102 Trongate; house,
30 Charlotte street.
Taylor, James, of Campbell and Taylor ; house, 27 Montrose street.
Taylor, James A., accountant and house-factor, and agent for the North British In-
surance Co., 9 Gordon street ; house, 102 South Portland street.
Taylor, J. G., & Co., wholesale jewellers, and importers of foreign fancy goods, 4
King street, Cheapside, London, and Virginia buildings.
Taylor, J. M., writer, 20 St. Vincent plac ; house, 318 West Bath street.
Taylor, J. & R., builders, 177^ St. Vincent street.
Taylor, John, photographer, 65 Jamaica st. and 57 Buchanan st. ; ho. 65 Jamaica st.
Taylor, John, smith and scale-beam maker, 84 Bridgegate street.
Taylor, John, M.D., surgeon, 173 St. Vincent street.
Taylor, John, 1 4 Greenvale place, Woodlands road.
Taylor, John, jun., & Co., merchants, 28 Cochran street.
Taylor, John, eating-house keeper, 57 Main street, Gorbals.
Taylor, John, jun., merchant, 19 Cochran street; house, 4 Maxwelton place.
Taylor, John, skinner, 89 Gallowgate ; house, 249 do.
Taylor, John, joiner, 6 Shuttle street ; house, 12 Tarbert street.
Taylor, John, A.M., manager, Western Bank of Scotland, 10 Miller street.
Taylor, John, Ship tavern, 142 Broomielaw.
Taylor, John, jun., of John Taylor, jun , cf Co.; house, 22 Abbotsford place.
Taylor, Joseph, jun., of James Taylor and Brothers ; 6 Main street, Anderston.
Taylor, Joseph, writer, and P. F. for Milngavie, district of Stirlingshire, 213 Buchan n
street, and Blairskaith, Stirlingshire.
Taylor, Joseph, of J. Taylor and Brothers ; house, 6 Main street, Anderston.
Tayler and Kirkland, writers, 21 St. Vincent place.
Taylor, Matthew, tea, wine, and spirit merch., Ill London st. ; ho. Hornbank, Govau rd

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