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Smeal, William and Robert, grocers, 161 and 163 Gallowgate.
Smeal, William, of W. and R. Smeal ; house, 17 Monteith row.
SMEATON, Henry, of Smeaton and Smith; house, Westbank, Govan road.
Smeaton, John, smith, bellhanger, gasfltter, copper and tinplate worker, 24 Rope-
work lane ; house, 6 Victoria buildings, Great Clyde street.
Smeaton, John B., at J. M. Smeaton § Co.'s ; house, 97 Centre street.
Smeaton and Smith, writers, 38 West George street.
Smeaton, William, spirit merchant, Murray place, 117 New City road; ho. 119 do.
SMELLIE, Brothers, wrights and smiths, 83 Dumbarton road, Partick.
Smillie, David, carter, 72 Tobago street.
Smellie, George, letter-carrier, P.O.; house, 20 Maitland street.
Smellie, G. and J., fleshers, 155 Main street, Bridgeton; house, 1 Dale street, do.
Smellie, James, dairyman, 80 Brown street
Smellie, John, dairyman, Hayfield street, Hutchesontown.
Smillie, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 414 Duke street.
Smellie, Thomas D., measurer, 62 Buchanan street ; house, 48 Shamrock street.
Smellie, Thomas, surgeon, 80 Buccleuch street.
Smellie, William, drysalter, 66 Miller street.
Smellie. William, carter, 34 Jamaica street.
SMETHURST, Henry, wholesale hat manufacturer, 44 Brunswick street and 121
Argyle street ; house, 22 Ta3'lor street.
SMITH, Alexander, grocer and victualler, 47 Orr street, 222 Main st. Bridgeton, and
164 New Dalmarnock road ; house, 34 Orr street.
Smith, Alexander, at James M'Kenzie <§ Co.'s; house, 10 Portugal street.
Smith, Alexander, of Robert Smith <f- Co.; house, 97 North Frederick street.
Smith, Alexander, and Son, slaters and slate merchants, 20 Little Hamilton street.
Smith, Alexander, portioner, 178 Main street, Gorbals.
Smith, Alexander T., baker, 14 Brown street, Bridgeton.
Smith, Alexander, provision merchant, 69 George street.
Smith, Alexander, of Alexander Smith $ Son; house, Hill place, 20 Stirling's road.
Smith, Alexander, and Son, lime, cement, and mastic manufacturers, 20 Howard st.
Smith, Right Rev. Alexander, Catholic bishop, 34 Great Clyde street.
Smith, Alexander G., agent, 113 Hospital street.
Smith, Anderson, & Co., sewed muslin warehousemen, 3 George square.
Smith, Andrew, spirit dealer, 9 Abercromby street.
Smith, Andrew, grocer, 34 Main street, Bridgeton.
Smith, Andrew, contractor, 66 Lorn place.
Smith, Andrew, 3 Burnbank place, Great Western road.
Smith, Andrew, spirit dealer, 27 Moore street.
Smith, Archibald, sheriff-substitute of Lanarkshire, County buildings, Wilson street ;
house, 234 St. Vincent street.
Smith, Archibald, & Co., produce brokers and commission merchts., 30 St. Enoch sq. ;
house, Woodside priory, North Woodside road.
Smith, Brothers, cooks and confectioners, 155 Queen st. ; ho. 15 Waterport buildings.
Smith, Campbell, ofR. and C. Smith; house, 20 Blythswood square.
Smith, Cunningham, of Potter, Wilson, <$; Co.; house, 7 Windsor street.
Smith, Rev. D., A.M., classical tutor, Free Nor. Seminary; ho. 42 Hill st. Garnethill.
Smith, Daniel, plasterer, 44 Bath street; house, 106 Renfrew street.
Smith, David, at John Grafs, jun. ; house, 1 Kinning street.
Smith, David, edge-tool maker and cutler, 20 and 22 St. Enoch wynd ; house, 58
Howard place, Douglas street.
Smith, David and John, boot and shoe merchants, 173 Trongate.
Smith, David, of David and John Smith ; house, 9 Kelvingrove place.
Smith, David, of John Ross, jun., if Co. ; house, 4 Woodside place.
Smith, David, civil engineer and land surveyor, 37 West George street ; residence,
Westbank house, Hillhead.
Smith, David, shoemaker, 36 Centre street.
Smith, David, at Kerr, Anderson, and Brodie , s; residence, Holmhead house, Cathcart.
Smith, David, soap and candle maker, 70 Havannah street; house, 219 Duke street.
Smith, David, manufacturer, 19 John St.; works, St. Rollox; house, 3 Mansfield pi.
Smith, David, of Smith and Roger; house, 165 Sauchiehall street.
Smith, Duncan, gardener, 384 Argyle street; house, Sauchfield cottage, Partick.
Smith, Duncan, of C. Tennant cj- Co., 49 Cochran street.

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