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Ramsay, Benjamin, cowfeeder, 30 Park lane, Calton.
Ramsay, David, & Co., drysalters and commission agents, 30 St. Enoch square.
Ramsay, D., of D. Ramsay § Co.; house, 115 Main's street.
Ramsay, George, messenger, Royal Bank ; house, Royal Bank buildings.
Ramsay, James, agent for J. & P. Cameron, general carriers ; ho. 145 New City rd.
Ramsay, John, of M l Bean, Jamieson, <§ Co.; house, 10 Albany place.
Ramsay, John, Port-Ellen distillery, Islay, Madeira ct. Argyle st. ; ho. 9 Jane street.
Ramsay, John, grocer, 138 Sauchiehall street.
Ramsay, John, shaftmaker, 48 Robertson street; house, 24 do.
Ramsay, John, smith and spindlemaker, 61 Nelson St. Tradeston ; ho. 60 Centre st.
Ramsay, John, boot and shoe maker, 56 Robertson street.
Ramsay, John, innkeeper and stabler, 10 Charlotte street.
Ramsay, John, spirit dealer, 19 Sister street, Mile-end.
Ramsay, Nathaniel, measurer, 118 Union street ; house, 8 Florence place.
Ramsay, P., & Co., dyers and oil-cloth manufacturers, 19 Lancefield street.
Ramsay, Robert, superintendent of traffic and storekeeper, Railway depot, Paisley rd.
Ramsay, Robert, Springhill and Mount Vernon Coal Co. ; house, 63 St. Vincent cres.
Ramsay, Thomas, of A. Ramsay (f Sons; house, 3 Morris place.
Ramsay, Thomas, teller, "Western Bank of Scotland, Miller st. ; ho. 73 S. Portland st.
Ramsay, William, B.A., professor of Humanity, College.
Ramsay, William, general and furnishing ironmonger, brassfounder, tinsmith, gas-
fitter, &c, 125 Argyle street ; house, 14 Abbotsford place.
Ramsay, William, engineer and surveyor, 46 West George st. ; house, 9 Queen's cres.
Ramsay, "William, flesher, 32 King st. and 148^ Main st. Gorbals ; ho. 93 London st.
Ramsay, Mrs., 9 Queen's crescent.
Ramsay, Mrs., grocer, 85 Kirk street, Calton.
Ramsay, Mrs. John, joiner and cabinetmaker, 15 Macfarlane street.
RANAHAN, Henry, Euglish teacher, St. Joseph's school, North Woodside road;
house, 58 Maitland street.
RANDOLPH, Charles, of Randolph, Elder, $ Co.; house, The Houf, Pollokshields.
Randolph, Elder, & Co., millwrights, engineers, and founders, 12 Centre street.
RANKINE, Alex., grocer and victualler, 292 Gallowgate; house, 32 Macfarlane st.
Rankin, Alexander, furnishings, 9 Norfolk street.
Rankin, Archibald, painter and paperhanger, 69 Garscube road.
Rankin, Bryce, chemist and druggist, 29 Adelphi street; house, 86 Hospital street.
Rankin & Co., calenderers, hot-pressers, and packers, 93 and 101 Glassford street,
and 89 Ingram street.
Bankin, Charles, haircutter, 255 High street.
Kankin, Donald, at Wm. Smith $ Co.V; house, 14 Gloucester street.
Rankin and Gray, carvers and gilders, 93 Union st. ; workshops, 6 Sauchiehall lane.
Rankin, Hugh, of Kaye, Findlay, § Co. ; house, 1 Somerville place.
Rankin, Hugh, clerk, 50 Wellington street; house, 19 Oswald street.
Rankin, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Melville court, Trongate.
Rankin, Hugh, porter, 1 Norfolk court, Norfolk street.
Rankin, James, grocer, 90 Canning street and 11 Orr street; house, 13 Orr street.
Rankine, James, flesher, 146 "West Campbell street and 1 West Milton street.
Rankine, James, ship agent, 57 Buchanan st. ; house, 1 Stafford pt. New City road.
Rankin, James C, bookbinder, at Lumsden and Son's ; house, 29 North Portland st.
Rankin, James, contractor, 54 Whitevale street.
Rankin, John, wine and spirit merchant, 64 and 66 Broomielaw street ; house, 72 do.
Rankin, John, hairdresser, 89 Saltmarket, and 48 Main st. Calton ; ho. 4 Well st. do.
Rankin, John, wine and spirit dealer, 2 Greenvale street.
Rankin, Jonathan, of Douglas and Rankin; house, 35 Elmbank crescent.
Rankin. Malcolm, of Rankin and Gray ; house, 40 Garscube place.
Rankin, Patrick, of Addie, Miller, and Rankin ; residence, Auchingray, bv Airdrie.
Rankin, Peter, at W. G. Blaikie § Co.'s, Villafield; house, 146 Duke street.
Rankin, Richard, spirit dealer, 9 1 Drygate.
Rankin, Robert, corkcutter, 1 Richmond land, off Gallowgate.
Rankin, Robert, flesher, 137 West Campbell street; house, 134 Renfrew street.
Rankin, Robert, of Rankin <$• Co.; house, 30 Richmond street.
Rankin, Robert, commission merchant and insurance agent, 91 North Hanover street.
Rankin, Robert, spirit merchant, 69 Castle street; house, 79 Parliamentary road.
Rankin, Thomas, painter, 26 Sauchiehall street; house, 92 Renfield street.

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