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Murray, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 208 North street ; ho. 21 Carnarvon St.
Murray, Robert, grocer, 18 South' Wellington street.
Murray, R. M., assessor of property and income taxes, 52 Virginia street ; house,
20 Monteith row.
Murray, Stewart, landscape gardener ; house, 2 Hillhead place, Hillhead.
Murray, Thomas, and Son. publishers and printers, Time Table Office, 16 St. Enoch sq.
Murray, Thomas, and Son, booksellers and stationers, 8 Argyle street.
Murray, Thomas, of Thomas Murray and Son; house, 21 Canning place.
Murray, Walter, flesher, 165 New City road; house, 46 Shamrock street.
Murray, Walter, grocer and wine merchant, 47 George's sq. and 1 West George St.
Murray, Walter, provision merchant, 17 King street ; house, 43 Montrose street.
Murray, W., tailor and clothier, 192 Argyle street.
Murray, William, coal agent, 5 Douglas street ; house, do.
Murray, William, of Monldand Iron and Steel Co.; house, 182 Athole pi. ; Bath St.
Murray, William, & Co., lace manufacturers, 1 03 Hutcheson street.
Murray, William, at James Muirhead's, 90 Buchanan street ; house, 37 Abercorn st.
Murray, William, wine and spirit dealer, 289 High street ; house, 28 Glebe street.
Murray, William, sailmaker, 4 YVindmilleroft.
Murray, William, Auld Brig spirit cellar, 89 Stockwell ; house, 150 do.
Murray, William, wine merchant and wholesale and retail grocer, 299 Argyle street.
Murray, Wm., carver and gilder to the Queen, 14 St. Enoch's sq ; ho. 267 Argyle st.
Murray, William, jun., house, Hope lodge, Garngadhill.
Murray, W., sen., tobacco-pipe manufacturer, Caledonian Pipe Works, 33 Garngadhill.
Murray, Mrs., druggist, 390 Gallowgate.
Murray, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 181 Buchanan street.
Murray, Mrs., Free St. John's School of Industry, 21 Hill street, off Gallowgate.
Murray, Mrs. James, hosier and oil- cloth manufacturer, 50 Catherine St. Auderston.
Murray, Mrs. James, 7 Killermont street.
Murray, Mrs. William, grocer, 112 Duke street ; house, do.
Murray, Misses, millinery and dress establishment, 143 West Regent St. ; house, do.
MURRlE, Andrew, flesher, 333 Argyle street ; house, above.
MURTY, Peter, wright, 98 London street; house, 81 do.
MUSCHET, John, tanner, currier, and leather merchant, 38 London lane, off
St. Andrew street ; house, 34 do.
Mushet, Rev. James ; house, 2 Gilmour street, Rutherglen road.
Mushet, William, boot and shoe maker, 35 James street, Calton.
MUTER, Andrew, of Muter and Millar; house and works, Milton, Dunglass, Dum-
Mutter, James, of W. and J. Mutter; house, 9 Royal terrace.
Muter, John D., surgeon, 5 Rose street, Garnethill.
Muter and Millar, calico-printers, 111 Ingram street.
Muter, Thomas, writer, 146 Buchanan street.
Muter, Thomas, of Turner and Muter; house, 21 Grafton street, Stirling's road.
Mutter, W. and J., distillers, Bowmore Distillery, Islay ; office, 38 Dunlop street.
Muter, Mrs. Dr., Broompark, Duke street.
MDTRIE, John A die, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Franklin street.
MYERS, Alexander, commission merchant, 19 J St. Vincent place; ho. 2 Chatham pi.
MYLLES, David, merchant, 129 Walmer place.
NAIRN, Andrew, china and earthenware merchant, 43 King street, Tradeston.
Nairn, Andrew, of Fleming, Watson, and Nairn; house, 22 Abbotsford place.
Nairn, Archibald, wright, 24 Cochran street.
Nairn, Charles, & Co., grocers and wine and spirit dealers, 67 Dale street, Bridgeton.
Nairn, James, wine and spirit merchant, 641 Gallowgate.
Nairn, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 110 Bellgrove street and 288 Duke street;
house, 292 do. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Nairn, John, of John Nairn and Son; house, 17 North Portland street.
Nairn, John, and Son, joiners, trunk and packing-box makers, 24 and 26 Cochran st.
Nairn, John, corn and flour miller, Washington Mills, 90 Washington St.; ho. 96 do.
NAISMITH, Alexander, hide and leather factor, 5 St. Andrew's square ; house, 8
Morris place, Monteith row.

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