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Since the Appendix was printed the following alterations have taken place:—
Letters for the Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius, and Western Australia, are
sent by Private Ship, unless otherwise addressed; payment obligatory, 8d. under
\ oz., Is. 4d. under 1 oz., &c. Newspapers, Id. each.
Ceylon, Hong-Kong, St. Helena, and the Gold Coast, by PacJcet or Private Ship,
6d. under \ oz., Is. under 1 oz.. &c.
Ceylon and Hong-Kong, via Marseilles, lid. under J oz., Is. 4d. under \ oz., &c.
Books may be sent to the East Indies. Cetlon, and Mauritius, via Southampton,
at 8d. under \ lb., Is. 4d. under 1 lb., and so on.
Letters for the British Fleet in the Baltic.
A Mail will be made up even' Monday, 7.20 p.m., via Dantzic. Officers' Letters
charged 8d. under ^ oz., &c. ; ordinary soldiers' and seamen's Letters, 5d. under
^ oz., &c.
All Letters, upon which the requisite amount of Postage is paid, will be sent by
these Mails, unless otherwise addressed. Newspapers cannot be sent by this route.
Letters, cf-c, for the British Forces in Turkey and the Black Sea.
All Letters, upon which the requisite Postage is paid, will be sent by the French
Packet, via Marseilles, unless otherwise addressed, on the 2d, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22d,
and 27th of each month, 7.20 p.m. When the month has thirty-one days, Letters
may be Posted on the 28th, instead of the 27th; and when any of these days fall
on a Saturday, Letters must be Posted the previous evening, 7.20 p.m.
For a Letter, addressed to an Officer in the British Army or Navy, or to a Non-
Commissioned Officer, Private Soldier or Seaman, in Turkey or the Black Sea.
s. d.
Weighing under | oz., 3
Weighing ^ oz., and under ^ oz 6
Exceeding J oz., and not exceeding 1 oz., 1
Exceeding 1 oz , and not exceeding 2 oz., 1 2
Exceeding 2 oz., and not exceeding 3 oz., 1 4
Exceeding 3 oz., and under 3^ oz., 1 6
Exceeding 3J oz., and not exceeding 4 oz., 2 4
And so on, adding 2d., British, for each additional oz., and 10d., French, Postage for
every 8^ oz. Newspapers will be liable to a Postage of 2d. each, which must also be
paid in advance.
*** A New Receiving-Office is now opened at Franklin Place, 233 New City
Road. The hours of collections are the same as the others, which will be found in
tne Appendix.

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