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Kirk, Thomas, 7 Sword street.
Lindsay, Alexander, 39 Old wynd.
Lyle, David, Woodlands road.
a M'Alpine, Colin, 5 Brown street.
M'Callum, D., sen., & Co., 56 St. Vincent
a M'Cash, T., 11 East St. Vincent lane.
M'Connell, R., & Co., 112 Port-Dundas.
M'Crindall, Robert, 22 Malta street.
M'Culloch, Moses, & Co., 168 Gallowgate.
a M'Donald, J., 71 Mitchell street.
M'Dougall, Duncan, 3 Glebe street.
a M'Farlane, Peter, 6 Frederick lane and
10 Margaret street.
M'Gillivray, W., 10, 11 Windmillcroft.
M'Harg, John, 60 Cambridge street.
M'Intosh,. George, 156 Gt. Hamilton st.
M'Kinlay, Alexander, 59 Govan street.
a M'Lea, Peter, 78 Renrield street.
M'Lean, Malcolm, 82 Nelson street.
a M'Lean, C, & Co., 6 Main st., Anderst,
a M'Lellan, P. & W., 127, 129 Trongate.
M'Millan, D., and Co., 369 Dobbie's loan.
M'Vicar, A., 17 Robertson street.
a Melvin, Thos., 12 Melville lane.
Mitchell, R., 26, 28 Carrick street.
Moore, John, 65 Govan street.
Neil, J., 3 South Cumberland street.
Niven, David, 57 Dale street, Tradeston.
a Paterson, W., and Son, 19 Ann street.
Pearson, Shepley, 73 Kirk street, Calton.
Pollock, Robert, 19 Parson street.
Prentice, A., 1 Germiston street.
Prentice, W., 392 Parliamentary road.
Pringle, Francis, 57 Thistle street.
Purdie, William, 86 New City road.
Raeburn, James, 115 Hydepark street.
Ramsay, John, 61 Nelson street.
Reid, John, 12 Nicholas street.
Robertson and Lyster, 79 Mitchell street.
Scott, James, 163 Canning street.
Shotts Iron Co., 18 St. Enoch's square.
Sillars, James, 38 Soho street.
Simpson, Alex., 62 Dale street, Tradeston.
Slater, Robert, 11 Centre street.
Smeaton, John, 24 Ropework lane.
Smith, Jas., 37 Clyde St., Port-Dundas.
a Sommerville, Andrew, 172 Argyle st.
Spence, John, 35 Reid street.
Stewart, A., Ark lane, Duke street.
Stewart, Adam, 71 Maxwell street.
Stewart, John, 20 East College street.
Stewart, Walter, 438 Gallowgate.
a Stobo, Peter, 73 Norfolk street.
Tannahill, David, 8 Orr street, Calton.
Taylor, John, 84 Bridgegate.
Urie, George, 109 Commerce street.
Waddell, G., 37 Stirling st., P.-Dundas.
Weir, MTlroy, and Co., 33 Malta street.
a West, Matthew, 46 Back wynd.
a Williamson, John, 35 Canon street.
Willock & Livingston, 202 Buchanan st.
Wood, A., & Sons, 14, 18 Stock well st.
Anderson, J. and D., 84, 86 Stockwell st.
Burns, R., & Co., 99 Clyde st, Anderst.
Christie, A., and Co., 65 Port-Dundas rd.
Dick, M., and Co., 73, 75 Glassford st.
Ferguson and M'Laren, 37 Hutcheson st.
Henderson, W., and Sons, 88, 90 New wy.
MTsaac, William, 404 Dobbie's loan.
Parker, James, 117 Gallowgate.
Smith, Wm., and Co., 404 Dobbie's loan.
Tennant, C, and Co., St. Rollox.
Adair, Benjamin, 13 Govan street.
Adam, Robert, 6 Surrey lane.
Adam, Mrs. John, 40 Orr street.
Adamson, Alexander, 32 Broomielaw.
Adie, William, & Co., 29 Dobbie's loan.
Aitken, Mungo, 1 Stewart street.
Aitken, Mrs., 22 Laigh Kirk close.
Alexander, James, 30 Main street, Calton.
Alexander, Robert, 41 Gallowgate.
Alison, Walter, 38 Kelvin street.
Alison, Mrs., 93 New vennel.
Allan, Christopher, 52, 54 New wynd.
Allan, James, 306 Gallowgate.
Allan, Robert, 22 Corn st., Port-Dundas.
Anderson, Alex., 648 Gallowgate.
Anderson, John, 11 Ropework lane.
Anderson, Joseph, 220 Castle street.
Anderson, Thomas, 145 Drygate street.
Anderson, W., 258 Gallowgate and 55
Angus, David, 47 Lancefield quay.
Angus, Robert, 254 Gallowgate.
Archibald, David, 64 High street.
Argue, William, 35 Gallowgate.
Armour, Mrs. Janet, 128 Piccadilly st.
Arthur, Mrs., 102 Broomielaw.
Auehincloss, J., 221 Main St., Bridgeton.
Auld, John, 52 Barrack street.
Baillie, James, 32 Cook St., Tradeston.
Baillie, John, 2 Orr street, Calton.
Bain, John, 119 Gallowgate.
Bain, John, 72 Stevenson street.
Bain, John, 88 Kirk street, Calton.
Bain, Wm., 1 Cheapside st., Anderston.
Baird, Andrew, 133 Renfield street.
Baird, George, 80 Jamaica street.
Baird, John, 36 Ladywell street.
Baird, John, 6 Kirk street, Townhead.
Balfour, John, 250 Main St., Bridgeton.
Barr, Alex., 55 Tobago st., Calton.
Barr, James, 26 Bedford lane.
Barr, John, sen., 97 Gallowgate.
Barr, Peter, 75 Argyle street.
Barrett, James, 89 Kirk street, Calton.
Barrowman, P., 172 New Dalmarnock rd.
Batty, Daniel G., 32 Abercromby street.
Batty, James, 26 Graham's square.

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