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Potter, Wilson, & Co., 28 St. Enoch's sq.
Rae and Co., 100 Hutcheson street.
Ralston, A., 4 East Russell street.
Rainey, Knox, and Co., 8 St. Vincent pi.
Readman, William, 86 Hope street.
Ree, Herman P., & Co., 82 St. Vincent st.
Reid and Dennistown, 46 W. George st.
Reid, A., 150 Canning street, Calton.
Reid, John, jun., 45 Miller street.
Richardson, Dennistoun, and Co., 53 Vir-
ginia street.
Richardson, James, and Co., 89 Wilson st.
Risk, John and Charles, 108 Fife place.
Roherton, Stephen, 11 John street.
Roberts, W. D., and Co., 4 Bothwell st.
Robertson, James D , 135 Buchanan st.
Robertson, James J., and Co., 1 St. Vin-
cent place.
Robertson, J ., 9 Turner's court.
Robertson, Patrick, 32 Ro. Exchange sq.
Robinows and Marjoribanks, 116 St.
Vincent street.
Rodger, J. and J. G., 166 Buchanan st.
Rodocanachi, P. Z., 16 Montrose street.
Ronald, John, and Co., 1 Victoria place.
Ronald, William G., & Co., 19 Royal ter.
Ross, Alexander, 31 Argyle street.
Ross, John, jun, & Co., 106 Hope street.
Ross, Thomas, 31 Virginia street.
Rowand, Alexander, 63 St. Vincent st.
Russell, James, 1 Royal terrace.
Russell and Raeburn, 33 Union street.
Sandeman, David, 2 John street.
Scanlan, Patrick, 40 Abbotsford place.
Schwabe & Co., 4 Moore pi., W. Geo. st.
Scott, Colquhoun, & Co., 109 Hope st.
Scott, James. 23 Exchange square.
Scott, R., and Sons, 344 Argyle street.
Shand, Geo., 14 Gordon street.
Sharpe, J. & T, Virginia build., Miller st.
Shaw, Turnbull, & Co., 68 St. Vincent st.
Shepherd, Robert, Garscadden street.
Sherriff, Brown, & Co., 9 Virginia street.
Sillars, J. S., & Co., 14 Spingfield court,
Buchanan street.
Sinclair, R., & Co., 175 Argyle street.
Skinner, Notman, & Co., 32 Royal Ex. sq.
Small, C. J., & Co., 27 St. Enoch square.
Smith, Peter, & Son, 33 Blackfriais st.
Smith, Robert, 123 Brunswick street.
Smith, Wm, & Co., 18, 20 Dunlop st.
Smith, William and John, 107 Hope st.
Smith, William, 187 Main st, Gorbals.
Spiers, James, 131 Buchanan street.
Stark, John, 7 Nicholson street.
Steel, James, 1 75 Trongate.
Steel, R. and G., 39 Miller street.
Stevenson, David, 77 Queen street.
Stewart, John G., 19 S. Hanover street.
Stewart, Robert. & Son, 57 Miller street.
Stuart, John, 328 Renfrew street.
Stuart & Co., 3 West Regent street.
Stirling, Francis, 90 Hope street.
Stirling, Gordon, & Co., 63 Miller street.
Stoffel, Milne, & Co , 7 Exchange place.
Swan, James, & Co , 9 George's square.
Tait, Wm., and Son, 76 Mitchell street.
Taylor, Alex., & Co., 54 St. Vincent st.
Taj'lor, James, 12 Howard street.
Taylor, John, jun., 19 Cochran street.
Taylor, John, jun., & Co., 28 Cochran st.
Thomson, D., 108 Argyle street.
Tillie and Henderson. 16 Springfield ct.
Tower and Arrol, 9 Dixon street.
Turnbull, Gregor, & Co., 11 W. Nile st.
Turnbull, John, 51 High street.
Turner, Duncan, 229 Argyle street.
Turner, Williim, 54 Buchanan street.
Urquhart, Brothers, 29 St. Vincent place.
Walker, G. L., & Co., 117 Candleriggs.
Walker, John, 53 Abbotsford place.
Wallace, Wm., sen., 1 Newton place.
Walls, William, 99 Hutcheson street.
Walrond, Ellis, & Co., 33 St. Vin. pi.
Wardrop, R., and Co., 62 Buchanan st.
Watson, Andrew, 90 Bellgrove street.
Watson and Co., 16 St. Vincent place.
Watson & Chamberlain, 14 Buchanan st.
Watson, H., and Co., 17 St. Vincent pi.
Watson and Gray, 44 Hutcheson street.
Watson, Jas., 7 Greenvale place.
Watson and M'William, 17 St. Vin. pi.
Watson, Thomson, and Co , 28 Cochran st.
Watson, W., jun., Partickhill.
Watt, John, 66, 68, Oxford street.
Waugh and Co., 37 Glassford street.
Wedderspoon, J. and T. C, 4 Bothwell st.
Weir, Gilbert, 15 Claremont street.
Westenholz and Co., 80 Union street.
White, John, 28 Abbotsford place.
White, J. C, 15 Gibson street.
White, Robert, 256 West George street.
White, Robt, and Co., i%Q Brunswick st
White, Wm., and Co., 89 Gallowgate.
Whyte and Dick, 1 6 Montrose street.
WTiyte, W., and Co., 113 St. Vin. street.
Williamson, George, 182 Trongate.
Williamson, Steph., and Co., 13 Vir. st.
Willis, William, 43 Virginia street.
Wilson, Cassie, and Co., 128 St. Vin. st.
Wilson, Heugh, and Co., 41 St. Vin. pi.
Wilson, J., and Co., 67 Miller street.
Wilson, James, 67 Miller street.
Wilson, Kay, and Co., 22 West Ni'e st.
Wilson, Lorraine, 1 3 Somerset place.
Wilson, William, 72 St. George's place.
Wilson and Matheson, 54, 58, and 60
Wilson, William Stow, 1 1 Woodside cres.
Wotherspoon, R , and Co., 40 Dunlop st.
Wright, James, 63 Buchanan street.
Yorston, A., and Co., 18 Renfield street.
Young and Freelands, 108 Fife place.
Young, G. and R., and Co., 33 Ren. st
Young, James, 4 North Albion court.
Younger and Whyte, 50 Ingram street

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