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Bowman, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 117 Main street, Gorbals, house, 68
Surrey street.
Bowman, Thomas, jun., portioner, office for tenants, 119 Main street, house, Castle-
milk place.
Bowman, William, hay and spirit merchant, 474 and 480 Gallowgate, house, 13
Bowman, William, pianoforte manufacturer, Carlton court, 13 Bridge street, house,
4 Carlton court.
Bowman, Elizabeth, milliner and straw-hat maker, 63 Tureen street.
BOWSER, Howard, of D. Y. Stewart if Co., house, 125 High John street.
Bowser and Cameron, engineers, machine makers, smiths, and ship-hearth makers,
M'Neil street.
BOWSTEAD, Thomas, grocer and victualler, 54 Barrack street.
Bowstead, Thomas F., brass and lead smelter, and general metal refiner, 62 Barrack
street, house, 182 Duke street.
BOYACK, Alexander, tobacconist, 166 Argyle street, house, 20 Union street.
BOYCE, John, juu., & Co., sugar merchants, Virginia buildings.
Boyce, John T., jun., of John Boyce,jun., $ Co., house, Brookfield, Greenock.
BOYD, Adam, of David Boyd <f Co., house, 34 South Portland street.
Boyd, Adam, wright and timber merchant, 35 Douglas street, house, 12 do.
Boyd, Adam, commission merchant, 103 Hutcheson street, house, Darnley terrace,
Boyd, A. M., of Wm. Boyd and Son, house, 379 St. Vincent street.
Boyd, Alexander, manufacturer, 62 Hutcheson street.
Boyd, Andrew, miller, File-mill, 272 Town's Mill road.
Boyd, Andrew, general broker, 2 Drygate lane.
Boyd, David, of David Boyd <$■ Co., house, 19 Elmbank place.
Boyd, David, & Co., wholesale stationers, 119 Ingram street.
Bovd, Henry, whipmaker and saddler's ironmonger, 117 Stockwell st , house, do.
Boyd, Henry, M.D., 219 Gallowgate, house, 223 do.
Boyd, Kev. James, D.D., minister of the Tron parish, house, 32 Elmbank crescent.
Boyd, James, grocer, 19 Bridge street, house, 20 Gloucester street, Kingston.
Boyd, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 101 Hospital street, house, 103 do.
Boyd, James, merchant, 24 Stockwell street.
Boyd, Capt. John, 1 Great Wellington street, Paisley road.
Boyd, John, writer, 17 Gordon street, house, Kirkhill, Mearns.
Boyd, John, cowfeeder and hay merchant, 135 Canning street, Calton.
Boyd, John, clerk, 1 Police lane, house, 4 Herbertsou street, Laurieston.
Boyd, John, hairdresser, 64 Stockwell street.
Boyd, John, 31 Morrison street, Kingston.
Boyd, Lawson, & Co., iron and steel merchants, 162 Buchanan street.
Boyd, Ralph S., of David Boyd $ Co., house, 19 Elmbank place.
Boyd, Robert, baker, 39 Nelson street, Tradeston.
Boyd, Robert, spirit merchant and contractor, 381 Gallowgate, house, 383 do.
Boyd, Robert, & Co , cotton and worsted yarns, and goods agents, 1\ Royal Ex-
change court, 85 Queen street.
Boyd, Robert, of Robert Boyd cj* Co., house, Oakshawhead, Paisley.
Boyd, Stewart, boot and shoe manufacturer, 64 Norfolk street.
Boyd, Thomas, calico printer, 90 Mitchell street, house, 25 India street.
Boyd, William, & Co., patent steam cooperage, 30 Finnieston quay.
Boyd, William, commission merchant, 34 Dunlop street, house, 129 Grafton terrace.
Boyd, William, of T. Boyd, 90 Mitchell street, house, Westbank, Partickbill.
Boyd, Win., grain and flour merchant, 53 Oswald street, ho., Clayslaps, Partick rd.
Boyd, William, & Son, cabinetmakers, 4 Hyde Park St., warehouse, 15 St. Enoch sq.
Boyd, William, of Boyd, Laioson, <y Co., house, 139 West Campbell street.
Boyd, William, grocer and wine merchant, Franklin place, 1 Great Western road,
Boyd, William, at Clyde Bottle Works, St. Rollox, house, 129 Grafton terrace.
Boyd, Mrs. Alexander, 108 South Portland street.
Boyd, Mrs. David, 21 Elmbank place.
Boyd, Mrs. James, baker, 245 Argyle street, house, 192 do.
Boyd, Mrs. James, 41 Oxford street.
Boyd, Mrs. James, furnishing shop, 24 Cheapside street.
Boyd, Mrs. Jean, innkeeper and stabler, 11 M'Pherson street, off High street.

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