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lair, Miss, boys' dressmaker, 163 Cowcaddens street.
Blair & Baklerston, Misses, boys' dressmakers, 62 Buchanan street.
BLAKE, William, stationer, 93 Fife place, house, 18 Great George street.
liBLANE, Andrew, confectioner, 92 Stevenson street, Calton, house, 88 do.
|;Blane, John, 243 Buchanan street.
I Blantyre Yarn Warehouse, 11 George square, and 132 Queen street.
I BLENCH, Thomas, at Charles Tennant <J" Co.'s, St. Rollox, house, 4 Gamgad road.
BLUE, Archibald, house factor, 52 Green street, Bridgeton.
I Blue3, W., of Andrew Anderson, Fordyce, <§ Co., house, 158 Hill street, Garnethill.
I BLYTH, Rev. George, house, 2 Chatham place.
||Blyth, James, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 29 Sauchiehall street.
,;Blyth, Thomas, bootmaker, 98 Buchanan street, house, 10 Abbotsford place.
I Blyth, Mrs. James, 98 South Portland street.
[jBlyth, Mrs. J. S., 13 Kerr terrace.
[ Blythswood Estate Office, 81 St. George's place ; R. Lauchlin, accountant.
I I BOAG, Andrew, engraver, 273 George street.
|!Boag, James, carter, 6 Goosedubbs.
j Boag, John, bootmaker, 271 George street, house, 273 do.
I Boag, John, metal merchant, 109 St. Vincent street, ho., 99 Hill street, Garnethill.
I Boag, William, Scots Grey tavern, 36 Trongate.
IS BOGIE, Charles, victualler, 75 Brown street, Bridgeton.
I BOGLE, Archibald, of Robert Bogle 4 Co., 1 Dundas street.
Bogle, Douglas, & Co., merchants, 14 Miller street.
(i Bogle, George, of Robert Bogle $ Co., 1 Dundas street.
| Bogle, Hugh, & Co , house-painters, paper-hangers, gilders, glass-stainers, embossers,
and interior decorators to the Queen, 50 Gordon St., workshop, 3 St. Peter's lane.
(Bogle, Hugh, of H. Bogle $ Co., house, Moss cottage, Dumbreck, Paisley road.
li Bogle, J. and W., drapers, milliners, &c, 56 and 58 Oxford st., ho., 73 Abbotsford pi.
] Bogle, James, of Bogle, Douglas, cf Co., house, 198 Bath street.
Bogle, J. Y., milliner, stay and straw-hat maker, 294 Argyle street, house, 292 do.
I Bogle, John, of Bogle, Kerr, <§ Co., 24 Gordon street.
Bogle, John, Dalmarnock cottage, Dalmarnock road.
Bogle, Kerr, & Co., merchants, 24 Gordon street.
Bogle, Peter, of Peter Bogle <f Co., house, 20 Monteith row.
Bogle, Peter, & Co., cotton spinners, 149 Reid street, Bridgeton.
Bogle, Robert, & Co., merchants, 1 Dundas street.
Bogle, William, contractor for carting, 251 Argyle street.
| Bogle, Mrs. James, 119 St. Vincent street.
! BOGUE, James, boot and shoemaker, 110 Bridgegate.
j Bogue, R. A., of Robert Paterson <§ Co., house, Ibroxholm, Paisley road.
BOILEVIN, F. A., Cognac brandy merchant, Angouleme ; John Kerr Orr, agent,
80 Union street.
BOLTON, Andrew Miller, teacher of dancing, Baronial hall, 47 South Portland St.,
house, 71 Abbotsford place.
Boltou, George, grocer, 186 West Kile street.
Bolton, J. C, of Kerr, Doering, <§• Co., 29 St. Vincent place, house, 10 Somerset pi.
Bolton, William, professor of dancing and calisthenics, 96 West Nile street, house,
121 Grafton terrace.
BONAR, David, spirit dealer, 6 Eglinton street.
Bonar, Rev. John, minister of Renfield Church, house, 1 Stanley street.
Bonnar, Neil, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Norfolk street, house, 1 Moncrieff street.
Bonar, Mrs., 169 Hill street, Garnethill.
! BONNESS, Richard, Old Exchange tavern, 122 Broomielaw.
\ Bonnybridge Saw- Mill Yard. A. & G. Paterson, 68 Tennant street, St. Rollox.
j BOOKLASS, George, carver, 27 Dunlop street, house, 9 Dundas street, Kingston.
i BOOKLESS, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 44 Sauchiehall street,
i BOOTH, T., blockmaker and joiner, 46 Dale street.
; BORLAND, Alexander, accountant and actuary to the Commercial Travellers'
Society of Scotland, 69 Union street, house, do.
' Borland & Fleming, tailors and clothiers, 192 Argyle street.
Borland, Rev. John W., minister, Gillespie United Presbyterian Church, house, 90
Regent terrace, Stirling's road.
Borland, John, of Borland tj- Fleming, house, 8 Oxford street.

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