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46 Gray, Richard, & Co. merchts.
Hutcheson, Charles, merchant
Kelly, John P. merchant
Welsh, Mrs, lodgings
Aitkenhead, A. lodgings
44 Barr, Gavin & James, agents
42 Yuill, John, glass merchant
40 Cowan, William, wi-ight
30 Miller & Bannerman, wrights
West Nile Street.
26 Baird, Hugh, & 'Co. brewei's
Moody & M'Lnre, writers
24 Morton, Hugh, writer
Forbes & Reddie, writers
Hinshaw, John,& Co. merchts.
22 Gardiner, Robt. Steel, confeet.
20 Struthers, Robert, & Sons,
18 Bannatyne&Kirkwood,writers
Handyside, N. & R. ship brokers
14 Mather, John, agent
Glen & M'Indoe, calico printers
MacFarlane, Walter, land agt.
Ogilvie, Thos. jun. merchant
Cowan, T. P. merchant
M'Grouther, James, agent
M'Guire, Thomas, consul of
the United States
Geddes, John, & Son, manu-
12 Dudgeon, Thomas, painter
Bmtanshill Coal Company
S Campbell, Charles A. wine
Pindlayson, James, wi-iter
Pindlayson & Moncrieff, in-
surance agents
Macfarlane, Malcolm, agent
7 Forrester, John, baker
Gordon Lane.
9 Henderson, Jno. share broker
Davidson, Alex, measurer
Kirkwood, A. house-fixctor
Methven, James, accountant
13 Dods, Joseph, & Co. plumbers
15 Baird, C. & E. wi'iters
17 Swane, John & Jas. manufacts.
Forrester, John
19 Buchanan, Wm. & Co. jDainters
Carswell, Allan, sen.
Kerr & Anderson, accountants
23 Henderson & Co. ship brokers
25 M'Arthur, Thomas, carver &
25 Towers, James, agent
Somerville, Moffat, & Co.
commission merchants
ITrquhart, William, merchant
Stevenson, RobL & Co. manu-
Steven, Robert, -mriter
Woodside, Archd. accountant
Bell & Ewing, manufacturers
Findlay & Neilson, wrights
27 Gilkison, Alex. G. insurance
Mitchell Street.
31 Buchan, M. & A. painters
33 M'Donald & Co. plumbers
41 Hannah, Thos. grocer & spirit
45 M'Laren, Archibald, pattern
Gilray, Miss, lodgings
M'Coll, D. tailor
Union Street.
59 Menzies, Adam, dairyman
Alston Street.
'GoTAN Haugh.
1 St&(vart, Robei-t, grocer
13 Tennant, Thomas, grocer
GovAN Street.
1 Crow, Rohert, spirit dealer
■3 Bow, J. & T. builders
Crown Street.
11 Chalmers, John, flesher
13 Cowan & Kirkwood, plumbers
15 Henderson, John, cooper
17 Johnstone, Peter, smith
Thistle Street.
21 Robertson, James, straw-hat
25 Crosbie, James, shoemaker
31 Adam, Alexander, victualler
33 Dunn, James, baker
Hospital Street.
41 Robson, William, causewayer
34 Somerville, Robt. spirit dealer
Hospital Street.
32 Galloway, J. & R. confectioners
26 M'Viear, Mrs George, straw-
hat maker
22 Lang, Robert, spirit dealer
Thistle Street.
18 M'Farlane, David, & Co.

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