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54 Moir, John, spirit merchant
Balmanno Street.
48 Dempster, Mrs, straw-hat
44 M'Kay, D. slater
Montgomery, Mrs, lodgings
Kelly, James, agent
40 Goodwin, John, house-factor
36 Miller, Thomas, tinsmith
34 Adam, Mrs, furnishing shop
32 Kennedy, Janet, hosier
28 Crawford, John, dyer
26 Carswell's Court.
Carswell, James, builder
Carswell, W. jun. wright
Gartner, Francis, lather
Adam, A. surgeon
Blair, Mrs, lodgings
Fleming, Mrs, lodgings
Wither, John, lodgings
Leek, Henry, manufactm-er
20 Lamb, Robert, baker
1 8 M'Kenzie, Alex, spirit mercht
16 Service, Robt. Ayrshire milk
12 M'Tear, J. surgeon
10 Hill, Archibald, merchant
Rae, J. lodgings
M'Reary, Mrs, lodgings
M'Nair, Mrs, lodgings
Galloway, John, builder
Miller, James
Leslie, Robert, M.D.
8 Paul, Mrs W. candlemaker
4 Dow, Chas. & Henry, spirit
George Street — Mile-end.
1 M'Donald, George, & Co. spirit
King Street.
11 Smith, James, grocer
23 Jack, David, portioner
37 Knox, Andrew, spirit dealer
39 Todd, James, victualler
24 Risk, Moses, & Co. distillers
14 Clark, Henry, surgeon
12 Excise Office.
King Street.
8 Clark, John, jun. & Co. manu-
facturers ■
George Street (West).
1 Connal, Andrew, grocer
3 Stevenson, Alexander, grocer
5 Dewar, Wm. spirit dealer
9 Meilde, George, spirit dealer
11 Graham, John, printer
1 3 Thomson, Neil, Victoria tavern
15 Anderson, Andrew, M.D.
Black & Salmon, architects
Whitton, James, teacher
19 Perston, Moir, & Co. muslin
Muir, Brown, & Co. manufac-
turers and calico printers
Adamson, Frederick, & Co.
Adamson, 0. G. & Co.
23 Orme, M Arthur, & Co. packers
Adamson, Frederick, & Co.
29 Smyth, Alex. & Co. commission
33 Crawfurd, George, writer
Monkland Iron and Steel Co.
41 Marshall, HUl, & Hill, writers
45 Moncrieffs & Paterson, \M-iters
49 Stirling, George
53 Adamson, Frederick, manu-
Buchanan Street.
57 Morrison, A. & Sons, teachers
Session Clerks Office for the
White, Wm. tobacco broker
Gordon, John, teacher
59 Rankin, David, poulterer
61 Duncanson, John, flesher
63 M'Lay, Mrs John, flesher
65 Harley, Andrew, fishmonger
67 Currie, Robert, calenderer
69 M'Pherson & Nisbet, surgeon
75 Barr, Samuel, teacher of music
81 Douglas & Rankin, writers
Campbell, Archd. of Blyths-
Laughlen, Robert
83 Strang, Yuille, & Keyden,
85 Wyper, James, teacher
West Nile Street.
93 Neil, Charles 0. artist
97 Reid, James, merchant
101 MAulay, Mrs, lodgings
Seligmann, J. professor of

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