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Crown Street, Upper, from Euther-
glen loan southward.
Croy Place, from Turner's court
to Maxwell street.
Crum's Close, 63, Gallowgate.
Cumberland Court, 168, Gallow-
Cumberland Place, Eglinton street
to Abbotsford place.
Cimiberland Street, (South) from
Canning street to Greenhead.
Cumberland Street (North) from
Canning st. to Catherine street,
Cumberland Street, Laurieston,
from Abbotsford eastward.
Currie's Close, 50, High street.
Cutler's Close, 88, Gallowgate.
Dale Street, Main Street, Bridgeton.
Dale Street, from Clyde buildings
Dalhousie Street, GamethUl.
Dalhousie Lane, oiF Dalhousie
Dalhousie Place, New city road.
Dallas Court, 229, Argyll street.
Dalmarnock Koad, Bridgeton.
Deacon's Close, 22, Caltonmouth.
Deacon's Lane, 37, Main street,
Deanside Lane, from 74, George
street to Rottenrow.
Dean Street, Bahnanuo street.
Delftfield Lane, from Argyll street
to Broomielaw.
Dempster Street, west side of North
Prederick street.
Dinning's Court, 47, Dale sti-eet,
Dixon Street, from Great Clyde
street to Howard street.
Dobbie's Loan, from Castle street
to Bumside, Port-Dundas.
Douglas Court, 192, Argyll street.
Douglas street, from Argyll street
to Sauchiehall street.
DovehiU, Great and Little, from
Gallowgate to Graeme street.
Drury Street, from West Nile st.
to Renfield st.
Drygate, from High street to Lady-
well street.
Duke Street, from High street to
Duncan's Close, 125, High street.
Duncan Street, Canning street.
Duncan Street, from Marlborough
street to Abercromby street.
Dunchattan Buildings, east of Ark
lane, Duke street.
Dundas Place, Port-Dundas road,
east side.
Dundas Street, Morrison street,
Dundas Street, from West George
street to Buchanan street.
Dundas Vale, Garscube road.
Dunlop Street, from Argyll street
to Jackson street.
Durham Court, 47, King street.
Eagle Lane, 53, Maxwell street.
Eastfield Row, head of North st.
Eddleston Place, Weaver street.
Edwin Place, Gorbals toll.
Eglinton Place, 1 57, Eglinton street.
Eghnton Street, from Bridge street
to Gorbals toll.
Eldon Place, Kingston pi. Trades-
Elmbank Crescent, from Elmbank
place to Kent road.
Elmbank Place, from St. Vincent
street to Elmbank crescent.
Ewing Place, comer of York street.
Exchange Square, Royal, west side
of Queen street.
Exchange Court, 85, Queen street.
Exchange Court, (South) 77, Queen
Exchange Court, (North) St. Vin-
cent place, and 22, Royal Ex-
change square.
Falkland Place, comer of Renfrew
street, and St George's road.
Ferguson Street, from Cowcaddens
street to Cambridge street.
Fiddler's Close, 75, High street.
Fife place. West George street.
Finnieston, west end of Stobcross
street, Anderston.
Fish Market, 108, King street.
Fleming's Place, Cowcaddens.
Fleming Street, Glenpark.

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