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Dow, A. , Jeffrey street and 153
Dow, William, 12 Dalkeith road.
Duff, Robert, 133 Bucclevich street
Flookhart, Mrs, Broughton mrkt.
Flucker, James, 22 Sciennes road
Fortune, B., 32 Roseneath ter.
Gallacher, Mrs, 194 Dalkeith rd.
Gibson, Messrs, 124, 125, and 126
Gillon, Allan A., 7 Rodney street
fGray, D. Davidson, & Co., 63
Charlotte st., Leith, and 236
Leith walk
Guild, John, & Son, 59 Canongate
Guthrie, Alex., 85 Kirkgate
Henderson, Mrs, 68 Pitt street
Hopkins, W., Newhaven
Hume, Robert, 87 Henderson st.
Hutt, John, 108 Morrison st.
Iverson, Lewis, 6 Roseburn ter.
Jameson, John, & Son, 58a Castle
street. See Adv.
Jameson, Archd. , 58a Castle st.
Johnston, Green, & Co. Ltd., 3
South Charlotte street
Johnston, William, Fishmarket,
Johnstone, J. T., 44 Broughton st.
fKelly, John, South Niddry st.
Kelly, T., 17 St Mary street
Kennedy & Co., 16 Stafford st.
Laing, Hector. 15 Castle street
Lawrie, Jas., 75 Haymarket ter.
Lindsay, Alexander, 34 Elm row
M'Dermit, Hugh, 25 Crosscause-
Macdiarmid, James, 24 March-
mont road
Mackay, G. & J., 30 Charlotte st.,
Mein, David, 8 Montpelier park
Merrilees, Agnes, 7 Cadzow pi.
Millar, Andrew, 36 St Stephen st.
Millar, James, 25b Leven street
and 180 BruntsSeld jdace
Millar, Michael, 50 Alva
Muirhead, Charles, 79 Queen st.
Muirhead, Jas., St Bernard's row
Muirhead, James, Fishmarket,
Muirhead, James, 79 Queen st.
Muirhead, William George, New-
haven Fishmarket
Murray, James, 5 Montrose ter.
Murray, Mrs, 38 West Preston st.
Ogilvie, J., 30 Comiston road
Powrie, Peter, 18 South Clerk st.
Reid, Mrs C. , 26 Montagu terrace
Rose, James, 202 Morrison st.
Ross, David, 13a Raeburn place
Rutherford, Mrs, 9 Broughton
Ryan, Mrs, 18 and 20 V/'est
Nicolson street
Scales, Thos., 60 Gt. Junction st.
fScottish Fishery Co., 17 Elbe st.
Sinclair & Foggo, 12 Jeffrey st.,
and Newhaven
fSmith, A. & M., 30 Bernard st.
Smith, Robt., 106 Marchmont rd.
Sutherland, J. & A., Ltd., 18
Stafford st. and 5 William st.
Sutherland, George, 42 Easter rd.
Urquhart, R. M., & Co., 38
Dundas street
Walker, Edward, Fish house,. Fruiterers.
WalkCT,''Fred, Fishmarket, New- 1 ^^^o^^ «»«'-''>''««^t are IVholesale,
haven ^^^'* ^"""^ ^ Confectioners.
Walker, John, 84 Causewayside [Affleck, Mrs E., 162 Dalkeith rd.
Walker, Wm. H., 47 Ashley ter. JAitken, Thomas, 59 Jeffrey st.
Watson, James, 104 Leith street, Allan, Miss K., 57 Easter road
Fishmarket, and Pier place, ; Anderson, M. & C, 28 North
Newhaven Junction street
Weir, R. &R., 206 Cowgate and | Anderson, Robert, 8 Watson ores.
26 West Port i Archibald, A. & F., 8 Inverleith
Wells, Andrew, 1 Grove street j gardens
Wilson, J. & D., 74 Morningside; Armour, Mrs, 62 Great Junction
road I street, Leith
Wilson, James W., 16 Lothian st. Bain, Misses J, & G., 45 Leith
Wilson, Philip, 12a Polwarth cres. ' walk, Leith
Wilson, Thomas, 35 Ferry road |Baird, James L., 37a Warrender
Wilson, Mrs M., 124 Easter road j Park road
Wood Brothers, Hawthornvale j Barclay, Thos. B. , 170a Leith wk.
Wood, W., 8 Sammers place 1 Barron, James, 12 Lothian st.
Young, J. & J., 75 Raeburn place' *Bathgate & Burns, Gayfield sq.
Young, JohnNeill, 16 Lothian st. j Baxter, Wm., 169 Bruntsfield pi.
Young, Mrs, Stockbridge market | Beach, Alex., 23 Argyle place
i Beach, H., 241 Leith walk
Flag Manufacturers. |Kf,>hS.,^ni Broughton st.
Calder, Wm. , 21 Commercial st. i Beck, John, 193 Dairy road
HENDERSON & ADAM, 82l Blair, Wilham, 25 Buccleuch st.
Rose street I Blyth, Adam, 81 St Mary street
Jockel, A. M., & Co., 32 George! Blyth, David, Hope Cres. lane
street. See Adv. 'Blyth, J., 183 Canongate
Martin, William, 121 George st. Boag, John, 26 Warrender Park
See Nurserymen.
Frencli Cleaners.
Savile terrace
M'NAB, A. & J., works,
Inslis green, Slateford ; offi
Borthwick, James, 36 Dundee at.
Boyd, Bayne, & Co., 56 Shand-
wick place
Briginshaw, J., 98 Lauriston pi.
Brockley & Stewart, 2 Dundas st.
Brown, Henry, 59 St Stephen st.
Brown, Robert, 184 Dalkeith rd.
Brown, William, 42 Queensferry
street and 41 and 41a Princes
39"Queen street and 53 South [Brown, Miss, 8 Broughton market
French Polishers.
Adam,Geo.A.,78LadyLawson st.
Deas, James, 41 Circus lane
Budd, Mrs, 32 Bridge street
Buist, Miss M., 17 Comely Bank
Buncle, A., 66 Clerk street
Cairns, George, 5 Beaufort road
and 79 Newington road
Deas, James Gray, 45 Thistle ^^'^p^^jj^ j^^^^^^ 47 gi,j^jj^^i,,j, ^j
Dickson & Squair, 128 South-
West Rose Street lane
Fairbairn, AY., 129 Buccleuch st.
Flemington, Arch. , 4 Tay street
Rayner, James, 5 Caledonian
Topp, James, 25 Earl Grey street
Winchester, Elspet, East end,
Braid hill
Wood, Andrew, 74 Dairy road
Fringe and Tassel
Baikie & Watt, 13 N. Bank st.
Barnet & Co. Ltd., 30 and 32 Rose
Rose street
Jockel, A. M., & Co., 32 George
street. See Adv. Index
Stevenson, Thomas, & Sons, 76
Clapperton, Miss, 7 Summer pi.
Cooper, A., 52 Clerk street
Coutts, M., 30 Easter road
Craig, Grace W., 39 St Leonard's
Dalgleish, John, 9 India place
Darling, Mrs Richd., 69 Clerk st.
Doig, James, 8 St Stephen place
and Stockbridge market
Douglas, E., 14 Charlotte street,
Leith, and 136 Ferry road
Douglas, W. W., 27 Raeburn pi.
Drysdale, James, 60 Queen street
Duff, Alex., 34 Morningside road
Duff, James, 6 Whitehouse loan
Duncan, Mrs, 108 Gilmore place
Dundas, William A., 3 Dundas st.
Dunsmure, And., 43 High Riggs
Dansmure, Henry, 15 South
Richmond street
Dunsmure, W., 25 Home street
Dyer, John A., 6 Rodney street
Edgar, Mrs H. L., 85 Leith st.
and 77 Princes street and 1 ax d i Edwards, J. , 17 Jeffrey street
3 Hanover s':reetj 'Elder, Miss, 86 Newington road

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