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ENG 687'
Dickson Brothers, 14 Duff street
(hot water)
Dickson, David, 125 Fountain-
Donaldson & Skene, Bryson road
(hot water)
*Douglas, G. C, &Co., 18 and 20
Coburg street
Dove, J. , & Co. , 18 Greenside lane
Forbes & Co., Halmyre st.
Gavine, Hugh M., Trinity road
Graham, Mitchell, & Son, 46 Buc-
cleuch street
Gray, James, & Son, 85 George
street (hot water). See Adv.
*Greig, John, & Sons, Fountain
house, 28 and 30 Dundee street
*HaU, E., & Sons, 5 Laurie st.
See Adv.
Harkess, Andrew, 8 Dalziel pi.
Hawthorns & Co., 210 Great Junc-
tion street
Henderson, Thomas P., 121 Grove
street and 4 Whitehouse loan
Hepburn, A. & E., 4 & 5 Dock st.
Horsburgh, Jn. , 206 Causewayside
Hume, Thomas, 2a Stafford st.
Hurst, Nelson, & Co. Limited,
registered office and works, The
Glasgow Eolling Stock and
Plant works, Motherwell ;
Glasgow office, 160 Hope st. ;
London office, 11 Queen Vic-
toria street, E.C.
Hutchison, James, 73 St Mary st.
and 39 Soiith Back Canongate
Hydraulic Engineering Co. , 4a St
Andrew square
IngUs, James M., 19 Queensferry
street (sanitary)
JOHNSONS, Messrs, Patent
Office, 4 Osborne terrace, Hay-
market, Edinburgh, and 115 St
Vin cent street, Glasgow. Hand-
book, 'Hints to Inventors,'
gratis and post free. See^dy.
Laidlaw, E., & Son, Simon square;
Glasgow works. Alliance Foun-
dry ; Glasgow, warehouse, 5
Wellington st. ; London office,
6 Little Bush lane, Cannon
street, E.C.
Lamb, Thomas, 236 Leith walk
Little, John, 16 Morrison street
Little, Robert, Hamilton place
Low & Duff Limited, 81 Eose st.
Lowe, David, & Sons, Gilmore
park and Cornbrook, Chester
road, Manchester (hot water).
See Adv.
*M'Call, C, & Co., Abbey street
McEWAS^-, ClLARk, &
CO.; office, 56 Frederick st. ;
warehouse and stores. North
Hill Street lane; Teleph., 2381
M'Intyre, James, Eyre place (hot
MACK AIL, J. H., A.LE.E., 30
St Andrew square (electrical)
M'Laughlan, J. D., 21 Young st
^Mackenzie & Moncur Limited,
Balcarres street ; also Lon-
don and Glasgow. See^tiv.
Mackie & Simpson, 3 Polwarth
crescent (sanitary)
Manchester Engine Waste Co.,
21 Eiego street
^Mather, A., & Son, Orwell works.
Dairy road
Mathieson, Alex., & Sons Ltd.,
21 and 23 Cockburn street
IMeikle & Philp, 57 Torphichen
street (heating). See Adv.
Bliller & Co. Ltd. , London road
Milne, Jas., & Son Ltd., Milton
street, Abbeyhill
Morrison & Son, M.S.L,
A.I.S.E., 13 Drumsheugh pi.
(sanitary and heating)
Morrison, A., & Son, East London
street and 4 AVaverley market
*Morrison, W., & Sons, 22, 24, 28,
and 30 Jane street
Morrison, Wm., East London st.
Morton, S. & H., & Co., Victoria
Oliver, Wm., 22 Windsor st.
Orr, Alex., 44 Pitt street
Paterson, H., & Sons, 5 Elm row
Paterson, H., 10a George street
Peebles, D., Bruce, & Co., Tay
works. West Bowling-green st.
Profit, Alexander P., 42 Calton
road (sanitary)
Eamage & Ferguson Ltd., West
Pier docks
Rennie, W. G. & Co., Gillespie
St. works ; office, 7 Gillespie st.
tEitchie, Charles, & Co., 32 Tor-
phichen street. See Adv.
Ritchie, David, 37 Circus lane
fEitchie, Patrick, Swinton row
Ritchie, Walter, Shrub hill
Eobertson, A. & Son, 31 Nicol-
son street (sanitary)
Robertson, D. & Co., 62 Cross-
causeway (chemical)
Scott, David S., 123 Trinity rd.
*fSeggie, Alexander, & Son,
Broughton market
Siebe, Gorman, & Co., 4a St
Andrew square (submarine)
Sinclair, John, Shrub place
Snailum, Thos., 2 Lauriston ter.
Somerville&Crombie, Gilmore pk.
Somerville & Richardson, Mur-
doch terrace
Stewart, James, 10 Murano place
Stoddart, Wm., 23 W. Preston st.
Thames Ironworks and Ship-
building Co. Ltd., Blackwall,
crane builders and sole makers
of hones, grabs, and excavators ;
agent, Donald Anderson, 128
Hope street, Glasgow
Thomson, W. E. M., & Co., patents
agents and consulting engineers,
96 JJuchanan street, Glasgow ;
agents, Clark & Macdonald, 24
Hill St. See Adv.
Thomson, D. & J. , 136 Leith walk
Thomson, David, Slateford road
*XJmpherston & Co, Limited,
Bowershall; engine works, 83'
Bennington road
Walker, Brothers, & Co., 44
Constitution street
*Walker, J., & Son, Gibson ter.
Walker, Archibald, M.N.E.C.I.,
143 Leith walk
Watson, Eobert, 102 Easter rd.
*West End Engine Works Co.,
170 Dundee street
White, John, & Co., 10 South St
Andrew st. and Albany Street
lane (sanitary)
Wightman,John,7SouthStDavic3 '
street (sanitary)
Engineers, Civil.
Marked * are Mining Engineers.
Marked f are Surveyors also.
Adam, Alex. S., 2 George street
Alford, R. G., 11 Rutland square
Anderson, Gilbert E., 46 Inver-
leith row
Armstrong, Professor G. F.,
Beattie, George, k Son, 136 George
Beattie, George Lennox, 136
George street
tBelfrage & Carfrae, 1 Erskine pi. ■
Belfrage, A. W.. 1 Erskine place ■
Bell, Geo. Eversley, 22 Wilton rd.
Bell, Jas. Eversley, 22 Wilton rd.
Bennett. J. B., 12 Hill street
Blyth & Westland, 135 George st.
^Blyth, B. Hall, 135 George st.
Boath, Eobert, 31 Nelson street
Bow, Eobert H., 7 S. Gray street
Brebner, E. C, 4a St Andrew sq,
fBuchanan & Bennett, 12 Hill st.
Buchanan, John, 24 George st.
fCarter, Wm. A. , 5 St Andrew sq.
Cay, William Dyce, 1 Albyn pL
Clark, Alex., 2 St Andrew sq.
Clark, John, 3a N. St David st.
Cochrane, Henry, 2 Fingal place
Colam, W. N., 57 Henderson row
Cooper, J., Police chambers. Par-
liament square
Cowley, Jas., 15 Woodburn ter.
fCoyne, E. A. F, A., 21 Archi-
bald place
Cunningham, J. H., 2 Ravel-
stone place
Dilley, Wilfred Joseph, 8 Granby
Dickson, L., 5 Zetland place
Drew, Alexander, 22 Rutland sq. '
Fairweather, James Gibson, 53
Frederick street
*Geddes, C. D., 21 Young st.
*Geddes, G. H., 21 Young st.
*Geddes, John & G. H., 21 Young
*Gemmell, John, 10 St Andrew sq.
Glover, T. C, 29 Hope terrace
Harrison, John F., 37 Warrender
Park road
Herring, Walter Ralph, 4 Cluny
Hope, Thomas, 34 St Andrew sq.
Howkins, J., Granton harbour
Inglis.J.W., F.R.S.E., Kenwood,
Innes, J. E., 3 Braidburn ores.

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