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Bishop, James, draper and milliner, 28 South
Richmond street
BISHOP, JAMES, law and commercial printer,
46 Nicolson Street ; ho. 47 St Leonard's street.
JfcSee Adv. index
Bishop, John, 27 Avondale place
Bishop, John, 26 Lome street, Leith
Bishop, John, 18 Leopold place
Bishop, John B. {secretary. Royal Bank of Scot-
land), 3 Ettrick road
Bishop, Philip, 21 Piegent place
Bishop, Robert, bootmaker, 1 Dewar place
Bishop, William, 11 Douglas terrace
3ishop, William, 11 Keir street
Bishop, Wm. C, W.S., 16 St Andrew square ;
house, Ashby, East Saville road
Bishop, Mrs, 1 Lower Gilmore place
Bishop, Jlrs, 19 E. Hermitage place, Leith
Bishop, Mrs, 2 St ]\Iarj' street
Bishop, Mrs, 22 Pitt street
Bishop, Miss J., miUiner and dressmaker, 160
Fountainbridge ; house, 11 Douglas terrace
Bishop, Miss S. C, tobacconist, 29 Griudlay st.
Bishop, Miss, 3 Leopold place
Bisset, Alexander, joiner, 14 Upper Grove place
JBisset, Alexander, 169 Fountainbridge
Bisset, David, 18 Duncan street, Drummond pi.
Bisset, David, writer, 14 Parkside street
Bisset, D., 83 St Leonard street
Bisset, F. , milliner and draper, 43 and 44 Home
street ; house, 3 Upper Gilmore place
Bisset, George, plumber and gasfitter, 8 Walker
- terrace ; house, 8 Caledonian terrace
Bisset, James, 2 Angle park terrace
Bisset, Peter, cabinetmaker, etc. , Canaan lane
Bisset, Thomas, 1 Devon place
Bisset, Walter, fishmonger, 5 Home street ; ho.
3 Glen street
Bisset, Wm. A., 143 Constitution street
Bisset, Wm., artist in haii-, 5 S. St James' st.
Bisset, Mrs, lodgings, 5 Thirlestane road, west
Bisset, Mrs, dairy, 267 Cowgate ; ho. 5 Crichton
Bisset, Miss, dressmaker, 1 Leslie place
Black, Adam & Charles, publishers, 6 North
Black, A. & F., toy and fancy warehouse, 37
Hanover street
Black, W. & J. , clothiers and general outfitters,
13 Commercial street
Black, A., 16 Greenside place
Black, Alex., family grocer and wine merchant,
1 Jordan place
Black, Adam, missionary, 40 Easter road, Leith
Black, Adam William, 19 AthoU crescent
Black, Alex., missionary, 12 Marchmont road
â– Black, Alexander D. M., W.S., 28 Castle street
Black, Alex. R., S.S.C, 27 Dundas street
Black, Alexander, M.D., 8 Clarence street
Black, Alexander W. , 6 Oxford terrace
Black, Andrew, brushmaker, 30a St Andrew sq. ;
house, Maryville, Corstorphine
Black, Andrew G. , 42 Regent place
Black, Rev. Armstrong, 12 Lennox street
Black, David, 4 Bank street
Black, David, 13 Panmure place
Black, David, baker and purveyor, 25 Brunswick
street ; house, 27
Black, David, watchmaker, 69 Broughton street
Black, David, consulting brewer, 22 Warriston or.
Black, Francis, Redwood, Spylaw road
Black, G. , druggist, 8 Maitland st. , Newhaven
Black, Geo. ( W. d: B.), li Bryson road
Black, George, 11 Fingzies place
Black, Hector, maltmau, 20 Caledonian crescent
Black, Henry, 8 Primrose street
Black, Hugh, 16 Carlyle place
Black, J., teacher of music, 3 Hope park crescent
Black, J. Milne, 13 Saxe-Cobourg place
Black, James, umbrella maker, 222 Easter road
Black, James, confectioner, 152 Fountainbridge ;
house, 5 St Peter's place
Black, James, engineer, 7 Hillhousefield
Black, James, gi'ocer, etc. , 99 AVest bow ; house,
Black, James, S.S.C. {Duncan <k B., W.S.),
112 Lauriston place
Black, James, clerk, 7 Beaumont place
Black, James, 18 Orwell place
Black, James, tailor and clothier, 34 William
Black, James, grocer and wine merchant, 2
D^incan street ; house, 9 Cumberland street
Black, John, 8 Thirlestane road, west
Black, John, gi'ocer and wine merchant, 33 Pitt
street ; house, 12 Henderson row
Black, John, Dumbiedykes cottage
Black, John, 1 Park villas
Black, John, 3 Wolseley terrace
Black, John, designer, 14 Henderson terrace
Black, John, Albert foundry, Jane street : house,
24 Pilrig street
Black, John B., 29 Dick place
Black, JohnAV. {Thos. Cooper & Co.), 17 Upper
Gilmore place
Black, Rev. John S. , 6 Oxford terrace
Black, Peter, joiner, 133 Ferry road ; house, 129
Black, Robert, butcher, 88 Grove street and 15
Tobago street ; house, 13 Fowler terrace
Black, Robert, grocer, 43 North Richmond st.
Black, Thos., draper, 53 George iv. bridge
Black, Thomas, coal agent, 11 Marchmont road
Black, Thomas, malt & hop merchant, 9 Man-
derston st. ; ho. Summerfield ho. , Restalrig road
Black, T., church officer, 23 St Andrew sc[uare
Black, T. H., 2 Pentland view
Black, AViUiam, superintendent. Dean cemetery
Black, AA^iUiam, S.S.C, 3 Hill street
Black, AVilliam, brick and furnace builder, 38
Dundee terrace
Black, William, 7 Scotland street
Black, AVilliam (PF. d: J. B.), 69 FeiTy road
Black, AA^'iUiam, 3 Pilrig Model buildings
Black, AA^m. , dairyman, 8 Viewforth park
Black, William, 28 Dunrobin place
Black, Dr. W. G., 2 George square
Black, AVilliam, 74 Lauriston street
Black, AVilliam S., artist, 12 Queen street ;'!Iho.
Blairmount, Canaan lane
Black, Mrs A., spirit dealer, 170 Rose st. ; house,
Black, Mrs E., grocer and spirit merchant, 2
Drevar place
Black, Mrs E., 11 Morningside park
Black, Mrs G. S., 95 Causewayside
Black, Mrs S])eus, 9 Greenhill terrace
Black, Mrs, 7 Mollendo terrace
Black, Mrs, 6 Oxford terrace

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