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Sunday Magazine; office, 32 West George
Street ; J. Menzies & Co., agents.
The British Fkiend, 1st of each month, 2
Myrtle Park, Crossbill.
The Clyde Bill of Entry. Published every
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 82 Mitchell
Street. All communications to be addressed to the
Collector of Custonis, Glasgow.
Mercantile Adtertisee and Shipping Ga-
zette, Published every Tuesday and Friday at 81
Buchanan Street and 82 Mitchell Street.
The Gael. Published Monthly, 74 Argyle St.
The National Advertising List. Published
every Tuesday at 82 Mitchell Street.
The Star, every afternoon, 13 Turner's Court,
87 Argyle Street.
The Voltinteer News, Wednesday; office, 64
Howard Street.
48 Miller Street.
Founded in 1791 by the late Walter Stirling,
merchant in Glasgow, and has since received many
very valuable additions from various donors. The
estimated number of volumes at present in the
library is about 40,000.
The library is open daily from 10 till 4, and from
7 till 9 in the evening, excepting Saturdays, when
it is closed at 12. It is the only yree library in
Glasgow, and the public are supplied with ample
facilities for consulting the books in the library hall.
Closed in July for cleaning.
Life subscription to lending department, £b 5s. ;
annual subscription 15s. the first j'ear, and 10s. 6d.
yearly afterwards.
The Glasgow Public Library is now amalgamated
with Stirling's, and the subscribers to the former
receive all the privileges of the latter, all the books
being removed to Miller Street ; and there has also
been added recently the valuable library of the late
Dr. Scanlen, who bequeathed the whole of his books
and manuscripts.
Directors — From the Town Council, the Lord Pro-
vost, W. Miller, Dr. M'Intyre, R. Lochore; from
Presbytery of Glasgow, Rev. D. Brown, St. Enoch's;
Rev. M. Cochran, St. Peter's; Rev. J. Arthur, Spring-
burn ; from Faculty of Phj'sicians and Surgeons, Dr.
Howatt, Dr. G. Buchanan, Dr. Perry ; from Mer-
chants' House, J. Ross, jun., Sir J. Lumsden, J.
Smith; from subscribers, G. W. Clark, R. S. Cnn-
liff. Rev. Dr. Jamieson, M. Connal, C. Monteath,
W. Keddie, H. 11. Galloway, D. Sandeman.
G. W. Clark, hon. secretary ; W. Euing, extra-
ordinary director; R. S. Cunliff, treasurer; David
Blair, librarian.
Receives regularly all the London, English, Pro-
vincial, Scotch, and Irish newspapers; also. Com-
mercial Lists, French, German, Colonial, Canton,
and American papers, with all the leading Reviews,
Magazines, &c. Open daily from 8 morning till 9
evening. Strangers introduced by Subscribers not
charged, unless they attend for more than four
Chairman, W. Ewing; secretary and treasurer,
G. M. Beatson.
Patrons — Earl of Glasgow ; Sir Michael Shaw
Stewart, Bart. ; R. Dalglish, Esq., M.P. ; R. Hunter,
Esq., Provost of Partick ; A. Arthur, Esq. ; A. Scott,
Esq. ; president, D. C. R. Carrick Buchanan, of
Drumpellier; vice-president. Sir G. Campbell, Bart,
of Garscube; treasurer, A. Sloan, C.A., 106 St.
Vincent Street; hon. treasurer, W. M'Kissock,
Clydesdale Bank, Miller Street ; hon. secretary, W.
J. Brydon, 18 George Square.
royal bank place.
Honorary president, Henry Glassford Bell; presi-
dent, W. W. Mitchell ; vice-president, E. Hunt ;
treasurer, John Jenkins ; secretary, A. K. Murray ;
directors, W. F. Murray, A. Macarthur, R. L. Mac-
Whirter, Dr. Labone, A. Hunter, A. Berwick ;
champion, B. Eekhout.
Instituted 1848.
Earl of Glasgow, patron ; J. C. Wakefield, presi-
dent ; R. F. Graham, vice-president ; general com-
mittee, Messrs. A. Campbell, Wm. M'Pherson, E.
Hendry, J. Brownlie, D. Swan; hon. treasurer, J.
M'Arlj', Pollock Street; hon. secretary, W. M'Pher-
son, 21 St. Vincent Place.
Patrons— Right Hon. H. A. Bruce, M.P. ; K.
Dalglish, M.P. ; Col. Buchanan, of Drumpellier;
president, Wm. L. Rome ; secretary, Wm. Ker ;
treasurer, Jas. Broadfoot. General Committee —
R. Kinloch, W. H. Raeburn, A. Hosie, and W. E.
Dick. Match Committee — A. Mack&y, W. E. Dick,
and Wm. Ross, secretary, 33 Apsley Place. Annual
subscriptions for ordinary members, 21s. ; honorary
members, 10s. 6d.
Instituted 1867.
Objects — Firstly, To learn all who may become
members, the theory and practice of swimming;
Secondly, To encourage, by the bestowal of rewards,
deeds of daring in rescuing persons from drowning.
Headquarters — Eastern Public Baths, London
Road, Glasgow.
Terms — Entrance money, one shilling. Yearly
subscription , 2s. 6d. ; honorary members, j^early, 5s. ;
life membership, two guineas.
Bathing Uniform — Blue pants, with white bands
and club badge (white star).
Members meet for practice at headquarters, Mon-
days and Thursdays at 8 p.m. William M'Kirdy
will also be in attendance on the mornings of Mon-
day, Wednesday, and Saturday, between the hours
of 6 and 8, for the purpose of teaching learners. On

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