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Allan, T. (of T. Allan & Son's),
iron founder ; ho. Garrioch hall
Allan, Wm. (at Thonias Allan &
Son's), Garrioch hall
Allan, R. manager, Kelvindale
Paper Jlills
Allison, M. C. draper, 82 Main St.;
ho. Daisy brae; agent for J.
Pullar & Sons, dyers, Perth,
and the Scottish National In-
surance Co.
Aitken, Mat. baker, 84 Main st
Anderson, Geo. supt. Police Cham-
bers; ho. 96 Main st
Anderson, James, surgeon
Bain, W. boot and shoe maker,
122 Main st
Baird, Frank (of H. Baird & Co.),
residence, Gairbraid house
Begg, A. P. ; ho. Athol place
Bisset, W. Alhol place
Blair, And. & Co. Maryhill Print
Blair, A. Beechbank cottage
Brown, Jas. spirit merchant, 114
Main st. ; ho. Mary's pi
Brown, Ales, manager, Maryhill
Gas Works
Bryan, D. saddler and harness
maker, 158 Jlain st
Burnside, R. wright, Canniesburn
Calderwood, Robt. Garscube Col-
liery ; ho. Kelvin Bank ter
Cameron, Rev. J. Roman Catholic
Cameron, Thomas, grain and pro-
vision mevcht. 155 Main st
Campbell, A. Canniesburn toll
Carrick, James, grocer and spirit
Carss, R. M. family grocer, 2
Bridge st
Clelland, Chas. (of J. M'Arthur &
Co.) Bonville house
Collins, Edward, & Sons, paper-
makers and wood grinders
Collins, Edward, jun. papermaker,
Kelvinda'e; ho. W. Balgray
Collins, J. H. (of Edw. Collins &
Sons), Kelvindale house
Connell, J. T. (of A. Blair & Co.)
Craig, Thos. jun. manager, Mary-
hill Print Works
Craigle, Patrick, manager, Paraffin
â– works, Lochburn road
Crawford, J. manag. Knightswood
Davidson, Mrs. Mary's place
Davis, Wm. grocer, 13i) Main st.;
ho. Gairbraid ter
Davis, Wm. nail manufacturer,
133 Main st
Dawson, John, baker, 200 Main st
Dawson, J. grocer and coal mer
Dick, D. C. & Co. ironfounders,
Kelvin Foundry
Dick, D. C. (of D. C. Dick & Co.),
house. East Park
Dobbie, Wm. (at A. & W. Pater-
son's), Kelvinbank terrace
Dunlop, J. hlacksra. and gasfitter,
Kingston pi
Erskine, Miss A. teacher
Ferguson, W. account. Royal bk
Fisher, J. baker. Park pi.; house,
128 Main st
Fulton, Wm. farmer, Temple
Gemmell, J. Gairbraid ter
Gettins, D. 1 Lome ter
Glasgow Female House, Lochburn;
Miss Slimon, matron
Golder, W. 5 Lome ter
Gordon, Andrew, grocer and spirit
dealer, Knightswood
Gordon, G. manager, Knightswood
colliery; ho. Knightswood cot
Govan, J. draper and stationer,
118 Main st.; ho. 153 Main st
Gray, W. B. Wyndford house
Greenhiil, J. gamekeeper, Garscu.
Hagert}', Wm. carter
Hart, Jn, Gilshiehill farm
Hay, Alex. M.D. Mount Pleasant
Henderson, Alexander, grocer, 154
Main St.; ho. Endrick pi
Henderson, Jas. miller, Garscube
Higginbotham, Samuel (of Messrs.
Todd & Higgiubotham, and S.
Higginbotham, Sons, & Gray);
res. Kiliermont house, Killermt.
Hillhouse, J. baker, 102 Main st. ;
house, 104 do.
Horn, Jas. shoemaker, Wyndford
Horn, Robt. spirit deal. Wyndford
Hutcheson, Robert, wine and spirit
merchant, 112, 114 Main st
Imrie, Wm. farmer, Blackhill
Jeffray, Robert, cotton and linen
power-loom manufr. W3'ndford
Johnston, Arch, farmer, Lochburn
Kay, Alexander, grocer
Keir, John, cattle dealer, Bamho.
Kennedy, W. pawnbroker, 167
Main st
Kinlocb, A, spirit dealer, Temple
Kirkman, P. Mary's pi
Kirkwood, Hugh, agent, Royal bk.
of Scotland, Maryhill; house,
Kiliermont cottage
Kirkwood, H. & A. factors, land
agents, and valuators, 175 West
Geo. St.; ho. Kiliermont cottage
Landells, A. 206 Main st. let. car.
Lennie, Wm. wine, provision mer.
and butcher, 192, 194 Main st;
ho. 190 do.
Lennox, D. teacher, Oswald school
Lockhart, J. chemibt and druggist,
Post-olBce, 150 Main st. ; ho.
Gairbraid terrace
Lyle, Alex, farmer, Knightswood
Lyle, Walter, house, Knightswood
Lyle, Wm. Knightswood
M'Arthur, James, & Co. paper-
makers and stationers, Dalsholm
M'Cowat, Robert, boot and shoe-
maker, 180 Main street; house,
Mary's pi
M'Donald, W. physician and sur-
geon ; house, Mary's pi
M'Farlane, Alex, confectioner, 172
Main St.; ho. 116 Main st
M'Farlane, Js. grocer, Canniesburn
M'Farlane, John, grocer and pro-
vision dealer, 94 Main st
M'Gregor, Robert, Gairbraid ter
M'Indoe, R. A. burgh treasurer,
Kelvinbank ter
M'Kaig, S. boot and shoemaker, 4
Kelvin St.; ho. 127 Main st
M'Lean, D. grocer and provision
merchant, 168 Main st
M'Luckie, Wm. spirit dealer, 162
Main St.; ho. Susan Murray pi
M'Nair, Wm. farmer, Netherton
Martin, Wm. provision merchant,
Martin, Mrs. James, innkeeper
Maryhill Co-operative Society (Li-
mited), provision merchants
Meikle, James, tailor and clothier,
124 Main St.; ho. 32 Argyle st
Meikle, R. B. provision merchant,
125 Main st
Meiklejones, Jas. house factor, 189
Main St.; ho. Kelvinbank
Meiklejones, M. N. draper and
dressmaker, 189 Main st
Melvin, Peter, slater and plasterer,
10 Whitelaw st
Menzies, Wm. draper, 178 JIain st
Middleton, C. Y. 30 Argyle st
Mercer, R. cab proprietor. Watt
St. ; ho. Gairbraid ter
Miller, Andrew, farmer, Westfield
Moir, John, slater and plasterer,
228 Main st
Monkland Iron & Steel Co. Skate-
rigg works
Jlorrison, Mrs. Daisy brae
Muir, Jas. grocer, 132 Main st.;
ho. Mount Pleasant
Muir, James, Gairbraid ter
Munro, A. merchant, 187 Main st.;
ho. 21 Argyle st. Maryhill
Murray, Mrs. W. flesher, 165 New
City rd.; ho. 80 Main st
Nevay & Menzies, plumbers and
gasfitters, 151 Main st
Niven, Hugh, manager, Dalsholm
Paperworks; ho. Dalsholm wks
Niven, John (of Niven & Co.),
ho. U.P. Manse
Niven, T. O. C.E. U.P. Manse
Niven, Rev. Robt. U.P. Manse
Niven, W. B. U.P. Manse
Orr, J. grocer, Netherton quarry
Parrett, R. bleacher, Stockingfiekl
Paxton, Mrs. merchant
Phillips, Wm. agent, Union Bank
of Scotland ; ho. Union Bank
Reid, Mrs. M. grocer, Netherton
Rennie, Jas. F. C. teacher ; ho.
Rentoul, Miss, teacher, Anniesland
Renwick, J. Gairbraid terrace

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