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Nicolson, Malcolm, tinsmith and gasfitter, 62 Eglin-
ton street ; house, do.
Nicolson, Thomas, writer and ni tary public, and
commissioner for taking English affidavits in
Chancery and Bankruptcy ; agent for Sun Fire
office, and Scottish National Insurance Co., 156
St. Vincent street ; house, 4 Hamilton crescent,
Partick hill.
Nicolson, Miss, board and educational establishment
for ladies, 14 Newton place.
Night Asylum for the Houseless, and House of In-
dustry for Indigent Females, 71 North Frederick
NIMMO, A. (of Nimmo, Smith, & Co.), house, 197
Main street, Gorbals.
Nimmo, Cliarles, hotel keeper, Tontine Hotel, 28
Nimmo, David (at Mathie & Bell's), house, 11
Stewart place, Cathcart road.
Nimmo, David B. (Okell, Selkirk, & Co.), house,
349 Duke street.
Nimmo, James, proprietor, 14 Marshall street.
Nimmo, James, coalmaster (of James Nimmo & Co.),
residence, Bal. Castle, Slamannan.
Nimmo, James, & Co., coalmasters, Longrigg and
Lochend Collieries, Slamannan; offi., 20 Dixon St.
Nimmo, J. & A,, provision, merchants, 41 Shuttle
street ; house, 45 do.
Nimmo, John, & Co., heddle manufacturers, 16
Renfrew lane. West Nile street.
Nimmo, John (of John Nimmo & Co.), house, 3
Whitehill street, Dennistoun.
Nimmo, Michael, clothier, 58, 60 Gallowgate ; ho.
8 Morris place.
Nimmo, Smith, & Co., engineers and machinists, 23
Turner's court.
Nimmo, William, clerk, Govan Parochial Board, 7
Carlton place ; house, 163 Polhksbaws road.
Nimmo, William; 153 London street.
NINIAN, George S., commercial traveller (at Yuill
& Aitchison's), house, 167 Hospital street.
NISBET, Alex., surveyor of stamps and taxes, and
lands' valuation assessor for Govan, Cadder. New
Monkland, and East District of Dumbarton, 13
Queen street; house, Stonehouse, Barrhead.
Nisbet, Alexander, ironmonger, 50 Union street;
house, 300 St. Vincent street.
Nisbet, Alex. D., commission merchant, 77 Queen
street ; house, 1 Avondale place. Paisley road.
Nisbet, Alexander, ironfounder. Star Foundry, 191
North street; house, 300 St. Vincent street.
Nisbet, Andrew, surgeon-dentist, 108 Kenfield st. ;
residence, Woodvale place, Govan.
Nisbet, A., & Sou, ironfounders. Star Foundry, 191
North street.
Nisbet, A. & J., ironmongers, 50 Union street; ho.
300 St. Vincent street.
Nisbet, David (at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s), ho.
6 Oakfield terrace, Hillhead.
Nisbet, Edgar S., writer (of James Ritchie, M'Lean,
& Co., 175 Hope street), house, 164 Crown st.
Nisbet, Hay, steam-power letterpress printer, 164
Trongate; residence, 88 South Portland street.
Nisbet, Hay, jun., letterpress printer, 164 Trongate;
house, 5 Kelburn terrace. Queen's park.
Nisbet & Hutchison, wrights, 90 Maitland street,
Nisbet, James, grocer, 118 Dale street; house, do.
Nishett, John, tobacconist, furnishings, and toys, 46
Dumbarton road; house, 44 do.
Nisbet, John M. (of M'Kenzie & Co., 5 Hutcheson
street), house, 12 Allison street. Crossbill.
Nisbet, John S., inland revenue, 13 Queen st. ; ho.
22 Egliuton ter., Victoria road.
Nisbet, John, & Co., salt and whiting merchants, 55
Turner's court, 87 Argyle street ; house, Jane villa,
Nisbet, John (of John Nisbet & Co.), house, Jane
villa, Kennishead.
Nisbet, John Y., 123 Grafton ter., North John st.
Nisbet, Eichard (at Wylie & Lochhead's), house,
Mary Villa cottage, Blantyre.
Nisbet, Robt., spirit merchant, 33, 35 King St., city.
Nisbet, Robe, ironfounder. Star Foundry, 191 North
street; house, 300 St. Vincent street.
Nisbet, Robert, bedding and iron bedstead merchant,
35, 37 Jamaica St., Portland buildings, Govan, and
4 Kent street; house, Hangingshaw cottage,
Nisbet, Thomas (of Nisbet & Hutchison), house, 162
Sauchiehall street.
Nisbet, Thomas, draughtsman and engraver on wood,
437 Parliamentary road.
Nisbet, William, grocer and confectioner, 19 Glass-
ford St., and confectioner, 143 Trongate; house,
121 North Montrose street.
Nisbet, William, clerk in charge. Postal Telegraphs,
George square ; house, 6 Steven street.
Nisbet, Miss, teacher of pianoforte, 123 Grafton ter.,
North John street.
Nisbet, Mrs., 136 Renfrew street.
Nisbet, Mrs. John, bookseller and stationer, 166
Crown st. ; house, 164 do.
Nisbetj J. & M., milliners and dressmakers, 47 Col-
lege street.
NISH, Robert (of Brownlie & Nish), house, 190
Bellfield street.
Nish, Mrs. Peter, baker, 522 Gallowgate ; house, 9
Annfield place, Duke street.
Nish, Miss, ladies' seminary, 2 Craig Park terrace,
Nitro-Cabeon Manure Co. (Limited), manufactur-
ing chemists, 154 West Regent street; works,
NiTSHiLL & Lesmahagow Coal Co., coalmasters, 150
St. Vincent street.
NIVEN, Alexander, carver, gilder, and print-seller,
190 Sauchiehall street.
Niven, Andrew M. (at Royal Polytechnic, 99 Argyle
street), house, Sandyhills, Shettleston.
Niven & Co., merchants and commission agents, 41
St. Vincent place.
Niven, Hugh, house, 12 Fitzroy place.
Niven, James, collector. Bridge Street station ; ho.
80 Ardgowan street.
Niven, James, bookseller and wholesale stationer, 44
George street.
Niven, John (of J. Niven & Co.), house, 96 North
Hanover street.
Niven, John (of Niven & Co.), house, U.P. manse,
Niven, John, & Co., manufacturers, 54 Union street.
Niven, John, surgeon, 317 PaisL'y road ; house, 455
Greenlaw place. Paisley road.
Niven & Pratt, commission agents and glass mer-
chants, 80 Great Clyde street ; stores, 43 Com-
merce street.
Niven, Peter, manager, Clyde Iron Works ; house,
Eastthorn villa, by Tollcross.

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