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Carter, A. A., & Co., wholesale â– warehousemen and
commission agents, 44 Mitchell street.
Carter, James, commercial traveller, 22 and 24
Dunlop street ; house, 90 North Frederick street.
Carter, Misses A. and E., Berlin wool repository, 9
St. George's cross ; house, 23 Florence place.
CARTMAN, E. S., & Co., commission agents, 20
Union street.
CASE, Mrs., 371 Bath crescent.
CASEY, James, wine and spirit merchant, 95 Lon-
don street; house, 88 Gallowgate.
CASKIE, A. B. (of A. B. Caskie & Co.), house, 91
Eglinton street.
Caskie, A. B., & Co., wholesale smallware mer-
chants, 60 Mitchell street.
CASSAGNE, J. S., shipper of Armagnac brandy,
Nerac ; Wm. Bryce & Co., 17 St. Enoch sq., agts.
CASSILS, Charles (of James Watson & Co.), ho.
15 Charing cross.
Cassils, Charles (of Wm. Mitchell & Co.), house, 2
Hamilton crescent, Partick.
Cassels, Fred. A. (of Smith & Cassels), house, 58
Hill street, Garnethill.
Cassels, Jas. P.. M.D. & surgeon, 419 St. Vinct. st.
Cassels, John L. (of Smith & Cassels), house, 58
Hill street, Garnethill.
Cassells, John (at R. Laidlaw & Son's), house, 2
Lome terrace, Strathbungo.
Cassels, L. S. (of P. Lennox & Co.), house, 1 Queen
Mary place, Crosshill.
Cassells, Robert, ironmaster (of Glasgow Iron Co.),
house, 6 Park street. East.
Cassels, Thomas, wholesale and retail grocer, 461
and 717 Gallowgate; house, 13 Bellgrove street.
Cassels, Mrs. Robert, 58 Hill street, Garnethill.
CASSIDY, Felix, spirit dealer, 156 Stobcross st. ;
house, 123 do.
Cassidy, John, broker, 11, 13 Blackfriars' st. ; ho.
9 Stirling street.
CASTEL, Albert, iron merchant, 138 West George
street; house, 21 Belmont crescent.
Castel & Latta (successors to Francis Edwards),
iron merchants, 138 West George street.
CATHCART, David M., accountant and share-
broker, 135 Buchanan street.
Cathcart, John, accountant (of Sdeuard& Cathcart),
133 West George street.
Cathedral High Church ; Rev. George Stewart
Burns, D.D., minister.
Catholic Chapel and School, 68, 72 Abercromby st.
Catholic Collegiate School, 21 Dalhousie st. ; Rev.
Wm. Lea, Rev. Alfred White, Rev. Jas. Maguire.
Cateine Cotton Works ; proprietors, James Finlay
& Co., 22 West Nile street.
CATTANACH, Ales, (of James Stewart & Co.),
distillers. Paisley ; office, 83 Jamaica street ; ho.
Cattanach, W. B., 20 Union street; house, Apna
place, Uddingston.
CATTERALL, Adam, working jeweller, rouge and
plate powder manufacturer, 7 Argj'le street.
Cattle Assurance Co. (Norfolk farmers) ; Bell &
Paterson, 22 Renfield street, agents.
Cattle Market, Graham sq., and eastend of Dukest.
CAUGHIE, David, teacher. Free Normal Seminary;
house, 65 Bath street.
Caughie, David Stow (at William Couper & Co.'s),
house, 15 Shaftesbury terrace. . ->r-'
Caughie, David, & Co., bakers, 240 Garscube/r<wa.' '
Caughie, Robert H. (of D. Caughie & Co.), house,
65 Bath street.
Caughie, W. S., wine merchant, 116 St. Vincent
street; house, 65 Bath street.
CAULFIELD, Ellison, & Co., glass and china
merchants and manufacturers, 68 Jamaica street ;
works, Longton, Staffordshire.
Caulfield, Francis (of Caulfield, Ellison, & Co.), ho.
Portman place, Hillhead.
CAVEN, Rev. William, 58 Charlotte street.
CAVENIE, John, clothier, 34 Queen street ; house,
16 Dalhousie street.
CAW, Charles, grocer and fruit dealer, 228 New
Dalmarnock road.
Caw, David (of D. Caw & Co., Maryhill Chemical
Co. and Ruchill Chemical Co.), 86 Wilson street.
Caw, David, & Co., merchants, 86 Wilson street.
Caw, John B., & Co., 98 West George street.
Caw, Neil, & Co., merchants, 98 West George street.
Caw, Neil (of Neil Caw & Co.), house, 8 Rosslyn
terrace, Great Western road.
CAWOOD, Reuben, Superintendent Postal Tele-
graphs, G. P. 0. ; house, 284 Eglinton street.
Cbntkal Fire Engine Station, 34 College street.
Central Registry office, 101 Hutcheson street.
Central Working Men's Club and Institute, 68
Cess and Tax Office for the city and counties of
Lanark and Dumbarton, 13 Queen street.
Ceylon Steam Packet Office, Handyside & Hender-
son, agents, 47 Union street.
CHADWICK, G., commission agent, 107 Buchanan
street ; house. West End Park street.
Chadwick, James M., 42 Bank street, Port-Dundas.
CHALMERS, Andrew, greengrocer, 61 South Port-
land street ; house, 3 Nelson street, south.
Chalmers, Archibald, tobacconist, oil and colourman,
69 Maitland street; house, 73 do.
Chalmers, A, bowling and shooting saloon, 22 New
City road.
Chalmers, David (at Joseph Hutchison & Son's),
house, 10 Wellington street.
Chalmers, George, engineer, 17 Cambridge street.
Chalmers & Gillespie, practical, parliamentary,
engineering, chalk, and general lithographers,
draughtsmen, engravers, embossers, and orna-
mental printers, Madeira buildings, 253 Argyle st.
Chalmers, Hugh, fancy paper box manufacturer, 48
Gordon street.
Chalmers, James, M.D., police surgeon, southern
district, 158 Main street, Gorbals ; house, 17
South Apsley place.
Chalmers, James, furniture dealer, 149 London st.
and 47 Charlotte street; house, 55 do.
Chalmers, James, hosier and draper, 356 St. Vin-
cent street.
Chalmers, James, sewing machine maker, 68 and 70
Clyde street, Calton.
Chalmers, James, provision merchant, 391 Garsoube
road ; house, 83 Govan street.
Chalmers, John (of Chalmers & Gillespie), house,
138 New City road.
Chalmers, John, temper, hotel, 204^ High St., Ayr.
Chalmers, John, family baker and confectioner, 25,
27 St. George's road, 2 Woodlands road, and 72
Hamilton place. Great Western road.
Chalmers, John, grocer, 33 College street ; house, 85
. : - Taylor street.
Chaitijers, John, victualler, 76 Pinkston road.

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