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GIFFEN, Alexander, jun., wine and spirit broker, 33
Renfield street ; house, 1 Eton terrace, Hillhead.
Gifien, Alexander, merchant, 33 EenSeld street;
house, 1 Eton terrace, Hillhead.
GifFen, A., dealer in horses, 112 North st. ; ho.ll4do.
Giffen, Jas. (at Geo. Brown & Co.'s), 172 W. Geo. st.
Giffen, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 129 New
City road; house, 125 do.
GIFFOKD, T., tailor and clothier, 13 Oxford street.
Gifford, Wm., & Co., ship brokers and oil importers,
2 Dockgate, Leith ; agent, Wm. Duncan, 109
Renfrew street.
GILBERT, Alexander, 50 Great Hamilton street.
Gilbert, Heury, 2 Chatham place.
Gilbert, John, smith and weighing-machine maker,
29 Tureen street.
Gilbert, Samuel, 2 Chatham place.
Gilbert, W. A., painter & paperbgr., 10 Stormont st,
Gilbert, Mrs. J. Graham, Yorkhill, Partick.
GILBY, H. M., staff-adjutant. Shamrock st. Bks.
GILCHRIST, A., ironmonger & brassfounder, 101
Norfolk street ; house, 25 Coburg street, N.
Gilchrist, Archibald (of Barclay, Curie, & Co.),
house, 11 Sandj-ford place.
Gilchrist, Daniel (at John Buttery & Co.'s), house, 4
Bloomfield place, Hillhead.
Gilchrist, David (at Archd. Pollock's), house, Beech
villa, Pollokshields.
Gilchrist, Duncan, provision merchant, 17 Morrison
street; house, 30 Paterson street.
Gilchrist, Gavin A. (of A. L. Knox & Co.), house,
157 St, Vincent street.
Gilchrist & Goldie, brick and drain pipe makers,
Woodend and Claythorn, Crow road, Partick, and
Sandyacres|, Laagside road, Glasgow. Orders and
letters addressed. Crow road, Partick, Glasgow.
Gilchrist, Harry (at AV. & G. Millar's), house, 119
St. James' road.
Gilchrist, James, consulting engineer, 60 Robertson
street ; house, 140 West Campbell street.
Gilchrist, James, engineers' ironmonger, 60 Robert-
son street ; house, 60 Kent road.
Gilchrist, J.,flesher, 738 Gallowg.; ho. 66 Whitevalest.
Gilchrist, James, clockmaker, 13 Exchange place;
house, 26 Robertson street.
Gilchrist, James, cork manufacturer, 114 Trongate;
house, 60 Great Hamilton street.
Gilchrist, Jas., hosiery and furnishings, 642 Galg.
Gilchrist, J. W., dyers, printers and starehers, Miln-
croft Dye Yforks, by Shettleston ; office, 6 Dixon st.
Gilchrist, James, stationer, 138 Nelsun street.
Gilchrist, John (at Jas. Miller, Son, & Co.'s), ho.
Green Lodge terrace, Bridgeton.
Gilchrist, John, spirit merchant, 32 Renfrew street ;
house, 26 George street.
Gilchrist, J. S. & C, dyers and cle.tmers ; shops, 65J
Eglinton street, and 83 Bellgrove street; works,
Milncroft, by Shettleston.
Gilchrist, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 254
Parliamentary road ; house, 190 Debbie's loan.
Gilchrist, Robert, & Co., house and ship painters, 8
Brown street; workshops, 55 do.
Gilchrist, Robert, brick maker and builder, 9 Mac-
farlane street.
Gilchrist, Robert, flesher, 190 Debbie's loan.
Gilchrist, T., grease manufacturer, 3 Dale street,
Bridgeton; house. Green Lodge terr., Greenhead.
Gilchrist, William, & Co., ship and insurance bro-
kers, 6 Dixon street.
Gilchrist, William (of Gilchrist & Goldie), house,
33 Queen street, Renfrew.
Gilchrist, Vfilliam, & Sons, grain merchants, 35
Hope street.
Gilchrist, Wm. (of William Gilchrist & Co.), house,
Milncroft, Shettleston.
Gilchrist, Wm. (of William Gilchrist & Sons), house,
Dunrowan, Langbank.
Gilchrist, W. K., zebra and shawl dress manufac-
turer, 164 St. Vincent lane; house, 157 St. Vin-
cent street.
Gilchrist, William, spirit dealer and contractor, 88
John street, Bridgeton ; house, 271 New Dalmar-
nock road.
Gilchrist, Wm., letterpress printer, 64 Howard st.;
house, 1 Argyle terrace. Queen's park.
Gilchrist, William, tea merchant and grocer, 222
Duke street, house, 119 St. James' road.
Gilchrist, William, flesher, 164 Paisley road ; house,
162 do.
Gilchrist, Mrs. R. (of Robert Gilchrist & Co.), ho.
379 St. Vincent street.
Gilchrist, Mrs., lodgings, 84 High John street.
GILFILLAN, James (of Galbraith & Winton), ho.
146 St. George's road.
GilfiUan, James, plumber and gasfitter, 47 Stockwell
street ; house, 28 Well street, Calton.
Gilfillan, John (of J. & T. GilfiUan), ho. 158 Hill st.,
Gilfillan, J. & T., grain and flour merchants, 22
Ann street.
Gilfillan, Robert, house factor, 357 Garscube road.
Gilfillan, Thomas (of J. & T. Gilfillan), house, 21
West Prince's street.
Gilfillan, Wm., Roseland place, Partick.
GILKISON, David (of Robert Gilkison & Co.), ho.
Falkland bank, Partickhill.
Gilkison, David, merchant, 80 Great Clyde street;
residence, Gleuhuntly, Port-Glasgow.
Gilkison, D. S., office, 3 Madeira court; house, 20
Garden place, Burnbank gardens.
Gilkison, John, umbrella maker, 38 Hospital street.
Gilkison, John, 30 Regent Park square, south side.
Gilkison, Robert, merchant, 97 West George street ;
house, 9 Wilton crescent.
Gilkison, Robert, & Co., cotton spinners and power-
loom cloth raanufacs., 97 West George st. ; works,
Blackburn, Linlithgowshire, and 18 Cook street,
Gilkison, Mrs., 30 Regent Park square, south side.
GILL, John R., com factor and merchant, Madeira
buildings, 263 Argyle street.
GILLAN, Campbell (of Gillan, Schmitz, & Co.),
residence. Manse, Inchinnan.
Gillan, James, tobacconist, 35 William street, Cow-
Gillan, Robert (of Gillan, Schmitz, & Co.), house, 7
Royal crescent.
Gillan, Schmitz, & Co., iron and commission mer-
chants, 116 St. Vincent street.
GILLESPIE, Allan, flesher, 4 Royal arcade ; house,
2 Russell street, west.
Gillespie, Cathcart, & Praser, commission merchants
and sugar brokers, 54 Miller street.
Gillespie, Ghas., Bank of Scotland; house, 478 St.
Vincent street.
Gillespie, George, & Co., merchants, i Victoria build-
ings. West Regent street.
Gillespie, John, 6. P.O.; house, 22 Norfolk street.

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