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Gilchrist, Janaes, stationer, 138 Nelson street.
Gilchrist, John, spirit merchant, 32 Renfrew street;
house, 26 George street.
Gilchrist, J. S. & C, dyers and cleaners; shops, G5|-
Eglinton street, and 83 Bellgrove street ; works,
Milucroft, by Shettlestou ; office, 77 Buchanan st.
Gilchrist, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 254
Parliamentary road; house, 190 Dobbie's loan.
Gilchrist, Robert, & Co., house and ship painters, 8
Brown street; workshops, 55 do.
Gilchrist, Robert, brick maker and builder, 9 Mac-
farlane street.
Gilchrist, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 128
Main street, Anderston.
Gilchrist, Robert, fiesher, 190 Dobbie's loan.
Gilchrist, T., & Co., grease manufacturers, 3 Dale
street, Bridgeton ; house, 9 Newhall terrace, do.
Gilchrist, William, & Co., ship brokers and commis-
sion agents, 77 Buchanan street.
Gilchrist, William (of Gilchrist & G oldie), house,
33 Queen street, Renfrew.
Gilchrist, William, grain merchant, 8i Hope street ;
residence, Dunrowan, Langbank.
Gilchrist, Wm. (of Wm. Gilchrist & Co.), house,
Milncroft, Shettleston.
Gilchrist, W. K., manufacturer, IQi St. Vincent
lane; house, 157 St. Vincent street.
Gilchrist, W^iiliam, spirit dealer and contractor, 88
John St., Bridgeton ; house, 271 New Dalmarnock
Gilchrist, Wm., letterpress printer and publisher, 61
Howard street ; ho. 1 Arayle terrace. Queen's pk.
Gilchrist, William, family grocer, 222 Duke street;
house, 119 St. James' road.
Gilchrist, William, fiesher, 16-1 Paislev road ; house,
162 do.
Gilchrist, Mrs. R. (of Robert Gilchrist & Co.), hj.
379 St. Vincent street.
Gilchrist, Mrs., lodgings, 84 High John street.
GILFILLAN & Cleland, soap and candle manuf.;c-
turers, 30 Crawford street, Port Dundas.
Gilfillan, Daniel, stationer, and teacher of music and
French, GiQ Gallowgate.
Gilfillan, James (of Galbraith & Wlnton), house,
146 St. George's road.
Gilfillan, James, plumber and gasfitter, 47 Stockwcll
street ; house, 28 Well street, Calton.
Gilfillan, John (of J. & T. Giltillan), 158 Hill street,
Gilfillan, J. & T., grain and flour merchants, 30
Osv.^ald street ; stores, 5 York street.
Gilfillan, Robert, house factor, 357 Garscube road.
Gilfillan, Thomas (of J. & T. Gilfillan), house, 21
Gilfillan, William (of Gilfillan & Cleland), ho. 110
Hill street, Garnethill.
GILKISON, David (of Robt. Gilkison & Co.), house,
Falkland bank, Partickhill.
Gilkison, David, merchant, 17 Gordon street.
Gilkison, D. S., 20 Garden place, Burnbank gardens.
Gilkison, John, umbrella maker, 38 Hospital street ;
house, 84 do.
Gilkison, John, 30 Regent Park square, south side.
Gilkison, Robert, merchant, 97 West George street;
house, 9 Wilton crescent.
Gilkison, Robert, & Co., cotton spinners and power-
locm cloth manufaes., 97 West George St.; works,
Blackburn, Linlithgowshire, and 18 Cook street,
Gilkison, Mrs., 30 Regent Park square, south side.
GILL, John R., corn factor, and merchant, Madeira
buildings, 263 Argyle street.
GILLAN, Campbell (of Gillan, Schmitz, & Co.),
residence. Manse, Inchinnan.
Gillan, Robert (of Gillan, Schmitz, & Co.), house, 7
Royal crescent.
Gillan, Schmitz, tS: Co., iron and commission mer-
chants, 116 St. Vincent street.
GILLANDERS, R. & H., 106 West st., Kingston.
GILLESPIE, Cathcart, & Eraser, commission mer-
chants and sugar brokers, 54 Miller street.
Gillespie, Chas., Bank of Scotland ; house, 30 Wil-
lowbank street.
Gillespie, George, & Co., merchants, 4 Victoria build-
ings, W^est Regent street.
Gillespie, John, G.P.O.; house, 22 Norfolk street.
Gillespie, John (of Gillespie, Lawson, & Co.), house,
29 Buccleuch street.
Gillespie, John, Falkirk carrier, 1 Shed, Port-
Dundas, 10 Queen St., & 88 Candleriggs ; residence,
Gillespie, John (at John Watson & Son's), 128 Mid-
wharf; house, 40 James street, Port-Dundas.
Gillespie, John, fiesher, 171 Garscube road ; house,
1 Raglan street.
Gillespie, Lawson, & Co., general merchants and
importers of foreign goods, 1 Mitchell street.
Gillespie, P., & Son, bakers, 2G Maha street and 307
Eglinton street; house, 26 Malta street.
Gillespie, Thos , commercial traveller (at J. Mait-
land & Co.'s), 78 Mitchell street.
Gillespie, Robert B , receiving agent, Glasgow and
South Western Railway.
Gillespie, W. (of G. Gillespie & Co.), house, 8
Queen's terrace.
Gillesjjie, W. S., surgeon dentist, 239 Sauchiehall st.
Gillespie, Walter, merchant, 29 St. Vincent place ;
residence, Dowanhill gardens.
Gillespie, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 118 Thistle st.
Gillespie, Jane, stationer, 74 New City road.
GILLIES, Archibald, cattle salesman (of Gillies &
Wylie), house, 125 Annfield street.
Gillies, Chas., dining and coftee rooms, 49 John st.-
Gillies & Cross, boot and shoe makers, 53 Pollok st.
Gillies, Duncan (at Smith & Simon's), house, 5
Bishop street, Port-Dundas.
Gillies & Glen, provision dealers, 6 Low Green street; .
house, 4 Steel street.
Gillies, James, grocer and provision merchant, 116
Crookston street ; house, 62 do.
Gillies, James, victualler, 19 West Campbell street;
house, 23 Elderslie street.
Gillies, Jas., clerk, Clyde Trust ; ho. 5 Gloucester st.
Gillies, John, &Co., woollen & worsted yarn agents
and commission merchants, 7 South Hanover st.
Gillies, John (of John Gillies & Co.), residence ,_.
Glenelg villa, Helensburgh.
Gillies, John, 4 Grafton street.
Gillies, Neil, provision shop, 8 M'Alpiiie street.
Gillies, W. D., commission merchant and shipping
agent, 10 Prince's square ; ho. 4 Abercromby ter.
Gillies, Wm., jun., slater and chimney sweeper, 18G
Main street, Gorbals.
Gillies, Wm., chimneysweeper, 43 Main st., Gorbals.
Gillies, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 60 Stockwell,
and 8, 10 Jackson street ; house, Norwell villa,
Gillies & Wylie, cattle salesmen, 230 Duke street,

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