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COWIE & Co., clothiers, 120 Buchanan st.
Cowie, Alexander, commission agent, 97 Union st.;
ho. 5C St. Vincent erst.
.Cowie, Arch-. & Co., patent hollow -ware foundry,
Rae St. Port-Dundas.
Cowie, Arch., of A. Cowie ij- Co.; ho. 25 Grove st.
Cowie, George, spir. dealer, 76 Garscube ro.
Cowie, J., dairy keeper, 361 Sauchiehall st.
Cowie, William, spir. mer., 12 Maitland st.
CowcADDENS Mechanics' Institution, 22 Stewart st;
John Weir, janitor.
COX, George W., superintendent. Eastern Public
Baths, London rd.
Cox, W. S., flesher, 388 Argyle st. ; ho. 157 Holm st.
COYLE, Jas., manager, 4l, 43 Stockwellst.; ho.32do.
Coyle, William, flesher, 106 Main st. Gorbals.
Coyle, Mrs.Wm., lodging-hoouse keeper, 71 King st.
Coyle, Mrs., general dealer, 70 M'Alpine st.
CRABB, James, & Co., yarn agents, 52 Ingram st.
Crabb, James, of James Crabh tf Co. ; ho. 273 Dum-
barton rd.
Crabb, John, of John Iledderwick cf- Co. ; ho. 49
Oxford St.
CRAIG, Alex., joiner, 41 Port-Dundas ro. ; ho.
46 Shamrock st.
Craig, Alex., commercial traveller, 33 Virginia st.
Craig, Alex., of J. <^ A. Craig; ho. 10 Abbotsford pi.
Craig, Allan, mason & builder, 6 Kelvinhaugh st.
Craig, Brothers, wholesale & retail woollen ware-
housemen, 189, 191 Argyle st.
Craig & Co., merchts., and inspectors of foreign fancy
goods, 39 Stockwell st.
Craig, David, victualler, 40 WiUiam st. ; Anderston.
Craig, David, hatter, 365 Argyle st.
Craig, David, gardener, Wellcroft Bowling-green,
Lilj'bank rd.
Craig, J. & A., & Co., curriers and leather merchts.,
17, 19 Stockwell pi. and 6 Main st. Anderston.
Craig, James, messenger, P.O. ; ho. 103 Grajme st.
Craig, James, & Son, win. and spir. merchts., 42 St.
Vincent st.
Craig, James, wright, 75 Ea. Kelson st.
Craig, James M., at Dougall cj' Mathie^s; ho. 76
Douglas St.
Craig, Jas., of James Craig cj- Son; ho. 4 Carlton pi.
Craig, James, jun., of James Craig cj- Son ; ho. 34
Abbotsford pi.
Craig, James, 28 Abbotsford pi.
Craig, James, glass and china warehouseman, 66
King St. ; ho. 64 do.
Craig, Jas., Middleton ; town address, 112 Argyle St.
Craig, James, victualler, 79 King st. Tradst. ; ho.
19 Centre st.
Craig, James, broker, smith, wright, and general
dealer, 39 Bridgegate.
Craig, James P., commission agent, 52 Virginia st.;
ho. So. Apsley pi.
Craig, J. & H., wholesale grocers and commission
merchts., 40 Oswald st, and Crown place and
Virginia place, Partick.
Craig, John, at Anderson tj- Co.^s ; ho. 54 St. Vin-
cent erst.
Craig, John, 117 Hospital st.
Craig, John, house-factor, 46 John st. ; ho. Over-
dale, Langside.
Craig, John, win. and spir. mercht., 10 Nelson st ;
Tradst. ; ho. 12 do.
Craig, John, warehouseman, 23 Renfrew st.
Craig, John, plasterer, 24 Renfrew st. ; ho. 6 Char-
ing cross.
Craig, John, tea mercht. and general grocer, 34
Stockwell St. ; ho. 54 Abbotsford pi.
Craig, John, of John Craig cj- Co. ; ho. 70 No^
Hanover st.
Craig, John, & Co., bootmakers, 112 Argyle st.
Craig, John, church-officer, 37 Sauchiehall st.
Craig, John, F.E.I.S., teacher of grammar & logic.
Mechanics' Institution ; ho. 57 No. Hanover st.
Craig, John, grocer and provision mercht., 14, 16
Wellington arcade, and 215 Sauchiehall st. ; ho.
262 Bath st
Craig, Joseph, pastry-baker & spir. dealer, 65 Cow-
caddeiis st. ; ho. 2 Stirling st, Cowcaddens.
Craig, Matthe-\v, manufr., 46 John st.
Craig, Peter, ironmonger and ship-chandler, 50, 52
Jamaica st. ; ho. Ibroxholra.
Craig, Peter, slater, M'Pherson st. ; ho. 62 Geo. st.
Craig, Peter, japanner, painter, gilder, and clock-
dial manufr., 48 Stockwellst. ; ho. 310 Argyle st.
Craig, Robert, of Thomson, Ritchie, tj- Craig; ho!
163 Eglinton st.
Craig, Robert, dyer, 47 Carrick st.
Craig, Robert, of Craig, Brothers; ho. 148 Ran-
dolph ter. Hill st
Craig, Robert, furnishing store, 5 M'Alpine st. ; ho.
West end of Stobcross St.
Craig, Robert, builder & contractor, 157 Crown st.
Craig, Robert, 156 Bath st.
Craig, Robert, victualler, 661 Gallowgate ; ho. 404
Duke St.
Craig, Captain Robert, 24 St. Vincent erst.
Craig, Rose, & Wrights, oil merchts., 63 Candleriggs.
Craig, Thomas, paper-ruler, cutter, & account-book
pager, 62 Argyle st.
Craig, T. & W., paper-rulers & account-book pagers,
88 Glassford st. ; ho. 62 Argyle st.
Craig, Thomas, hay & grain dealer, 157 Gt. Hamil-
ton St. ; ho. 118 do.
Craig, Dr. William, 37 Peel ter., Garnethill st.
Craig, William, of Craig, Brothers; ho. 162 Hill
St., Garnethill.
Craig, William, & Co., engineers, machine-makers,
and founders, 29 Govan st.
Craig, William, of Taylor and Craig; ho. 2 Mon-
teith row.
Craig, William, & Co., cabinet-makrs., joiners, &
glaziers, 33 Crown st. ; ho. 110 Nelson st, Tradst.
Craig, Wm., spir. deal., 260 Duke St. ; ho. 262 do.
Craig, William B., drj'salter & oil mercht., 52
Ploward st. ; ho. 4 Carlton pi.
Craig, William, of William Craig cj- Co. ; ho. Kirk-
ton, Neilston.
Craig, William, of Burnbrae, 24 St. Vincent erst.
Craig, Wm., tailor & clothier, 61 Tureen st., Calton.
Craig, William, win. & spir. mer., 112 Nelson st,
Tradst. ; ho. 110 do.
Craig, Mrs. Ann, eating-house keeper, 1 5 Saltmarket ;
ho. 43 M'Neil st.
Craig, Mrs. James, 80 No, Frederick st.
Craig, Mrs. John, victualler & grocer, 81 North st.,
Craig, Miss, 46 Renfield st.
CRAIGHEAD, Jas., gardr., Rosehill, 164 Shawsrd.
CRAIGIE, John A., teacher, Free St. John's Schools,
21 Ea. Hill St.
Craigie, Robert, com. agt., 24 Hutcheson st. ; ho.
173 Sauchiehall st.

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