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Clark, Duncan, boot and shoemaker, 35 Dalhousie st.
Clark, Francis, of Harveys, Wilson, ^ Co. ; ho. 3
Windsor st.
Clark, George, provision mercht., 3 Kiugst., Tradst. ;
ho. 30 New Bridge st.
Clark, George, funeral undertaker, 13 Abercromby
St., Caltou ; ho. 15 do.
Clark, George, Western Bank ; ho. 14 Miller st.
Clark, George, & Co., tambour muslin manufrs., 14
Montrose st. ; ho. 8 Bloomfield pi., Hillhead.
Clark, G. W., of Gibson cj' Clark; ho. Newstead,
Govan rd.
Clark, Henry, surgeon, 104 Belgrove st.
Clark, James, 7 Queen's ter.
Clark, James, & Co., tailors & clothiers, 23 Geo. sq.
Clark, James, horse dealer, 130 London st.
Clark, James, mercht. ; ho. 37 Monteith row.
Clark, James, provision mercht., 119 King st., & 50
Saltmarket ; ho. 29 Hospital st
Clark, James, oj" James Findlay <^ Co., and Wilson,
Kay, if Co. ; resid., Crossbasket.
Clark, James, grocer & victualler, 50 Saltmarket.
Clark, James, agt. for Northern Fire & Life Assur.
Co., Western Bk., Charing cross, Sauchiehall st.
Clerk, Jas., corn-fac, 6 Hope st. ; ho. 4 Queen's ter.
Clark, John, grocer, 39 Little St., Calton.
Clark, John, janitor. High School, 74 John st.
Clark, John, of Robert Alexander tj- Co. ; ho. Leven-
field ho., Alexandria.
Clark, John, jun., & Co., cotton spinners & thread
manufrs., 8 George St., Mile-end.
Clark, John, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, if Clark, writers ;
ho. Ill Kinning pi.
Clark, John, writer, 22 Eeniield st. ; ho. 8 Bum-
bank ter.
Clark, John, of Clark ^ Struthe7^s ; ho. 3 Windsor
ter., St. George's rd.
Clark, John, victualler, 6 Marlborough St., ho. 39
Little st.
Clark, John, jun., of John Clark, jun., (f Co. ; ho.
7 Broad St., Mile-end.
Clark, John, pawnbroker, 79 Brown st., & 9 Bishop
St. ; ho. 467 St. Vincent st.
Clark, John, & Son, smiths & machine makrs., 64
Hospital St., Hutchn. ; ho. 97 Wellington st., So.
Clark, John, clothes and furniture brokr., 11 Picca-
dilly St., Anderston ; ho. 13 do.
Clark, Jonathan, eating-house keeper, 128 Canning
St., Calton; ho. 121 do.
Clark, Joseph, 415 Gallowgate.
Clark, Laurence, o/"^. <f L. Clark; ho. 47 Sauchie-
hall St.
Clark & Mackinlay, com. merchts., 87 Union st.
Clark, Matthew, of Clark if Mackinlay.
Clark, Matthew, of John Clark, jun., if Co.; ho. 14
Annfield pi.
Clark, Patr., at Jas. Clark 4- Co.'s; ho. 84 Cath. st.
Clark, Peter W., vice-consul of the Netlierlands, 31
Dundas st. ; ho. 6 Dalhousie st.
Clark, Peter, at Alex. Bryce if Co.^s, 6 St. Andrs. sq.
Clark, Peter, curator, Eoyal Botanic Gardens.
Clark, Peter, 113 Eenfrew st.
Clark, P. W., & Co., merchts., 31 Dundas st.
Clark, Robt., brickbuilder ; ho. 43 Young st., off
Clark, Eobt., coal mercht., 65 Taylor st.; ho. 73
St. James' ro.
Clark, Kobt., bleacher, 420 Gallowgate ; ho. 4 Som-
merville pi.
Clark, Robt., writer, 28 Miller st,; ho. 250 Ren-
frew St.
Clark, E. & R., saddlers & harness makers, 53, 54
Argyle arcade ; ho. 1 do.
Clark, E. & S., grocers & provision merchts., 3 Nel-
son St. Tradst.
Clarke, Samuel, surgeon, 235 High st.; ho. 168
George st.
Clark & Struthers, gingham & pullicate manufrs.,
17 Royal Exchange sq.
Clark, Thos., patent oil & grease manufr., 184 Fin-
nieston st.
Clark, Thos., flesher, 178 Garscube ro.
Clark, Thos. S., of Jas. Clark ij- Co.; ho. 133 Na-
pier's place, Sandyford.
Clark, Wm., at John Clark, jun., if Co.^s; ho. Kirk-
field, Bothwell.
Clark, Wm., of Allan Clark if Co.; ho. 3 Clifton pi.
Clark, Wm., tinplate worker & gasfitter, 130 Can-
ning St.
Clarke, Wm., of Clarke cj- Bell; ho. Oakvale, Hillhd,
Clark, Wm. Eben. Cook, surgeon, 63 John st.
Clark, Wm., cotton-yarn mercht., 42 Cochran st.
Clark, Wm., tinsmith, gasfitter, and bellhanger,
worker for mills and printfields, 44 John St.; ho.
239 George st.
Clark, Wm., beadle, 111 Canning st.
Clark, Wm., mill furnisher, 91 Warroch st.; ho.
12 Anderston quay.
Clark, Wm., flesher,"3 Miller's pi.; ho. 19 do.
Clark, Mrs. Jas., 220 Dumbarton rd.
Clark, Mrs., 187 Buchanan st.
Clark, Mrs., 9 Claremont st.
Clark, Mrs., Temperance hotel, 23 Jamaica st.
Clark, Mrs., 237 Brandon pi. West George st.
Clark, Miss Ellen, upholst^ress, 95 No. Hanover st.
Clark, Miss, lodgings, 93 So. Portland st.
CLARKSON, John, draper, 34 Cannins; st. Calton.
CLAVEEING, Thos., Russian brokr., 22 Eoyal Ex-
change sq.; ho. 276 Bath st.
CLEATS, John, spir. deal., 34 Sauchiehall st.; ho.
36 do.
CLELAND, Charles, 2 Carlton ct. Bridge st.
Cleiland, Jas , of Clelland if Hill; ho. 9 Can. st.
Clelland & HiU, artificial limb, truss, & bandage
makrs., 146 George st,
Cleland, Robt., grocer & wine mercht., 74 Sauchie-
hall St.; ho. 220 Hope st.
Cleland, Mrs. A. S., 102 South Portland st.
Cleland, Mrs., lodgings, 107 Dundas st.
CLEMENT, John, spir. mer., 245 Main st. Gorbals.
Clements, Robt., surgeon, 750 Gallowgate.
CLEPHAN, Wm., coppersmith, 22 Washington st.
Clephane, Wm., at John B. Bennet's; ho. 7 West
Bothwell St.
Clerk to the Commissioners for the Lower Ward
of Lanarkshire, Robt. Knox, 29 St Vincent pi.
CLEUGH, Mrs., 222 Shaws road, Muirhouses.
CLEWS, Robert, druggist, 175 Castle St.; ho. 3
Parliamentary rd.
Clifton Hill Coal Co., 56 West Howard st.
CLIMIE, Robt., civil engineer & land surveyor, 139
Greenlaw pi. Paisley rd.
CLINKSKILL, James, of Norman if Clinkskill; ho.
56 Rose St. Gamethill.
CLINTON, William, brokr., 51 Nelson st.
CLOUGH, William, manager, Wellington Pottery,
604 Gallowgate ; ho. 1 Whitevale st.
CLOUGSTON, Mrs., broker, ^'0 King st. Calton.

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