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Banks, John Henry, surveyor of stamps and taxes,
52 Virginia st. ; ho. 251 Dumbarton rd.
Banks, Miss E.. milliner & dressmaker, 10 Geo. st.
BANNAR, Neil, manufr., 123 Dalest., Tradeston.
BANNATYNE, Andi-ew, writer, of Bannatynes cj-
Kirhwood ; ho. 11 Woodside ter. & Millheugh,
Bannatyne, Alexander, grain and flour mercht., 60
Oswald St.
Bannatyne, Rev. Arch., of Free Knox's Church, ;
ho. 2 Kingston pi.
Bannatyne, Brothers, provision merchts., 12, 14
Stockwell pi.
Bannatyne, D., & Co., merchts., 46 Eenfield st;
Bannatyne, Dugald John, writer, of Bannatynes cf
Kirhwood ; ho. 214 Adelaide pi. & Easthauk,
Bannatyne, D. & K, agts. for the North British In-
surance Co., 46 Eenfield st,
Bannatyne, James, 94 Alma pi.. Paisley rd.
Bannatyne, John, mercht., 98 West George st. ; ho.
221 Brandon pi.
Bannatynes & Kirkwood, writers, 50 We. Geo. st.
Baimatyne, Ninian, provision mercht. & fish-curer,
157 Eglinton st.
Bannatyne, Eobert, officer of fisheries, 12 Oswald
St. ; ho. 93 Portland st.
Bannatyne, Mrs., general grocer, 51 Cambridge st.
Bannatyne, Miss, 312 St. Vincent st.
BANNERMAN, John, baker, 108 Main st., Ander.
Bannerman, John, tobacco pipemaker, 374 Gallow-
gate ; ho. do.
Bannerman, John, cheque clerk, British Linen Co.'s
Bannerman, Walter, of Miller cJ* Bannerman ; ho.
321 West Bath St., & Greenfaulds, Cumbernauld.
Bannerman, Mrs. David, 16 Sauchiehall st.
Baimerman, Mrs., 27 Woodside pi.
BANZIGEE, J. A., Swiss manuf. & commission agt.,
85 St. Vincent st.
Baptist Chapel, 120 High John st. ; Eev. Archd.
Watson, minister.
Baptist Chapel, East Regent pi., Blackfriars st. ;
Rev. James Bullock, M.A., minister.
Baptist Church, Baronial Hall, South Portland st. ;
Rev. Alexander M'Leod, minister.
Baptist Chapel, 41 Brown st.
Baptist Chapel, 21 Hope st. ; Rev. Dr. James Pa-
terson, 268 Bath St., minister.
BAEBER, Lorton, spirit dealer, 48 Cambridge st.
Barber, Miss Isabella, boot & shoe binder, 9 St.
Andrew's la.
BARBOUR, John, draper, 1 8 Govan st.
Barbour, Peter, grocer, 133 Garngad rd. ; ho. 135 do.
Barbour, Robert, of Barbour ^ Stewart; ho. 12
Kelvingrove st.
Barbour & Stewart, plumbers & gasfitters, 118
Bothwell St.
BARCLAY & Co., iron merchts., 98 We. George st.
Barclay, Ebenezer, tailor & clothier, 19 London st. ;
ho. 70 Charlotte st.
Barclay, George, of Barclay, Paton, cJ- Co. ; ho. 22
Canning pi.
Barcla}', Hugh, monumental sculptor, Sighthill
cemetery ; ho. 58 Ta3'lor st.
Barclay, Jas., win. & spir. mer,, 27 Malta St., Gorb.
Barclay, John, of Barclay <^ Co. ; resid. Eglinton
Mains, Irvine.
Barclay, John, win. & spir. mer., 22 Cook st.
Barclay, Baton, & Co., merchts., 39 Hutcheson st.
Barclay, Perkins, and Co.'s London porter store,
Carron wharf, Port-Dundas.
Barclay, Phillips, & Co., ship smiths, copper, tin-
smiths, and furnishing ironm., 58 Anderst. qu.
Barclay, R., and Curie, wood & iron ship-builders,
boat-builders, joiners, blacksmiths, painters, and
blockmakers, 59 M'Alpine st., Slipdocks, foot of
Broomielaw, and Ch'deholm, Whiteinch.
Barclay, Robert, of Rolert Barclay ^ Curie; ho. 6
Fitzroy pi.
Barclay, Robert, of James Donaldson ^- Co. ; ho. 12
Somerset pi.
Barclay, Robert, house factor, fire, life, & plate glass
insur. agent, 51 Bridgegate ; ho. Bank pi,, Govan.
Barclay & Son, slaters, 14 Main st., Calton; ho. 133
London st.
Barclay, Robert, atD. 4' J- SmitKs; ho. 115 Thistle
St., Hutchesontown.
Barclay, Thomas, of Barclay, Phillips, ^ Co. ; ho.
71 Waterloo st.
Barclay, Thomas, messenger-at-arms, &c., 131 We.
George st. ; ho. 174 Sauchiehall st.
Barclay, Thomas, pattern designer for woven fabrics,
51 Bridge st.
Barclay, William, registrar, and agent for the North
of England Fire & Life Insur. Co., 34 Kent st.
Barclay, William, pawnbroker, 123 Main st., Gorb.
Barclay, William, die sinker, stamp cutter, & seal
engraver, 11 Miller st.
Barclay, William, boot & shoemaker, 39 High st. j
ho. 12 Princes st.
Barclay & Watt, architects, 136 Buchanan st..
Barclay, Mrs. J., brokr., 27 Bishop st., Anderst.
BARKER, George, boot & shoemaker, 2 Argyle
arcade ; ho. 6 Croy pi.
Barker, J. D., general warehouseman, and umbrella,
cap, boot, and shoe manufr., 18, 20 Glassford
St. ; ho. 84 No. Hanover st.
Barker, John, brush & basket manufr., 5 Candle-
riggs; ho. 114 Trongate
Barker, William, 162 Hospital st.
BAELAS, George, hairdresser, wigmaker, & per-
fumer, 16^ Buchanan st. ; ho. 63 Commerce st.
Barlas, Mrs., 20 Sandyford pi., Sauchiehall st.
Barlas, Misses, southern private institution for the
education of young ladies, 8 Maxwelton pi.
BARLOW, Thomas C, firework artiste, 84 Fin-
nieston st. ; ho. 130 Broomielaw. — See Advertise-
ment in Appendix.
BARLOWE, T., musician, teacher of the cornopean
6 clarionet, and trumpeter to the Glasgow Yeo-
manry cavalrj', 130 Broomielaw.
BARNES, Robert, at St. Rollox Glass Worlcs; ho.
94 Stirling's rd.
BARNETT, B.ugh., of Small ^Burnett; ho. 112 Rot-
Barnet, James, joiner & builder, 6 Eglinton la. ; ho.
80 Alma pi., Paisley rd.
Barnet, James, of Robert Alexander ^ Co. ; ho.
7 Clifton pi.
Barnett, Samuel, at William M'Lean cJ- Co.'s ; ho.
100 Crown st.
Barnet, William Henrj', bookbinder, 3 Stanhope st.
BARNHILL, Alexander, commission agent, 36
Eenfield st. ; ho. 84 Buccleuch st.
Barnhill, James, & Co., tanners, 63 Spoutmouth.
Barnhill, James, of James Barnhill 4' Co.; ho. Ill
Breadalbaue ter., Garuethill.

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