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JPost-Ojice Regulations.
Newspapers liable to the Stamp Duty may be forwai'ded to the British Colonies
and Possessions by her Majesty's Packet-Boats, free of the duty of Postage, pro-
vided the same be duly stamped, made np open at the ends, and put into any
Post-OflSce uithin seven days after the day of publication.
Newspapers may also be forwarded to the Colonies by Private Ships for a Post-
age of One Penny each, and to Foreign Countries for a Postage of Twopence
each, to be paid when posted, under the same regulation as to date, i^'c.
Tor days of despatch and Rates of postage, see the Alphabetical List of Foreign
Countries, commencing at page 33.
Newspapers arriving from British Colonies or "Foreign Parts," to which
they are despatched free, are delivered free of postage. From places abroad, to
which they are not despatched free, they are charged, on delivery. Twopence each ;
excepting those brought by the Closed Mail through France, which are charged
Threepence or Jivepence each. All Newspapers must be printed in the language of the
tiountry from luhich they are sent.
The Undermentioned Printed Prices Current, having obtained the sanc-
tion of the Lords of the Treasury, pass through the Post Office to the Colonies and
Foreign Parts at one penny each, provided the}'' contain simply the names and
prices of articles ; the names and addresses of the parties dealing in such articles
must be excluded : — Annual Supplement to Price Current ; British ships entered
inwards and cleared outwards from and to places within the limits of the East
India Company's charter; Commercial Daily List ; Lloyd's List ; London New Price
Current; London Mercantile Price Current; Mercantile Journal; Nicholson's New
Price Cun-ent; Prince's Price Current; Sound List; Trades List; Universal Corn
Eeporter; Wetenhall's Course of the Exchange. Each copy to be made up in the
-same form as a Newspaper, with covers open at the end.
The title of the publication must be written or printed immediately above the
address; and any other writing than such address, name, initial, or mark for re-
ference of any kind, calculated to convey information as to the party by whom
such publication is forwarded, will subject the same to full letter rates of postage.
Every Price Current to be posted within seven days after its publication ; and no
one can be forwarded a second time without being charged with full letter postage.
All other Prices Current, and Commercial Lists, published in the United
Kingdom, if duly stamped, and under the weight of two ounces, will be treated as
Newspapers, and enjoy the Newspaper privileges; the sanction of the Postmaster
General having been previously obtained.
Printed Prices Current, and Commercial Lists, from the British Colonies,
France, Belgium, and Holland, are now admitted into the United Kingdom at the
reduced rate of One Penny each, whether conveyed by Packet or Private Ship.
Printed Prices Current, and Commerical Lists, from any foreign countrj',
except France, Belgium, Holland, and China, are admitted into the United King-
dom at the reduced rate of Two Pence each.
Prices Current, AND Commercial Lists, /rmn the British Colonies, passing
through the United Kingdom, are liable to a Postage of Twopence each, to be paid
at the time of being posted.
Prices Current, and Commercial Lists, from the British Colonies, passing
through France, Belgium, or Holland, to the United Kingdom, are liable to a Post-
age of Twopence each.
Printed Prices Current, and Commercial Lists, to China, via Southamp-
ton, 2d. each; via Marseilles, 3d. each. From China, via Southampton, Sd. each;
via Marseilles, 5d, each.
Letters, whether containing Coin or not, can be registered, on payment of a fee of
One Shilling, in addition to the Bates of Postage, Inland, Colonial, or Foreign. On
those for delivery in France, the charges besides the Registration fee of One Shilling,
will be the English rate to France, in addition to double the French rate. A
printed acknowledgment will be given to any person registering a letter. Re-
gistered Letters will be taken at the Bar Window and the Receiving-Houses loithin
half an hour of the closing of the Box for the partictdar Mail by which they are to

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