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Douglas & Holmes, 73 Hutcheson street
Douglas, John, Clerk of the Peace for
Lanarkshire, 73 Hutcheson street
Douglas & Rauken, 81 St. George's place
Douglas, J. C, 81 St. George's place
Douglas, Rt. D., of Strathern 8f Doiujlas
Dow, Andrew, 10 India street
Drew & M'Clurc, 15 Buchanan street
Fennell, William, 63 Miller street
Ferguson & Hall, 125 Buchanan street
Ferguson, John, 125 Buchanan street
Finlayson, James, 8 Gordon street
Findlay, John, 29 St. Vincent place
Fleming, John, 43 Buchanan street
Fleming, John Park, of MonUjomery §■
Fleming, J. & W., 43 Buchanan street
Fleming, Wva.., 43 Buchanan street
Forbes, Arthur, Town Clerk, City Cham-
Forbes, Dugald, 24 Gordon street
Forbes, D., 83 Renfrew street
Forbes & Reddie, 24 Gordon street
Forsyth, Wm., 57 Miller street
Freeland, John, 11 West Nile street
Galbraith, James F., W.S., 48 Queen st.
Galloway, John, of Murray §• Galloway
Gemmill, Andrew, 38 Queen street
Gemmel, James, 49 Hutcheson street
Gibson, John, 52 High street
Gilmour, Wm., 17 Brunswick place
Goodwin, Robert, 152 Rottenrow
Gordon & Meek, 3 Royal Exchange crt.
Gordon, Thomas, of Gordon ^ Meek
Graham, Adam, 42 George square
Graham, Alexandei", 124 St. Vincent st.
Graeme, James, 52 Charlotte street
Orahame, Maxwell, & Co., 124 St. Vin-
cent street
Graham, W., A., & J., 42 George sq.
Graham, Wm., 42 George square
Graj-, Daniel K., 33 Buchanan street
Gray, John B., 51 St., Vincent street
Guthrie, Wm., 62 Miller street
Ilaig, W., Fiscal of Burgh Courts, New
Court-house, Hutcheson street
Hall, W. D., 125 Buchanan street
Hamilton, J. & J., 17 South Hanover st.
Hamilton, Jas., jun., 17 S. Hanover st.
Hamilton, J. D., 17 South Hanover st.
Hamilton, R. C, 5 Gloucester st., King-
Henderson, Alex., of Mitchell, Henderson,
Si- Mitchell
Hill, Davidson, Hill, & Clark, 1 South
Frederick street
Hill, James H., 1 South Frederick street
Hill, John M., of Marshall, Hill, ^- Hill,
41 West George street
Hill, Laurence, 1 South Frederick st.
Hill, Robert, of Marshall, Hill, cj- Hill,
41 West George street
Hill, Tlh.ova.a.s, Registrar of Sasines for the
Regdity of Glasgow, 45 West l^ile st.
Hodge & Stewart, 135 Buchanan street
Hodge, W. B., 135 Buchanan street
Holmes, R. R., Depute Clerk of the Peace
for Lanarkshire, 73 Hutcheson street
Hotson, John, of M'Dowall Sf Hotson
Houston, J. G., Procurator-Fiscal of the
Barony of Gorbals, 35 Miller street
Hutcheson, George, 48 Buchanan street
Hutcheson, Patrick, 35 Miller street
Howie, James, 66 Miller street
Inglis, James, 4 Killermont street
Jack, Allan, 51 Brunswick place
Jackson, H., 192 Main street, Gorbals
JafFray, Thomas George, 129 Ingram st.
JafFray, W., laiv agent, 63 John street
JeflFray, John, 99 St. Vincent street
Jameson, Robert, 19 South Hanover st.
Jenkins, David, 1 1 Vii'ginia street
Kerr, Archd., 3 Exchange place, South
arch, Exchange square
Kerr, James, 68 St. Vincent street
Kerr, John, jun., 5 Brunswick place
Kerr, John, 21 South Hanover street
Keyden, Jas., of Strang, Yuile, Sf Key den
Kidston, W. & J. B., Merchants'-Housc
buildings, 72 Hutcheson street
Kippen, George, 85 St. George's place
Kirkland, W. F., 65 Ingram street
Knox & Findlay, 29 St. Vincent placo
Knox, Robert, 29 St. Vincent place
Lacy, Henry B., 135 Buchanan street
Lamond, Robert, 29 St. Vincent place
Lament, John, 20 Buchanan street
Lang, David, 44 George square
Lang, D. & J. L,, 44 George square
Lang, Gilbert, G South Hanover street
Lang, James Leitch, 44 George square
Lang, John, 13 John street
Lang, John, jun.. Procurator Fiscal of
J. P. Courts, County Buildings, Wil-
son street
Leech, George B., 49 West George street
Livingston, A., 24 St. Enoch square
Logie, Wm., 98 St. Vincent street
M'AUister, Archd., 57 Miller street
M'Clure, J. II., of Moody S^- M'Lure
M'Donald, John, Sheriff-Clerk Depuk,
County buildings, Wilson street
MacDonald, John, 182 Trongate
Macdowall, Alex., 17 R. Exchange sq.
M'Ewan & Aitken, 24 St. Vincent place
MacEwan, Thomas, 49 Hutcheson street
M'Ewan, William, 24 St. Vincent street
M'Whirter, Jn., 80 St. James's road
M'Whirter, John, Council chambers
M'Hutcheson, Robt., 40 S. Wellington pi.
Macgeorge, A. & A., 21 St. Vincent pi.
Macgeorge, Andw., 21 St. Vincent place
Macgeorge, A., jun., 21 St. Vincent place
M'Grigor, Alex., 52 George square
M'llardy, J., Sheriff- Clerk Depute, Coun-
ty buildings, Wilson street
Mackenzie, Roderick, 68 St. Vincent st.
Marshall, Hill, & Hill, 41 West Geo. st.

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