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Murray, Mrs. Angus, painter, 3 Croy place, house 16 do.
Murray, Mrs. Francis, 144i Campbell street, west
Murray, Mrs. H Hopetoun place
Murray, Mrs. druggist, 390 Gallowgate
Murray, Mrs. matron of St. John's School of Industry, Chalmers street
Murray, Miss, lodgings, 4 Wellington street
MURRIE, Andrew, flesher, 33.3 Argyll street, house above
MUSGROVE, Benjamin, cutler and gunmaker, 46 Trongate
MUSHET, James, grocer, 204 Buchanan street
Mushet, John, currier and leather merchant, 54 St. Andrew's square,
house 36 St. Andrew street
Mushet, Richard, at Charles Tennant ^ Co.'s
MUTTER, James, of W. §• J. Mutter, house 2 Clyde place
Muter, John D. surgeon, 45 London street
Muter, Rev. Dr. Robert, Broompark, north side of Duke street. Let-
ters left at Joseph Paterson's, 239 High street
Muter, T. writer, 131 Ingram street, house Broompark, by Duke st.
Mutter, W. Ss J. commission merchants, 24 Miller street
Mutter, William, of W. Sf J. Mutter, house 31 Abbotsford place
MUTRIES & Co. fancy silk and velvet manufacturers, 87 Argyll st.
Mutrie, James, of Mutries §• Co. house 20 St. Enoch square
Mutrie, William, of Mutries §• Co. house 20 St. Enoch square
Mutton Market, 86 King street
NAIRN, Archibald, of Fleming, Watson ^ Nairn, ho. 13 Abbotsford pi.
Nairn, John, of William Morrison §• Co. house 33 John street
Nairn, William, plasterer, 50 Blackfriar street
NAISMITH, Alexander, hide & leather factor, 5 St. Andrew's square,
lodgings ] 73 Gallowgate
Naismith, Campbell, of William Naismith §• Co. house 65 W. Regent st.
Nesmith, James, marble cutter, 23 Wellington street
Naismith, William, & Co. manufacturers, 94 Miller street
Naismith, William, Britannia tavern, 80 Trongate
Naismith, Miss, 12 Monteith row
Naismith, Miss, furnishing and staymaker, 123 High street
NAPIER, George, cotton-band maker, Duke street
Napier, David, engineer and founder, Camlachie foundry
Napier, Capt. J. Hydepark, Broomielaw
Napier, James and William, engineers & boilermakers, Washington street
Napier, James, of James 8f William Napier, house York place
Napier, Peter, carter and spirit dealer, 329 Gallowgate
Napier, Rev. Peter, of St. George's-in- the- fields, house 40 Buccleugh st.
Napier, Robert, engineer, Vulcan foundry, 28 Washington street, anid
Lancefield, house Lancefield
Napier, William, of James Sf William Napier, house 114 WashiDgton st.
Napier, Wm. & Co. agents for the Renfrewshire bank, 94 Miller street
Napier, Mrs. milliner, 43 Bell street, and 52 Nelson street
National Bank of Scotland, 43 Virginia st. R. A. Macfie, agent
National Security Savings' Bank, 2 John street
National Provident Institution. N. and R. Handyside, agents, 16
Gordon street
Neciiopolis or Cemetery, Merchants' park

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