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158 MASON — MAY.
Mason, John, glass and china warehouse, 142 Gallowgate
Mason, William, coal agent, 4 Broomielaw, house 30 Bridge street
Mason, Misses J. & E. milliners, dressmakers, and strawhat makers,
30 Bridge street
MATHERS, James, Union victualling society, 21 Stobcross street
Mather, John, 48 Glassford street, house Mrs. ShieJl's, 51 Union street
Mather, Mathew, MD. medicine warehouse, 110 and 112 Trongate
Mather, Rev. Peter, Independent chapel, Brown street
Mather, Robert, commission merchant, Virginia buildings, house 1
Cumberland place
Mather, William, & Co. 77 Glassford street
Mather, Mrs. lodgings, 62 George street
MATTHEW, James, Dumbreck villa, Paisley road. Letters left at
140 Argyll street
Mathews, Rev. Thomas W. Muirhouses, Gorbals toll
MATHIE, Robert, agent and house factor, 4 Havannah street
Mathie, Mrs. 37 West George street
MATHIESON, Alexander, plane maker, 38 Saracen's lane
Matheson, Alexander, spirit dealer, 141 Saltmarket
Matheson, A. 48 Brougham place
Mathieson, Charles, & Co. lime-burners, Claythorn street, Gallowgate
Mathison, Charles, painter, 122 George street
Mathieson, Colin, town-officer, 4 Steel street
Mathieson, Hugh MacKay, at J. Ewing §■ Co\s, 3Q George's square
Mathieson, J. A. 72 St. George's place
Mathieson, John, & Co. dyers and calico printers, 1 St. Vincent street
Mathieson, John, sheriff-officer, 60 Stockwell
Mathieson, John, of John Mathieson Sf Co. house 22 Monteith row
Mathieson, John, tailor, 31 Crown street
Mathieson, Kenneth, architect, 137 Hope street
Mathieson, Malcolm, measurer, 20 Buchanan street
Mathieson, Reid & Co. wholesale hosiers, glovers & general haberdashers,
44 Trongate
Mathieson, William, merchant, of James Ewing §• Co. house .31 Rose
street, Garnethill
Mathieson, William, starcher, Clark's court, 49 Main street, Calton
Mathieson & Young, grain merchants, 72 St. George's place
MAXWELL, Andrew, print cutter, &c. 3 Royal Exchange court
Maxwell, James, spirit dealer, 258 Gallowgate
Maxwell, James H. at H. M'Laren's, 20 Miller street
Maxwell, John, MD. surgeon, 3 Union street
Maxwell, John, spirit dealer, 5 East Campbell street
Maxwell, Sir John, Bart. Polloc. Letters left at 28 Hutcheson street
Maxwell, Peter, spirit dealer, 219 Argyll street
Maxwell, R. G. surgeon, 24 Jamaica street
Maxwell, Robert, 3 Maxwellton place
Maxwell, Thomas, & Co. merchants, 1 1 Miller street
Maxwell, Wm. of Dargavel, J. P. & Deputy Lieut. 223 W. George st.
Maxwell, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 61 North Fi'ederick street
Maxwell, Mrs. E. tea dealer, 248 High street
Maxwell, Mrs. 1 Morrison street, Kingston
Maxwell, Miss, milliner, 109 Argyll street
MAY, Archibald, spirit dealer, 90 Stockwell

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