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Douglas, James, fruiterer, 110 Spring gardens,
Douglas, James, 90 Constitution street
Douglas, James, family grocer and wine mer-
cliant, 160 Pleasance ; ho. 59 Spottiswoode st.
Douglas, James, 6 Thirlestaue lane
Douglas, Jas. {D. th Foulis), 21 Hope terrace
Douglas, James, 1 Dalmeny road
Douglas, James A., M. A., teacher, 41 Charterhall
Douglas, James M., 17 Downie terrace
Douglas, J. D., traveller, 32 Morningside grove
Douglas, J, Keid, pharmaceutical manu-
facturing chemist, photo material dealer,
4 and 5 Crighton pi. ; ho. 41 M 'Donald rd.
Douglas, John newsagent, 41 Fountainbridge
Douglas, John, joiner and cabinetmaker, 8
Bayton terrace
Douglas, John, grocer and wine merchant, 51
Leith street ; house, 30 Gayfield square
Douglas, Rev. John (U.F.C. of Scotland), £>
Viewforth terrace
Douglas, John B., 38 Charlotte street, I^eith
Douglas, John Gordon, Biilowsminde, 40
Wilton road
Douglas, John H., hairdresser and perfumer,
4 St Andrew street, Leith ; house, 24 Eestalrig
road, Leith
Douglas, Kenneth M., M.D., F.E.C.S.E., 19
Chester street
Douglas, L. C, tobacconist, 4 West Eegister
Douglas, Mowbray, C.A. {Forbes-Moncrieff <&
D.), 50 Morningside drive
Douglas, Peter, S.S.C, 26 Frederick street;
house, Tantallon, Balerno
Douglas, R., 10 Bi'ight terrace
Douglas, Robert, 28 Strathearn road
Douglas, Robert, greengrocer, 12 Fox street
'Douglas, Robert Alexander, J. P. {James Gray
(Sc Son), 89 George street ; house, Glen-
osmond, 34 Inverleith ter. ; Telephone, 1321
Douglas, R. Elliot, 65 Comely Bank road
Douglas, Thomas, Refreshment Rooms, Albert
Dock Gate, Constitution place
Douglas, Thomas, bootmaker, 170 Dairy load ;
house, Laurel Bank, Corstorphine
Douglas, Thomas, jeweller's salesman, 15
Murieston crescent
Douglas, Thomas C, 55 Ashley terrace
Douglas, Wm., S.S.C. and N.P., 12 K St
Andrew street ; ho. 6 Brighton place, Porto-
Douglas, William {TVm. D. Ltd.), 7 Annandale
Douglas, William, 137 Lothian road
Douglas, Wm. (I), tfc Foulis), 22 Drummond
Douglas, William, butcher, 122 West Port;
house, 33 Gibson terrace
Douglas, William, 22 South Clerk street
Douglas, William E. {G.P.O.), 8 Glenogle
house, Glenogle road
Douglas, Mrs E., fruiterer, 16 Oamb\isnethan st.
Douglas, Mrs H., confectioner, 91 Morrison st.
Douglas, Mrs I., dairy, 2 Waverley Park
terrace ; house, 15 Waverley park
Douglas, Mrs James, 2 Woodbnrn place
Douglas, Mrs Jessie, 5 Picardy place
Douglas, Mrs J., 158 Bruntsfield place
Douglas, Mrs M., 38 Montpelier park
Douglas, Mrs, The Hermitage Lodge
Douglas, Mrs, 7 North-West Circus place
Douglas, Mrs, 6 Malta terrace
Douglas, Mrs, 26 Lauriston gardens
Douglas, Mrs, 7 Gladstone terrace
Douglas, Mrs, dairy, 125 Marchmont roadj
house, 6 Thirlestane lane
Douglas, Mrs, 12 Chancelot terrace
Douglas, Mrs, 9 Viewforth terrace
Douglas, Misses, Forthside, 5 Lennox row
Douglas, Misses, teacher of violin and piano,
6 Malta terrace
Douglas, Misses, 13 Atlioll crescent
Douglas, Misses, 50 Morningside drive
Douglas, Miss E., 37 Warrender Park road^
house, 86 Spottiswoode street
Douglas, Miss J. H., The Hitchel, 5 St Mar-
garet's road
Douglas, Miss, 41 Colinton road
Douglas. Miss, dairy, 157 Leith street
Douglas, Miss, 90 Gilmore place
Douglas, Miss, dressmaker, 3 Balfour street ;
house, 1
Douglas, Miss, milliner and ladies' outfitter, 18
Haymarket terrace ; house 122 Brunton
Douglas, Miss, 8 India street
Douglas, Miss, 57 Merchiston crescent
Douglas, Miss, 2 Woodbui'n place
Douglas, Miss, 32 Dublin street
Douglas, Elizabeth, fruiterer, 14 Charlotte street,
Leith, and 136 Fen-y road ; house, 28 Char-
lotte street, Leith
Douglass, Mrs A. F., 16 Albany street
Doull, Alexander, 5 Findhorn place
Doull, John, Brewer, F.C.S., 22 Lauriston place
ware manufacturers, London and Paisley ;
agents, Currie & Co. Limited, Eagle Buildings,
19 Rose street; Telegraph, 'Cement, Edin-
burgh'; Telephone, 273 and 274. Depots,
Heriothill, Scotland street and Morrison street
stations, Edinburgh ; Tower street and Junc-
tion Bridge station, Leith
Dove, James, & Co., fire-engine, hydraulic, and
lighthouse engineers, 18 Greenside lane ;
Telephone, 1268 Central
Dove, Lockhart, & Smart, S.S.C, 29 York pi.
Dovey, John Edward, C.A., 50 Queen street;
house, 7 Greenhill terrace ; Telegraph,
' Dovey, Edin.' ; Telephone, 1794
Dow & Foster, cvcle agents, 8 Elm row
DOW, JAMES, & SON, hosiers, shirt-
makers, and hatters, 12 St Andrew square
Dow, Alexander, 19 Lidia street
Dow, Andrew, fish salesman, 18 Jeffrey street,
153 Pleasance, and 70 Nicolson street ; Tele-
graph, 'Herrings'; Telephones, 776 and
776 a ; house, Rosalind, East Trinity road ;
Telephone, 29 Granton
Dow, Daniel C, clerk, 37 Roseburn terrace
Dow, David Simpson, 20 Dublin street
Dow, G. G. (agent, John Dewar tfc Sons Ltd.^
Perth), 8 Cluny place
Dow, Henry Russell, F. E.I.S. , 97 Marchmont rd.
Dow, James, 66 Findhorn place
Dow Jas. {Jas. D. <£• Son), Avenel, 36 Wilton rd.

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