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Scottish Drainage and Improvement Company,
Charles Ritchie, S. S. C. , manager and secretary,
20 Hill street
Scottish Drug Depot Ltd., The, manufacturing
and cash price dispensing chemists. Branch
depots : 16 Nicolson street (next door to
Surgeons' Hall), Telephone, 710 ; 140 High
street, 29 Dairy road, 15 Argyle place, 1 Earl
Grey street, Edinburgh. 49 Leith walk,
Telephone, 546 ; and 33 Ferry road, Leith.
Offices and warehouse at 16 Nicolson street,
Scottish EducationallS'ewsCo. Ltd., 40Princesst.
Scottish Electric Supply Company Limited, 5
North St David street
DEEN LIMITED, THE ; Lewis M'Kay, agt.,
IOa North St David street. ^See Adv. index
Scottish Episcopal Church Training Insti-
tution, Dairy house, Orwell place ; Rev.
James Riddoch Leslie, M.A., principal
SOCIETY, 26 St Andrew square : Thos. Bond
Sprague, M.A., LL.D., manager; J. J.
M 'Lauclilan, secy. ; Telegraph, ' Semlas ' ;
Telephone, 24. ^See Adv. index
'Scottish Field,' The, Newspaper office, 20 St
Giles street ; Henry Kemp, publisher ; Tele-
phone, 653
Scottish, The, Fishery Company, fishcurers,
salt merchants, and forwarding agents, 17
Elbe street
Scottish Heritable Security Co. limited, in
lic^uidation, 1 South Charlotte street; James
Romanes, C.A., liquidator
' Scottish Heritages Co. Limited, in liquidation,
5 North St David street ; John Brewis, C.A.,
Scottish Home Industries, Association for sale
of, 33 Hanover street ; A. Glendinning, hon.
secy. ; house, Bridge house, S. Queensferry
Scottish Home Rule Association, 79 Princes st.
Scottish Horticultural Association, 5 St Andrew
square ; Robert Laird, 17 Frederick st., sec.
Scottish, The, Income and Property Tax Re-
payments AgejLcy Office, 3 Queen street and
21 Brunton place ; T. Fellows Mather,
Scottish Inventions Company Limited ; John
M. Cook, secretary, 5 Queen street
Scottish Investment Trust Co. Limited, The
Holmes Ivory, W.S., secretary, 6 Albyn place
Scottish Lands and Buildings Co. Limited,
53 George st. ; Robert Gracie, general manager
Scottish Lands and Buildings Co. Ltd., The ;
registered office, 6 Albyn place : J. & A.
Peddie & Ivory, "W.S., secretaries
Scottish Laundiy Company Limited, 128 George
street ; A. T. Hunter, C. A. , secretary
'Scottish Law Reporter' office, 19 Elder street
'Scottish Leader,' The, Newspaper office, 22 and
24 St Giles street ; advertisement offices, 7 and
9 Cockburn st. ; T. Carlaw Martin, managing
director; Telegraph, 'Leader'; Telephone,
Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 10 North
St Andrew street ; district manager, David
Lindsay ; house, 3 Barony street
Scottish Liberal Association, 71 Princes street,
Edinburgh, and 56 George square, Glasgow ;
A. L. Brown, hon. secretary ; A. D. Wood,
sec, Edinburgh Telephone 2025 ; William
Armstrong, sec. , Glasgow Telephone 4445
Scottish Liberal Club, 109 Princes street ;
Edward Allan, club master
Scottish Licensed Trade Defence Association,
32 Queen st. ; James Purves, S.S.C., secretary
and solicitor
LIMITED, for life assurance and accident
assurance, 19 St Andrew sq. ; David Paulin,
manager ; Jas. Sorley, actuary and secretary ;
Telegraph, 'Scottish.' :^^&e Adv. index
Scottish Literary Club ; T. G. Stevenson, agentj
22 Frederick street
Scottish Live Stock Insurance Co., Limited',
63 George street ; James M'Cankie, managing
director ; George L. Carstairs, secretary
Scottish Masonic Club, 1a Hill street ; secretary,
William A. Davis, 8 Frederick street
ANCE CO., 25 St Andrew square; William
Gibson Bloxsom, manager ; Wm. Rae Mac-
donald, F. F. A. , secretary ; W. Swan Parker,
accident secretary ; Telephone, 9. JfcSee Adv.
Scottish Monthly Visitor Tract Society, 40
Hanover street
Scottish Mortgage and Land Investment Co. of
New Mexico Ltd., The; Macandrew, Wright,
& Murray, W. S. , agents, 9 Albyn place
Scottish Mushroom Co. ; John Paton, manager,
Scotland street station
Scottish Musical Society, 30 Hanover street ;
Robert A. Marr, secretary
Scottish National Federation of House and
Ship Painters ; Labour hall, 50 South bridge ;
William Davie, 23 Lauriston street, secretary
ScottishNationalGovernessandServants' Agency,
6 North Charlotte street
Scottish and National Key Registry Association ;
Henry Cass, manager ; W. F. Clark, secre-
tary, 30 St Andrew square
Scottish National Poetrait Gallery,
Queen street. See Public Departments
Scottish National Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Children : John Macdonald, sec. ;
Shelter, 142 High street. Telephone 793;
Children's Home, Murrayfield
Scottish Newspaper Co. Ltd. , registered office,
130 George street; H. W. Cornillon, S.S.C,
Scottish and New Zealand Investment Company
Ltd., 19 York pi.; John Smart, S.S.C, secy.
' Scottish Nights' Publishing Co., 8 St Giles st.
Scottish Oriental Steamship Company Ltd.,
steamship owners, 4a St Andrew square ;
Telegraph, 'Davidson'; Telephone, 95
Scottish Phonographic Association, 14 Forrest
road ; Charles Munro, secy.. Oddfellows hall"
COMPANY LTD. ; head offices, 93 George
street, W. J. Walker, secretary ; Telegraph,
' Glass Insurance ' ; Telephone, 2060. JfcSee
Adv. index
Scottish Ploughmen's Federal Union, 5 Queeu

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