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Fairley, Peter, 21 Dock street
Faiilej^, P. F., 15 Graham street
Fairley, Thomas N. , 6 South Elgin street
Fairley, "William (Langlands, M., & Sons), 30
Madeira street
Fairley, William, dairyman, 31 Balfour street
Fairley, Miss, 9 Marchhall road
Fairley, Miss, fruiterer, 8 Rosebank place
Fairlie, James, 1 Bellevue street
Fairlie, John, butcher, 19 William street
Faii'man, Mrs J. A. , 5 Atholl place
Fairweather, Alexander, 7 Hope terrace, Leith
Fairweather, David S., 97 Leith walk
Fail-weather, Jas. G., B.Sc, consulting engineer,
63 Hanover street, professor of engineering
in the College of Science and Technology ;
ho. Luxmount, Duddingston cres., Portobello
Fairweather, John, 30 Royal park terrace
Fairweather, John, builder, 62 Leamington ter.
Fairweather, P. , butcher, 4 Deanbank place ;
house, 11 "West Claremont street
Fairweather, Mrs A., 41 Clerk street
Fairweather, Miss M. J. C, 26 Cumberland st.
Faithful, Rev. V. G., 23 Royal circus
Falconer, R. & W., iron and tin plate workers,
Lower Gilmore place ; Telephone, 695
Falconer, Alex., bookseller, 27 Warrender park
Falconer, Alex., 24 Dundonald street
Falconer, Allan, 5 Findhorn place
Falconer, A. R. (B. L. Co. ), 8 Cumin place
Falconer, David, baker, 114 "West port
Falconer, Duncan S., baker, cook, and confec-
tioner, 106 Easter rd. ; ho. 79 Montgomery st.
Falconer, Fred., modern and antique furniture
dealer, 3 North-West Circus place and 43
Circus lane
Falconer, George, jeweller, 11a Hanover street
Falconer, H. D., 15 Buccleuch place
Falconer, Hugh, 35 E. London street
Falconer, Jas., W.S. {T. J. Gordon & F.), 42 '
Heriot row
Falconer, James, 38 Broughton street
Falconer, James, 6 Downfield place
Falconer, James, printer, 43 James street
Falconer, James, builder and house agent, 17
Dundee terrace ; yard, 24 Dundee street
Falconer, James H. , clerk, 2 Gosford place
Falconer, J., 34 St Leonard's street
Falconer, J. M., 13 Marchmont crescent
Falconer, Neil, marine engineer, 3 Rosebank
Falconer, Robert {R. & W. F.), 54 Merchiston
Falconer, Robert, 18 Montague street
Falconer, Stephen, 19 Montgomery street
Falconer, Thomas, 10 Rankeillor street
Falconer, Thomas, smith, etc. , Henry place ;
house, 1
Falconer, Thomas, foreign sugar and general
produce agent, 3 E. Register street ; house,
143 Warrender park road ; Telegraph, ' Fal-
coner ; ' Telephone, 45
Falconer, Walter, inspector, 98 Buccleuch st.
Falconer, W. {H.M.C.), 1 Pilrig place
Falconer, W. , 5 Orwell terrace
Falconer, Wm., restaurant, 20 Buccleuch st.
Falconer, Rev. William M.,M.A.,21W.Mayfield
Falconer, William, 10 S. Drum place
Falconer, William, 2 Moncreiff terrace
Falconer, Mrs J. S., 6 St Bernard's crescent
Falconer, Mrs, .draper, 12 Crighton place
Falconer, Mrs, 1 S. Elliot street
Falconer, Mrs, 28 Warriston crescent
Falconer, Misses, dressmakers, 69 Warrender
park road
Falconer, Misses, 18 Nile grove
Falconer, Miss M. G., provision dealer, 50 Elm row
Falconer, Miss, dressmaker, 1 Pilrig place
Falkirk Iron Co. Warehouse, 22 Picardy place ;
R. K. Mitchell, agent ; house, Corstorphine ;
Telegraph ' Castings '
Falkner, Miss, 9 Mardale crescent
Falla, Alexander, 48 Lothian street
Falla, Miss, 5 Atholl place
Falside, John, 4 Grange loan
Fargie, Mrs Wm. A. , 2 Findhorn place
Fargie, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 5 Steel's place
Farish, David, 6 Bonnington road
Farlane, Mrs M., 18 Carlton street
Farnie, Miss I. G., 9 Upper Gray street
Farmers' Supply Association of Scotland Lim. ;
Hugh Lindsay, secretary, 15 Assembly street
Farmers' Trust Co. Ltd. ; G. Monro Thomson,
W.S., agent, 123 George street
"Farmer, Alex., provision dealer, 147 High street;
house, 13 Salisbury street
Farmer, Donald, 12 St John street
Farmer, J. C, com. trav., 36 Lutton place
Farmer, Philip, spirit mercht., 31 Duke street,
Leith ; house, 87 Lochend road
Farmer, Robt., com. trav., 28 Willowbrae road
Farmer, Mrs, cook, 26 Gardner's crescent
' Farming World ' Office, Charles Macdonald,
editor, 63 Princes street
Farnington, A. , 9 West Claremont street
Farnington, John P., ccal merchant, 9 W.
Claremont street
Farquhar & Tarrel, tea dealers, provision mer-
chants, and importers of foreign produce, the
Globe Market, 2 and 4 Jeffrey st, 299 Canon-
gate, and 1, 3, and 5 Cranston st. Branches :
53 Earl Grey st., 10 Calton st., 1 St Patrick
square, 133 Kirkgate, 26 Tolbooth wynd ;
grocery, wine and spirit stores, 12 Calton
street ; Telegraph, ' Tarrel '
Farquhar, James, newsagent, 1 Pattison street
Farquhar, James, 24 Gayneld square
Farquhar, John G., 9 Hermitage terrace, Leith
Farquhar, Mrs, 50 Cumberland street
Farquharson, Andrew G., 5 Viewforth square
Farquharson, Arch. C, 66 Grove street
Farquharson, David, 31 Bread street
Farquharson, James C, 13 Bruntsfield place
Farquharson, J. Malcolm, M.B., CM., 35
Gilmore place
Farquharson, John, seed and bulb merchant, 72
Elm row
Farquharson, Peter, 2 Grove street
Farquharson, Robert S. , Queen's trumpeter for
Scotland and bandmaster, 10 Ivy terrace
Farquharson, Thos. K., 100 Thirlestane road
Farquharson, W. W., secretary and treasurer of
the Representative Church Council of the
Episcopal Church in Scotland, 122 George
street ; house, 52 Inverleith row
Farquharson, William, 19 Keir street
Farquharson, William, 10 Bryson road

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