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Edinburgh and Leith Fish Trade Association,
A. Jameson, 58 Castle street, hon. sec.
Edinburgh Free Normal School, Moray house,
174 Canongate; M. Campbell, janitor
MENTS (John Croall & Sons, proprietors) :
New Royal Caledonian Bazaar, Middlefield. ;
23 and 24 Greenside place ; Duncan st. Bazaar,
Newington ; Royal Horse Bazaar, Castle ter. ;
26 Nicolson st. ; 15 Dairy road ; 1a N. Brunts-
field place ; 9 Beaufort road, Grange ; Cale-
donian and Waverley Railway Stations ; 35
Deanhaugh street, Stockbridge ; 245 Great
Junction street and 45 Constitution street,
Leith ; Telephone, 15. Jfc See Adv. index
' Edinburgh Gazette ' Printing Office, 11 Queen
Edinburgh Glass Cutting and Bevelling Co.,
S.-W. Thistle street lane
Edinburgh Health Society ; hon. sec. , Richard S.
Aitchison, C.A., 1 South Charlotte street
Edinburgh Heritable Security Co. Limited ;
Scott Moncrieff, Thomson, & Sheills, C.A.,
managers and secretaries, 141 George street
Edinburgh Hide, Skin, and Tallow Market
Co. Limited, auction market and registered
offices, Slaughter-houses ; Thomas A. Beevers,
manager and secretary ; Telegraph, ' Hide '
Edinburgh Hospital and Dispensary for
Women and Children, 6 Grove street
Edinburgh Industrial Brigade Home Premises,
72 Grove st. ; ¥m. Rattray, superintendent ;
Hamilton Maxwell, "W.S., 7 George street
Edinburgh Institution for Classical, Scientific,
and Commercial Education, 8 Queen street ;
R. M. Ferguson, LL.D., Ph.D., headmaster
Edinburgh Investment Trust Limited ; Wallace
& Guthrie, W. S. , sees. , 1 N. Charlotte street
Edinburgh Ladies' College, 70, 72, and 73
Queen street; Robert Robertson, M.A., head
Edinburgh Lawn Tennis Co. Limited, Hall,
St Bernard's row: P. Smith, secretary; ho.,
11 Manor place
Edinburgh and Leith Aerated Water Co., Annan-
dale street lane
Edinburgh and Leith Billposting and General
Advertising Co., 23 St James' square
Edinburgh and Leith Corporations Gas Com-
missioners, 25 Waterloo pi. , Telephone, 26 :
11 Baltic street, Telephone, 519 ; New street,
Telephone, 677 ; and Glenogle road, Tele-
phone, 74
Edinburgh and Leith Flint Glass Company,
Norton park, London road ; Telegraph,
' Jenkinson '
Edinburgh and Leith Heritable Property Associa-
tion ; W. R. Roger, 100 George street, sec.
Edinburgh and Leith Licensed Grocers' Associa-
tion ; James Skinner, S.S.C., 14 Frederick
street, sec.
Edinburgh and Leith Loan Co., 16 Calton street;
Andrew Rutherford, manager
Edinburgh and Leith Public Supply Stores, 37
" Kirkgate
Edinburgh and Leith Safe Deposit Co. Limited,
1 York bdngs. ; registered office, 5a York pi.
Edinburgh and Leith Warehouse Co. Limited ;
registered office, West Bowling-green street ;
Richard Brown, C.A., secretary ; Telegraph,
' Warehouse ; ' Telephone, 439
Edinburgh, Leith, and East of Scotland Wine,
Spirit, and Beer Merchants' Benevolent
Institution; John L. Robertson, W.S.,
secretary, 54 Queen street
OFFICE, 22 George street : George M. Low,
manager ; Archibald Hewat, secretary ; Tele-
phone, 148. tfcSee Adv. index
Edinburgh Literary Institute Limited, 26 South
Clerk street ; Alexander Greig, secretary
Edinburgh Loan Co., pawnbrokers, 17 Bread st.
Edinburgh Lodging, 61 and 377 High street
Edinburgh Lombard Investment Company Lim. ;
George Deas, C.A., secretary, 17 St Andrew
Edinburgh Meat Company, 120a George street
Edinburgh Meat Market Company Limited,
market and registered offices, 58 Fountain-
bridge : Wm. Donald, manager and auctioneer ;
Hy. Wakelin, sec, 37 George street ; Tele-
phone, 744
Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society, 56
George square
Edinburgh Model Lodging House Co. Limited ;
Brown & Macdonald, C.A., sees., 3a Pitt st.
Edinburgh Mutual Investment and Building
Society, 35 Castle street
Edinburgh North American Investment Co.
Limited; Rusk & Miller, W.S., secretaries,
4a St. Andrew square
Edinburgh Northern District Co-operative Socy.,
62 and 78 St Stephen street ; branches, 2a
Picardy place, Bayton terrace, 139 Rose st.,
45 Broughton street, and 9 Rodney street
(Cable), Henderson row ; W. N. Colam, en-
gineer, etc.
Edinburgh Oddfellows Hall Co. Limited, 14
Forrest rd. ; Rob. Dodds, sec, 27 Clarence st.
Edinburgh Parochial Board Offices, 2
Forrest road and 11 Bristo place ; George
Greig, inspector ; Telephone, 712
Edinburgh Polo Club (Murrayfield), T. B. Dry-
brough, 23 Grosvenor street, hon. secretary ;
Telegraph, ' Polo '
Edinburgh and Portobello Cemetery Company
Limited, Jock's Lodge ; Robert Menzies,
S.S.C., secretary, 16 Duke street ; John Shaw,
Edinburgh Press, The, Frank Murray, 9 and 11
Young street
Edinburgh Press and Machinemen's (Letter-
press) Society, 31 Blair street; sec, James
Antony, 11 Rossie pi.
Edinburgh Provident Dispensary, 20 Marshall st.
Edinburgh Railway Access and Property Com-
pany Limited, registered office, 16 Young st. ;
A. T. Niven, C.A., manager and secretary.
Edinburgh Roperie and Sailcloth Co. Limited ;
works and head office, 11 Bath street ; Tele-
phone, 413 ; warehouse, 58 Bernard street;
Tleephone, 447
Edinburgh Roperie Co-operative Society Lim.,
47 Fox street
Edinburgh Royal Maternity and Simpson
Memorial Hospital, 79 Lauriston place; And-
rew Scott, C.A., secretary, 2 York buildings

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