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Boves, Joseph, bootmaker, 99 Dairy rd. ;ho. 172
Boyes, Joseph, boot manufacturer, 13 Crighton
Boylan, H., newsagent and confectioner, 29
Canongate ; house, 42
Boylan, Luke J., pawnbroker, 240 Canongate;
house, 5 Thirlestane road
BOYLE, ROBERT, & SON, LTD., ventilating
and sanitary engineers, 110 Bothwell street,
Glasgow, and London. -fcSee Adv. index
Boyle, M., fishmonger, 38 W. Preston street
Boyle, S., capmaker, 115 Pleasance
Boyle, William, 23 Livingstone place
Boyle, Mrs. C. H., 6 Nelson street
Boyle, Mrs Jane, furniture dealer, 51 Pleasance
Boyle, Miss, sewing and knitting machine agent,
11 South St Andrew street
Boyne, Alexander, 3 W. Bowling-green street
Boyne, Thomas, 88 Coburg street
Brabner, Mrs John, 15 E. London street
Braby, George, 13 London street
Brack, Mrs, 2 Mansfield place
Brack, Miss, fruiterer, 48 Warrender park road
Bracken, J., 2 Tay street
Brackenridge, J., 2 Abbey mount
Bradbury & Co. Limited, sewing machine and
perambulator manufacturers, 66 Nicolson st.
Bradbury, George, 16 Jamaica street
Bradbury, Jas. Francis, C.S., 7 W. Maitland st.
Bradbury, Mrs. , 7 Corunna place
Bradley, Charles, professor of music, 31 East
London street
Bradley, James K., 88 Easter road, Leith
Brady, Thos., broker, 121 West port
Brady, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 81
Grassmarket ; house, 147 Lothian road
Braes, VtTLliam, engineer (H.M.C. S. ),116 Easter
Braeter, Henry, 138 Ferry road
Braid, G., builder, 9 Marehmont street
Braid, John, joiner, 13 Oxford street
Braid, Mrs James, 34 Gillespie crescent
Braid, Miss, 3 Dundonald street
Braid, Miss, dressmaker, 13 Oxford street
Braidwood & Fowler, wholesale and retail tea
dealers and grocers, 1 Sandport street
Braidwood, Alexander, 9 Bonnington place
Braidwood, Alexander, Police buildings, 50
West port
Braidwood, D. W. , fire brigade, 1 Parliament stp
Braidwood, James, 7 Sciennes
Braidwood, John, 26 Blackwood crescent
Braidwood, John, 12 Dudley avenue
Braidwood, John, 14 Tait place
Braidwood, Mrs James, 1 Ebenezer mount, Ferry
Braidwood, Mrs, Upper Wardie villa, Ferry road
Braidwood, Miss, dressmaker, 44 St Leonard's
Brakenridge, D. J., M.D., F.R.C.P.E.,
10 St Colme street
Bramah, Thomas, designer, 38 York place
Bramley, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
71 Dean street ; house, 73
Bramwell, Byrom, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., physician,
23 Drumsheugh gardens
Brand, George, basket maker, 31 Queen street,
Brand, James, 10 West Preston street
Brand, Robert, Hebron bank, Canaan lane
Brand, William (G.P.O.), 22 Broughton street
Brand, Miss, dressmaker, 10 West Preston street
Brand, Miss, 19 North Mansionhouse road
Brander & Urmston, W.S. and N.P., 12 Castle
Brander, Phineas Bell, L.A. and N.P. (B. <b
Urmston), 23 Bellevue crescent
Brander, Robert J., 10 Rodney street
Brander, W. J., 33 Cambridge avenue
Brander, W., 24 Easter road, Leith
Brander, William, 20 Heriot place
Brander, William, 21 St James' square
Brander, William, joiner, East Sciennes ; house,
2 Gladstone terrace
Brander, Mrs, 4 Kilmaurs terrace
Brander, Mrs, 23 Bellevue street
Branthwaite, Mrs. Ed., 22 Clarendon crescent
Brash, George (Swan & B.), 173 Dundee street
Brash, James, 14 Breadalbane terrace
Brash, James, 103 Marehmont road
Brash, William, 18 Gayfield square
Brash, William, 25 Montgomery street
Brash, Mrs, 4 Brunswick road
Brash, Miss, apartments, 21 Alva street
Brass, Mrs William, 12 Montague street
Bratby, William, 4 Robertson place
Braverman, Solomon, jeweller, 132 Pleasance
Breakey, M. A., nurse, 25 Queensferry street
Brearton, Patrick, sawdust merchant, 226 Leith
Brebner, Alexander, C.E., 79 Princes street
Brebner, James, wood carver, 35 Jamaica street
Brebner, R. C, civil engineer, surveyor, and
public works contractor, 5 Morningside drive ;
house, ' The Knowe, ' Nile grove
Brebner, Mrs., 11 Bright crescent
BRECHIN BROTHERS, butchers, poulterers,
game dealers, and sausage makers, 2 Newing-
ton road, Telephone 691, and 60 Queen
street, Telephone 203 ; also at 52 Candle-
riggs street, 273 Sauchiehall st., 75 Elderslie
street, 32 Stirling road, and 62 Hamilton
place, Hillhead, Glasgow. ^See A dv. index
Brechin, Andrew, 70 Abbeyhill
Brechin, George, painter and decorator, 25
and 27 Lothian st. ; house, 10 Buccleuch place
Brechin, George, spirit dealer, 58 & 60 Potterrow
Brechin, H. (B. Bros.), 126 North Montrose
street, Glasgow
Brechin, James (B. Bros. ), Glencairn, Fountain-
hall road
Brechin, M. (B. Bros. ),Craigielea, 92 Dalkeith rd.
Brechin, Matthew (B. Bros.), 15 Sandy ford pi.,
Brechin, Robert H. (B. Bros.), 22 Circus drive,
Dennistoun, Glasgow
Brechin, Wm. (B. Bros.), Westerwood, Bruce
road, Pollokshields, Glasgow
Brechin W. B. architect, 15 Brandon street
Breck, Alex. , hatter and shirtmaker, 4 Baker's pi.
Breck, D., 9 Melville terrace
Breck, James, slater and glazier, 23 Dundas
street ; house, 22

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