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Steele, William (S. S. C), agent for Gua-
rantee Society, 35 Frederick street
Steele, William, wine and spirit merchant, 5
W. Richmond st ho. 12 Roxburgh pi.
Steele, Wm. 24 Gayfield square
Steele, Misses M. & C. dressmkrs. 23 South
Steele, Misses, 19 Pitt street
Steell, George, 31 Brougbton place
Steell, Gourlay, A.R.S.A., portrait and animal
painter to the Highland and Agricultural
Society of Scotland, 4 Randolph place
Steell, Jno., R.S.A. sculptor to her Majesty —
studio, 9 Randolph place; bronze foundry,
Grove street — house, Greenhill gardens
Steell, Mrs, 20 Calton hill
Stegmann, C, Clartmont Park, Leith links
Stegmann, Westenholz, & Co. corn factors
and com. merchants, 34 Constitution street
Steill, John, Grange road
Stein, And.. W.S. (Hagart $ S.) 39 North-
umberland street
Stein, Charles, 2 Bank place, Leith
Stein, Jas. and Co. Sunbury distillery
Stein, Miss, millnr. & dressmr. 3 Portland pi.
Stenhouse, Andw. & Geo. agents and ship
brokers, Wet docks
Stenhouse, G. (A. Sf G. S.), 4 Hope terrace
Stenhouse Fishery Board, Royal Institution,
13 South College street
Stenhouse, Wm. baker, 5 Little King street
and 4 East Register street
Stenhouse, Wm. carter, 18 Duke street, Leith
Stenhouse, Mrs, cook, 38 India place
Stenhouse, Miss, 4 Hope terrace
Stenhouse, Miss Lains, Dean bank house
Stephen, John, Electric and International
Telegraph Office, 68 Princes street
Stephens, H. Redbrae cot. Bonnington road
Stephens, J. tea dealer, 4 Fleshraarket close
Stephens, Mrs Wm. 7 Saunders street
Stephenson, Richard, 21 Gardner's crescent
Stephenson, Robt. comh manufacturer to her
Majesty, 13 Leith street — house, Grange
villa, West Newington
Stephenson, Wm . fancy turner, W. Rose St. lane
Stephenson, Mrs, 53 Frederick street
Steuarts & Dickson, W.S. 1 7 India street
Steuart, Charles, W.S. 17 India st. — house, 3
Albyn place
Steuart, James, W.S. 17 India street — house,
8 Doune terrace
Steuart, Mrs Charles, 3 Albyn place
Steuart, Miss, of Steuart hall, 16 Maitland st.
Steuart, Miss, 17 St Andrew square
Steven, David, china mercht. 149 Canongate
Steven, Murray, Edinburgh and Leith carrier,
9 Windmill street
Steven, Robt. victual & spirit dealer, 54 East
Steven, W. grocer & wine mercht, 45 Bridge
street & 37 Sandport street— house, 2 Pitt
street, Bonnington
Steven, Wm. hairdresser and perfumer, 9
Broughton street
Stevens, Wm. cooper, 6 Tollcross — house, 8
Stevens, Mrs, 15 Montagu street
Stevenson's sale rooms, 4 St Andrew square
Stevenson , D. & T. civilengineers, 84 George st.
Stevenson, Alexander, Berlin wool, trimming,
and stay establishment, 53 and 54 South
bridge — house, 15 Montagu st.
Stevenson, Alexander, S.S.C. 4 St Andrew sq.
Stevenson, Alexander, W.S. 9 Heriot row
Stevenson, Alex. jun. stockbroker, auction-
eer, and valuator, 4 St Andrew square
Stevenson, Allan, hat manuf. 2 Lindsay place
Stevenson, David, civil engineer, 20 Royal ter.
Stevenson, David, clerk to Servants' Institu-
tion, 26 Bread street
Stevenson, Rev. Dr, 14 Hermitage pi. Leith
Stevenson, James, merchant, 190 Canongate
Stevenson, James, builder & house carpenter,
Broughton market — ho. 10 Cumberland st.
Stevenson, Jas. late surg. Madras establishm.
H.E.I.C.S. 11 St Bernard's crescent
Stevenson, James, 12 Royal circus
Stevenson, Jn. ( Union Bk.) t 17 Archibald pi.
Stevenson, John, grocer and wine merchant,
8 North Melville place
Stevenson, John, flesher, 16 Fleshmarket and
19 High market
Stevenson, Peter, philosophical instrument
maker, 9 Lothian street — house, 6
Stevenson, Philip, R. N. 33 Bridge street
Stevenson, Rev. R. Home, 18 Manor place
Stevenson, Robert. (Com. Bank of Scotland),
33 Howe street
Stevenson, R. H. accountant, emigration and
insurance agent, 8 S. St Andrew street
Stevenson, Rev. Thomas, 17 West Preston st.
Stevenson, Thos. Berlin wool, button, small
ware, stay, and trimming warehouse, 29
Nicolson street
Stevenson, Thos. Geo. bookseller, publisher, &
bookbin. 87 Princes st bo. 4 Torphichen st.
Stevenson, T. civil engineer, 17 Heriot row
Stevenson, Wm. Cowan, 1 Grove street
Stevenson, Wm. cattle dealer, Jordan burn
Stevenson, Wm. upholsterer, 34 Hanover st.
— house, 23 Rose street
Stevenson, William, 22 Alva street
Stevenson, William, turner, Lothian road
Stevenson, William, confectioner and fruiterer,
573 Castle hill
Stevenson, Mrs James, 8 Atholl place
Stevenson, Mrs, cook, foot of Craig's close
Stevenson, Mrs, 1 Albyn place
Stevenson, Mrs, lodgings, 50 Rankeillor street
Stevenson, Mrs, 14 Nicolson square
Stevenson, Mrs James, 51 Clerk street
Stevenson, Mrs, lodgings, 54 Bristo street
Stevenson, Mrs James, 4 W. Newington pi.
Stevenson, Miss B. 48 India street
Stevenson, Miss M., milliner and straw-hat
maker, 6 Dublin street

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