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Richmond court, 23 Richmond
Richmond place, Roxburgh place
to West Richmond street
Richmond pend, 19 Richmond pi.
Riddle's close, 322 Lawnmarket
•Riddle's close, 74 St Andrew st.
Riddle's entry, 35 New street
Riego street, Tollcross
Rill bank, Hope park
Ritchie place, foot Carnegie street
Robb's court, Castlebarns
Robb's entry, St John's hill
Robertson's close, 263 Cowgate
Rockville close, 388 Castlehill
Romily place, Tobago street
Ronaldson's build., Smith's place
*Ronaldson's wharf, Upper draw-
Rosebank, Broughton road
Rosebank, Mayneld loan
Rosebank, Gardner's crescent
Rose court, 13 George street
Rose cottage, Trinity
Rose villa, Trinity
Rose park, Trinity
Rosehall, Dalkeith road
Rose street, South St David street
to south Charlotte street
Rosemount house, Morrison street
Rosemount, Tobago street
*Rosemount, Hermitage hill
Roxburgh place, Drummond st.
Roxburgh street, Drummond st.
Roxburgh ter. e. Drummond st.
Roxburgh's close, 341 High street
Rowley's close, 38 Abbey~hill
Royal crescent, Fettes row
Royal Exchange, 2yl High street
Royal terrace, Blenheim place to
Carlton place
Roy's court, 82 Hope-park-end
Rutland st., west end Princes st.
Rutland place, Lothian road
Rutland square, Rutland street
St Andrew square, east end George
St Andrew street, north, St And-
rew square
St Andrew street, south, Princes
*St Andrew street, 131 Kirkgate
St Andrew's lane, north St Andrew
St Ann's yards, Holyrood palace
St Anthony place, Port-Hopetoun
*St Anthony street, 91 Kirkgate
*St Anthony court, St Anthony
*St Anthony lane, St Anthony st.
St Bernard's crescent, Stockbridge
St Bernard's place, Saunders st.
St Bernard's row, Johnston place
*St Bernard's street, Shore
St*Catherine's villa, Grange road
St Colme street, Albyn place
St Cuthbert's entry, 167 Westport
St Cuthbert's St., west Maitland st.
St David street, so., Princes st.
St David street, north, Queen st.
St Giles' villa, Grange road
St James' square, east Register st.
St James' street, St James' square
St James' pi. north St James' st.
*St James' place, Links
St John's close, 188 Canongate
St John's hill, Pleasance
*St John's lane, 40 Charlotte st.
St John's street, Canongate
St Leonard street and hill, head of
St Leonard's cot., St Leonard lane
St Leonard lane, St Leonard street
St Margaret's station, Jock's lodge
St Mark's place, Bonnington
St Mary's wynd, head of Canong.
*St Ninian's la., back Old Church
St Patrick square, St Patrick st.
St Patrick street, Nicolson street
St Roque, Canaan
St Stephen street, Clarence street
St Vincent street, foot of Howe st.
*Salamander st., Little Carron
Salisbury green, Dalkeith road
Salisbury place, opposite Salisb.rd.
Salisbury road, Arniston place
Salisbury square, foot of Brown st.
Salisbury street, Pleasance
Salt backet, back of Leith street
Sandilands' close, 71 High street
*Sandport street, Commercial pi.
Saunders' Street, Kerr street
Saxe-Coburg place, west Clare-
mont street
Sciennes, Hope-park-end
Sciennes place, from Sciennes
Scott's close, High riggs
Scott's close, 123 Cowgate
Scotland street, Drummond place
*Sea Cot., n.-e. corner Seafield
*Seafield baths, Seafield
*Seafield house, east end of Links
Seaforth cottage, Trinity
*Seaside house, Eastfield
*Seagrove, Pirniefield
Sea Cliff villa, Trinity
Seaton's close, 365 Canongate
Sellar's close, 369 Lawnmarket
Semple street, Canal basin
Semple's close, 599 Castlehill
Shakspeare sq., back of Theatre
S hand wick place, w., e. Princes st.
*Sheephead wynd, 67 Giles' street
Shepherd's court, Leith wynd
*Sheriff brae, Coalhill to King st.
Shoemakers' close, 315 Canongate
*Shore, Ferryboat stairs to Upper
Shrub hill, Shrub place
Shrub place, Leith walk
Sibbald place, St Patrick square
*Silverfield, Bonnington road
Silvermills, Fettes row
Sime's court, Caltonhill
Simon square, Gibb's entry
Simpson's court, Potterrow
Skinner's close, 613 Castlehill
Skinner's close, 66 High street
Slater's court, 140 Canongate
*Smeaton's cl., 20 St Andrew st.
Smith's place, Leith walk
Smith's close, west, 121 Grassm.
Smith's close, east, 125 Grassm.
Society, Brown's square
Society close, 15 Nether bow
Somerset house and cot., Mary pi.
South bridge, North bridge to
Nicolson street
Southern cemetery, Grange road
Spence's place, Castlebarns
*Spence's place, Bonnington road
Spittal street, Bread street
Spring gardens, Abbey hill
Spring gardens, Church street
Springfield, Leith walk
Springfield villa, Mansionhouse rd.
Stafford street, Shandwick place
*Stanfield lodge, Bonnington road
Star bank, Trinity
Stead's place, Leith walk
Stevenlaw's close, 134 High street
Steel's place, Momingside
Stevenson's close, 153 West port
Stewart's close, 96 Canongate
Stewart's street, Jock's lodge
Stewartfield, Bonnington toll
Stockbridge, n. w. of New town
Stonefield, Canaan
* Storie's alley, 122 Kirkgate
Strathie's close, 86 Canongate
Strichen's close, 104 High street
Stuart street, Great, Moray place
to Randolph crescent
Stuartfield, Jock's lodge
* Sugarhouse close, Coburg street
* Summerfield, Restalrig road
Summerfield house, Restalrig road
Summerhall, Hope-park -end
Summer place, Howard place
Sunbury distillery, Water of Leith
Sunnyside villa, Trinity
Surgeon square, &c, foot of Infir-
mary street
* Swanfield, opposite Silverfield
Swan's close, 31 Grassmarket
Swinton row, Elder street
Sydneyfield, Granton road
Sydney place, Canaan
Sylvan place, Meadows
Sylvanbank, Mansionh.-rd, Grange
Summerbank, Bellevue
Tanfield house, Canonmills
Tanner's close, 123 West port
Tap hall, Qeensferry road
Tamiet street, Drumdryan
Temple's close, 145 Grassmarket
Tennis court, 86 Abbey hill
Terrace, Leith street
Teviot row, Bristo street
Thistle street, north St David st.
to Hill street
Thomas street, St Cuthbert street
Thomson's close, 40 Canongate
Thomson's court, 54 Grassmarket
Thomson's close, 13 Abbey strand
* Thomson's place, Duke street
Thornybauk, Fountainbridge
* Timber bush, Bernard street to
Tipperlinn, Boroughmuirhead
Tobago place, Tobago street
Tobago street, Castlebarns
Tod's close, 587 Castlehill
Toddrick's wynd, 80 High street
Tolbooth wynd, 165 Canongate
*Tolbooth wynd, upper drawbr.
Tollcross, foot of Lauriston
Torphichen street, w. Maitland st.
* Tower street, Shore
*Trafalgar lane, Hillhousefield
Trinity, foot of Inverleith row
Trinity crescent, Chain pier
Trinity, south-west of Newhaven
Trunk close, 55 High street
Tweeddale court, 16 Nether bow
Union place, head of Leith walk

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