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Brown's square, Argyle square
Broughton markets, Broughton st.
Broughton street. Catharine street
Broughton place, Broughton street
Broughton lane, 33 Broughton st.
Broughton park house, Claremont
street, east
Broughton hall, Claremont cres.
Broughton point, Powderhall
Brunswick street, Hillside cres.
Brunswick street, Clarence street
*Brunton's close, 70 Tolbooth wd.
Brunton place, G. London road
Bruntsfield ho., Bruntsfield links
Bruntsfield links, Wright's houses
Bruntsfield place, Bruntsfieldlinks
Buccleuch place, George square
Buccleuch pend, St Patrick square
Buccleuch street, Buccleuch place
Buchanan's court, 300 Lawnmarket
Buchanan's close, 2S3 Cowgate
Buckstane, Boroughmuirhead
Bull's close, 181 High street
Bull's close, 307 Cowgate
Bull's close, 106 Canongate
*Burgess cl., Shore and Water lane
*Burns' street, Lochend road
Burnet's close, 156 High street
Byer's close, 373 High street
*Cat>le wynd, 51 Giles' street
Caldwell lane, St Ann's yards
Callender h. and entry, 67 Canong.
Calton street, Leith street
Caltonhill, from Calton street
Calton place, Calton street, south
Calton, low, from Leith wynd
Cameron house, Dalkeith road
Campbell's close, 87 Canongate
Campbell's cl., east, 137 Cowgate
Campbell's cl., west, 109 Cowgate
Campbell's entry, 145 Cowgate
Canaan, Grange 1. to Morningside
Canal basin, Port-Hopetoun
Canal street, below N. bridge, west
Candlemaker row, Cowgate head
Canning place, Causeyside
*Cannon st., east side Leith Fort
Canongate, Abbey to Netherbow
Canongate, north back of, Water-
gate to Low Calton
Canongate, south back of, Cowgate
Canonmills, no. of Bellevue cres.
Canon street, Canonmills
Cant's close, 108 High street
Carfrae's entry, 112 Canongate
Cargillfield, Trinity
Carlton street, St Bernard's
Carlton Terrace, Regent terrace
Carnegie street, 160 Pleasance
Carrubber's close, 135 High street
Carrubber's court, Carrubber's cl.
Cassell's place, foot Leith walk
Castlebank, King's stables
Castle bank, Merchiston
Castlebarns, Port-Hopetoun
Castlehill, Lawnmarket to Castle
Castle terrace, St Cuthbert's glebe
Castle street, 117 Princes street to
Queen street
Castle wynd, 46 Grassmarket
Catharine bank, Bonnington road
Catharine street, Leith street
Catholic chapel lane, Broughton st.
Causeyside, Summerhall
Chalmers' close, 81 High street
Chalmers' buildings, Fountainbr.
Chance Lot, Queensferry road
Chapel court, foot Trunk close
Chapel street, west Nicolson street
Chapel wynd, 51 West port
*Chapel lane, 18 Quality street
Charles street, George square
Charlotte square, George st west
Charlotte st., south, Princes st. west
Charlotte place, Queensferry st.
^Charlotte street, foot of Kirkgate
*Charlotte lane, 58 Charlotte st.
Cherry bank, Bonnington road
Chessel's court, 240 Canongate
Cheyne street, Stockbridge
Christian bank, Trinity pier
Christie's entry, 75 St Leonard st.
Church hill, Morningside
Church lane, Heriot row
Church street, Spring Gardens,
India place
Circus Royal, foot Howe street
Circus place, east Royal circus
Circus place, west Royal circus
*Citadel, so. side of new Wet Dock
*Citadel st., Citadel to Couper st.
Claremont st., east Claremont cres.
Claremont cres., Broughton road
Claremont st., w. Saxe-Coburg p 1
Claremont place, Clarence street
Clarence street, Brunswick streei
Clarendon crescent, Dean bridge
*Claremont cottage, Claremont pk.
*Claremontpark,e.side Leith links
Clarkeville, Grange road
Clearburn, by Prestonfield
Clerk street, St Patrick square
Clerk's mills, Canonmills
Clermistone house, Corstorphine
Clifton lodge, Boswell rd., Trinity
Clifton Bank, Grange Road
Clyde street, north St Andrew st.
*Coalhill, Tolbooth wynd, to She-
riff brae
Coates place, west of Manor place
Coates, east, Melville street
Coates, south, by Maitland street
Coates, west, by Maitland street
Coates crescent, by Shandwick pi.
Coates hall, west Maitland street
*Coatfield lane, 14 Kirkgate
*Coburg st.,&c, n. end Bridge st.
Clock Mill, King's park
Cockburn bank, Bonnington place
College, South Bridge
College street, north, Adam sq.
College street, south, Nicolson st.
College street, west, from Horse
wynd to Potterrow
College wynd, north College street
and 205 Cowgate
Coltbridge, Corstorphine road
Coltbridge road, Whitehouse toll
Comely gardens, Abbey hill
Comely bank, Stockbridge
Comely green, Norton place, east
Commercial bank cl., 142 High st.
Commercial court, 247 Cowgate
*Commercial place, north end
Sandport street
Constitution court, 33 Constitu-
tion street
■^Constitution street, Bernard st.
Conn's close, 162 Cowgate
Cooper's entry, 130 Canongate
Corunna place, Bonnington road
Coull's close, 315 Canongate
* Couper street, Coburg street
Cowan's close, 43 Crosscausey
Cowan's close, 95 Cowgate
Cowan's close, 28 Tolbooth wynd
Cowgate, Grass m. to St Mary's w.
Cowie's close, 107 Grassmarket
Covenant close, 162 High street
Craig's close, 265 High street
Craigend, north back of Canongate
Craighouse, Boroughmuirhead
Craigie terrace, Dalkeith road
Craigentinny house, Restalrig
Craigleith cottage, Comely bank
Craigleith quarry, Comely bank
Craigside place, foot of Salisbury st.
Craigside, foot of Salisbury street
Crawford's close, 8 Grassmarket
*Crawley court, 112 Kirkgate
*Cromwell street, Coburg street
Crichton street, George square
Croft-an-righ, Abbey hill
Crooked-dykes, 62 east Crosscausey
Crosscausey, Chapel street
Crown street, foot of Leith walk
Cumberland street, Duncan street
to St Vincent street
Cumming's close, 52 Canongate
Currie's close, 94 Grassmarket
Currie's court, 82 Abbey hill
Dalkeith road, St Leonard street
Dairy lane, Hay weights
Dairy mills, by Coltbridge
Dalrymple place, Carnegie street
Danube street, St Bernard's
*Darling's brae, 24 Giles' street
and 28 Yardheads
Darlings' buildings, Saunders' st.
Damaway street, Heriot row, west
Darnley villa, Canaan lane
Davie street, w. Richmond street
Dean, by Water of Leith
Dean-bank, Saxe-Coburg place
Deanbank house, Saxe-Coburg pi.
Dean park, by Bell's mills
Dean street, Stockbridge
Dean terrace, Stockbridge
Dean lodge, Saxe-Coburg place
Deanhaugh street, Stockbridge
Denholm Green, Trinity
Deuchar street, Morningside
Dewar close, 100 West bow
Dewar close, 102 Grassmarket
Dewar place, Tobago street
Dick's place, Grange
Dick's close, 195 Cowgate
Dickson's close, 222 Cowgate and
118 High street
*Dock gates, east end Wet Docks
*Dock street, north end Bridge st.
*Dock place, Commercial place
Douglas court, Leith wynd
Douglas lodge, Merchiston Park
Doune Terrace, Gloucester place
Downie place, Port-Hopetoun
Drum, Easter road
Drumdryan, Lochrin
Drumdryan lane, Lochrin
Drummond place, foot Dublin st.
Drummond street, south Bridge to
Drummond court, 6 Drummond st.
Drumsheugh, Melville place
Dublin street, foot of Duke street
Duke street, York place
*Duke street, foot of Leith walk

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