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Thorn, James, A. B. officer, town-house
Thomson, A. and W. marble work, 49 and 50 Constitu-
tion St. — house 52
Alex, (of A. and W. Thomson), 8 James's place,
Andr. A. (of J. G. Thomson), 30 St Andrew st.
Brothers, wine merchants, 38 Quality street
George (of Thomson, Brothers'), 10 Smith's pi.
. George G. wine and spirit merchant, Charlotte
lane — house Janefield place
— — Henry, tailor, 2 Sandport street
■ James, smith, 17 Duke street
J. G. & Co. wine, general merchants, and agents
— vaults 28 St Andrew street
——' John, boot and shoemaker, 5 Bridge street
Captain John, 2 Madeira street
Robert, agent, 33 Bridge street
Simon, grocer, 79 St Andrew street
•^— Thomas, merchant, 63 Tolbooth wynd — house
Bonington lodge
Captain W. A., R.N., 2 south Fort street
William, blockmaker, Bowie's close
— — Wm. corn merchant and maltster, John's lane-
house 10 Cassels place
William, grocer, Foxe's lane, Elbe street
Mrs John, Vanburgh place
Mrs, Pillans place
Mrs, poulterer, 11 St Andrew street
Mrs, 41 Water lane
— — Miss, milliner, 28 Kirkgate
Thorburn, George, merchant, 12 Hermitage place
1 John, merchant — house 55 Kirkgate
John, water officer for South Leith, 4 Laurie street
William, esq. Hermitage place
— — William, and Sons, tea merchants, 54 Kirkgate
Thurso and Leith Shipping Co. 2 Dock gates — D.
Smith, agent
Tingman, John, of the Dock Co. 5 Constitution street
Tobacco bonding warehouse, 10 Quality street
Tod, D. wine merch*,22 Quality st. — ho. 7 Cassels place
— — George, shipmaster, 39 Couper street — house 19
■ James, baker, 18 Couper street
James B., merchant, 31 Constitution street
— — John, flesher, 36 Queen street
■ John, victual dealer, 49 Giles street
Torrence,Jas. ship and Castora-ho. broker, 4 Couper st.
Town Clerk's Office, Tolbooth wynd
Townsend, Mrs, teacher, south Fort street
Tbanspobt Office, 30 Constitution street
Trench, Adam, spirit dealer. Dock pi. and 11 Couper st.
■ Robert, vintner, Silverfield
Trinity House, 104 Kirkgate
Trotter, Robert, watchmaker, 89 Kirkgate
Mrs Agnes, stone warehouse, 97 Kirkgate
Mrs, lodgings, 92 Kirkgate
Truman, Hanbury, Buxton,& Co.'s London porter store,
IG Timber bush — M'Beath and Stocks, agents
Tulloch, John, grocer. Dock street
William, spirit dealer, 1 Elbe street
TurnbuU, Alex, cashier for Edinburgh and Leitli glass
company, glass works
— — Mrs James, 36 Shore

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