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Wilson, Mrs, lodgings, 5 Milne court
RIrs, 65 I.auriston place
Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, 186 High street
Miss, 53 Queen street
Miss, 23 Castle street
IMiss H. silk <& worsted shop, 9 Hanover street
Miss IMargaret, 113 Princes street
Miss, 15 St Andrew square • - -
Miss, dressmaker, 9 Antigua street
Misses, 12 Queen street
Wine Company of Scotland, 14 George street — James
Balfour, manager. See Appendix
t Co.'s vaults, 7 Hamilton pi — R. Inglis, manager
Wingrave, M. and Co. straw and Tuscan hat manufac-
turers to jier Majesty, 23 George street
Winter, Robt. jeweller and silversmith, 2S South br.
Robert, iiesher, 1 Jamaica street
Thomas, flesher, o8 Thistle street
Miss, dressmaker, 21 India place
Wintour, A. house painter, 9 north St Andrew street]
John, & Inglis, painters, 12 Downie place — house
24 Semple street
William, late clerk of Excise, 24 Semple street
Wise, H. strawhat maker, 6 St Anthony place
Wiseman, Alex, upholsterer, 55 Leith wynd
Wishart, Archibald, esq. W.S. and depute keeper of
Sasines, Register office — ho. Raeburn place
David, cabinetmaker, 74 Thistle street
J. H. esq. surgeon to the King, 43 Yock place
John, merchant, 25 Cowgate
William, writer, 20 Rankeillor street
Mrs Captain, 20 Rankeillor street
Mrs Patrick, 37 Ann street
Mrs, lodgings, 71 Cumberland street
Witherspoon, Alex, watch and clock maker, 3 Green-
side place
Witham, Henry, esq. 14 Great King street
Wood & Co. musical instrument makers, 12 Waterloo pi.
—— Alex. esq. advocate, and sheriff-depute of Kirk-
cudbright, 1 Royal circus
Alex, tailor, 6 west Nicolson street
And. j\I.D. of the Royal College of Surgeons, 87
George street
Dr George, surgeon, 25 Inverleith row
Dr James, 19 Royal circus
■ James, flesher, 79 Nicolson street — house 120
J. M. (of Wood and Co.) 6 west Claremont st.
John, esq. advocate, sheriff-depute of Peebleshire,
51 Great King street
— — John P. esq. auditor of Excise, 8 so. Charlotte st.
— — John, esq. land-surveyor, Canaan grove
— — John, manager Hercules Insurance Co. 28 Gay-
field square
John, flesher, 5 South market
John, letter-carrier, 2 Windmill lane
John, baker, 167 Rose street
John George, esq. W.S. 8 south Charlotte street
John, cabinetmaker, 25 York place
John, esq. 6 Carlton place
— — Peter, writer, 85 Great King street
Robert (of Wood and Co.), 12 Caltonhill
— — ThomaSj esq. surgeon, 35 York place

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