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Stewart, Adam,stamp-distributor, bookseller, stationer,
library, and newsroom, 38 Howe street
Alex, shoemaker, 13 Chapel street
■ Alex, spirit merchant, 7 4 Nicolson street
Alex, boot and shoemaker, 26 Simon square
Alex, chairmaster, 10 Forres street
Alex, painter, Boyd's entry, St Mary wynd, and
32 Northumberland street
Alex, city officer. Advocates' close
— — Alex, lodgings, 1 6 south Charlotte street
Alex, tailor, 165 Rose street
— — Alex, vintner, 62 Fountainbridge
Allan, esq. 3 St Bernard crescent
Andrew, horse dealer, Charlotte lane — house 8
west Maitland street
Andrew, painter, glazier, and paper hanger, 27
George street — house 32 Dublin street
Andrew, spirit dealer, 37 Crosscauseway
Charles C. esq. W.S. 39 Great King street
— — Charles and David, solicitors, 19 Thistle street
Charles, esq. S.S.C. 19 Thistle street
Charles, printer, old Bank close
Charles, spirit dealer, 28 Wright's houses
Lieut. Charles, 25 Parkside street
David, merchant, 9 Hailes street
D. cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 1 M'Dowal st.
Daniel, lodgings, 28 Salisbury street
Daniel, lodgings, 8 Shakspeare square
David, solicitor-at-law, 19 Thistle street
Donald, box-keeper. Theatre, 161 Rose street
Donald, spirit dealer, 59 Thistle street
Duncan, pos1?-master and coach hirer, 165 Rosest.
Duncan, cowfeeder, 128 Rose street
Duncan, esqi 13 Danube street
George, sen. tfrriter, 388 Castlehill
George, jun. teacher, 388 Castlehill
G. victual dealer, 94 Nicolson street
James, coach- hirer, 34 George street
James, and Co. cabinetmakers, 23 Brunswick st.
James, coach-hirer, 66 George street
James, spirit dealer, 4 Young street
James, shoemaker, 61 Thistle street
James, spirit dealer, 1 Maitland street
James, wrights' tool maker, 65 Nicolson street
James, china and glass dealer, 194 Canongate
James, china and glass warehouse, 72 and 74
George street — house 55 Cumberland street
James, lodgings, 13 Carnegie street
James, boot and shoemaker. Dairy lane
'■ James, tailor and clothier, 63 Princes street
James (of Baxter S; Co.), 47 Hanover street
J. and G. merchants, 113 High street
J. (of Abernethy and Stewa7-t), 4 Broughton pi.
J. boot and shoemaker, 10 Leith street
r- J- L. landscape painter, 25 east Claremont street
John Shaw, esq. advocate, 12 Shandwick place
John, chair-master, 204 Rose street
John, lodgings, 8 M'Kenzie place
John, spirit dealer, 3 Clyde street
John, boot and shoemaker, 14 Horse wynd
J. surgeon, S3 Broughton st. — ho. 14 Brandon st.
— — John, spirit dealer, 63 West bow

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