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Peddie, Rev. William, 37, Lauriston place
Win. city officer, 357 High street
— — Mrs, 24 Buccleuch place
Mrs P. portmanteau and trunk manufactory, 4
Waterloo place — ho. 1 1
Peebles and Stoddart, coachmakers, 40 Pleasance
' Alex. M. {of Win. Cadelland Co.) 15 Graham st,
PefFers, Mrs C. grocer, 13 Buccleuch street
Pelican Life Insu^, Annuity, and Endowment
Opfice, 14 Geo. st. Jas. Balfour, agent. SeeApp.
Pender, Thos. comptr. of stamp duties, 5 Salisbury rd.
]Mrs Thomas, sen. 27 Montague street
Pendrich, John, spirit dealer, Jock's lodge
— — John, baker, 63 Fountainbridge
Miss, 65 Cumberland street
Penman, Jn. of Sun Fire and Life office, 12 Exchange
1 Mrs, tobacconist, 114 Nicolson street
Penney, Wm. esq. advocate, 13 Dundas street
Penny, Thomas, lodgings, 7 Caltonhill
Pennycook, Mrs James, 10 St Anthony place
Penny cuick, Robert, smith, 182 Pleasance
George, bootmaker, 1 5 Gilmour street
Perigal, Arthur, artist, 6 St Vincent street
Perkins, John (general agent, Leith,) 1 Pilrig place
Pekmit Office, 3 Milne square
Perron, IMrs Mary, lodgings, 7 Hill square
Perth Baking Company, Paul's work, Leith wynd
Peter, Miss, 21 Heriot row
Peterkin, Alexander, writer, 11 Scotland street
— ^Mrs J. japanner and clock dial manufacturer, 34
Toddrick's wynd
Peters, Dav. cabinetmaker, 2 Hamilton pi. Stockbridge
Petrie and Co. stationers, 7 Abbey strand
And. keeper of sanctuary records, 2 Abbey strand
George, writer, 21 Charles street
John, book agent, 8 Shakspeare square
Mrs, keeper of the Chapel Royal, 7 Abbey strand
Pettigrew, Robert, lodgings, 28 India street
Pew, Stephen, broker, 267 Cowgate
Philip, Alexander, watchmaker, 32 Greenside street
Charles, merchant, Leith — ho. 2 Bonington pi.
William, clock and watchmaker, 48 Hanover st,— '
ho. 27 Xelson street
Philips, John, gardener, Restalrig
David, tinsmith, 21 West bow
Phillips, James, merchant. Laverock bank.
John, esq. S.S.C. 12 Union street
Wm. grocer and spirit dealer. 111 Causewayside
Mrs, teacher of music, andlodgings, 4 Frederick st
Phin and Pitcairn, esqrs. W.S. 37 Dublin street
Chas. session- clerk, 12 Royal Exchange— ho. 4
Bank street
John, esq. 37 Dublin street
Thomas, grocer, 10 Gibb's entry
Mrs W. fishing-rod & tackle maker, 34 X. bridge
Miss, 36 Gilmour place
Misses, 4 Bank street
Phoenix Fire Office, S Bellevue cres. JohnYoung, agt.
Tailors' House of Call, Warriston close
Physicians, Royal College of, George street «wt
Picken, John, clock and watchmaker, 90 Grassmarket
—^ Thomas, clock and watchmaker, 114 West bow

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