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Paterson, Mrs Ann, lodgings, 4 Charles street
Mrs A. 2 upper Gray street
Mrs G. 2 Salisbury square
Mrs James, of Carpow, 1 1 1 Princes street
Mrs John, 41 Rose street
j\Irs Margaret, spirit dealer, 2 Saunders street
Mrs Robert, spirit dealer, Water of Leith
Mrs William, 31 Cumberland street
Mrs, lodgings, 47 Cumberland street
Mrs, 1 Rose court
Mrs, 27 Gilmour place
Mrs, Bonington park
■ Mrs, 10 Albyn place
Mrs, 4 Infirmary street
Mrs, lodgings, 9 Green side street
Miss, dressmaker, 2S Brunswick street
Miss Mary, of Castle Huntly, 1 1 Warriston cres,
Miss J. straw-hat maker, 5 Salisbury street
Miss J. dressmaker, 65 Thistle street
Miss, 4 Charles street
— — Misses, of Castle Huntly, 9 Brandon street
Patterson, Henry, agent, 27 Howard place
■ James, leather merchant, 4 Princes street
John, of Edinburgh foundry — ho. 15 Carletonpl.
Mrs R. 2 Meadow place
Mrs, cabinetmaker, 272 Cowgate
Mrs, 8 Hope street, Charlotte square
Paton, A. saddle and harness maker, 1 Greenside st.
A. and J. shoemakers, 31 Thistle street — ho. 56
David, builder, 17 Greenside street
David, architect, %% Great King street
Geo. late teacher. High School, 37 Frederick st.
Geo. silversmith, 47 Highst. — ho. 15 Montaguest.
Henry, smith, east Rose street lane
Hugh, carver, gilder, and printseller, 25 and 27
Horse wynd. College street— house 23
James, surgeon, G(i Great King street
John, esq. 4 Clareraont street, Saxe Coburg place
John, builder, 66 Great King street
Thomas, esq. accountant, 8 Royal crescent
Thomas, bookseller, 2 north-west Circus place,
— house QQ Great King street
■ Mrs, senior of Crailing, 9 Coates crescent
. jMrs, lodgings, 59 Broughton street
Misses, 29 Frederick street
Patton, George, esq. aelvocate, 38 Frederick street
' Thomas, esq. W.S. 38 Frederick street
Patten, John, esq. W.S. 25 Royal crescent
Patisons and Pringle, silk mercers, 6 South bridge
James (of James Patison and Co.), 18 London st.
James, and Co. silk mercers, 86 George street
John, esq. W.S. Viewforth cottage, 6 York place
John, tertius, esq. G York place
• M. esq. S.S.C. and notary public, 74 George st.
William, sen. esq. 18 London street
■ Wm. jun. (of Patisons S^- Pringle), Williamfield
■ ]Mrs, 3 Queen's place
Pattison, James, esq. W.S. 5S Castle street
John, jun. esq. W.S. 20 Druramond place — ho.
jMary's cottage. Trinity
William, agent, plate glass warehouse, 24 Green-
side place
Patrick, Dr Robert, of Hazlehead, 2 Forth Street

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