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Mitchell, Mrs Donald, 2 west Preston street
Mrs James, merch', Dean-path, Water of Leith
Mrs James, 41 Heriot row
Mrs, 6 west Richmond street
Mrs, 25 Gay field square
Mrs and Scott's eating house, 463 Lawnmarket
Mrs, boarding and day school, 72 Northurab. st.
Mrs, 48 Melville street
Mrs, lodgings, 51 Broughton street
IMrs, lodgings, ti5 York place
Mrs, Bruntsfield place
Miss, straw-hat manufacturer, 165 Rose street
Miss H. dressmaker, 5 Buccleuch place
Miss, 23 St Bernard crescent
Miss, 3 Inverleith row
Miss, dressmaker, 12 Hill square
Mitchells and Co. candlemakers, 48 Crosscauseway
Mitchelhill, John, clothier, 63 North bridge
P. surgeon and apothecary, 1 Downie pi. — ho. 3
Mitchelson, J. and D. painters, 100 Rose street
Mochrie, Robt. letter-carrier, Reid's close, Canongate
Miss H. straw-hat manufacturer, 25 Thistle st.
Moffat and Co. fishmongers, 33 Frederick street
Andw. fishmonger, 46 Dundas st.
E. J. merchant, 1 Alva street
David, Woolpack inn, 14 Bristo street
James, baker, 6 west Preston street
John, victual and spirit dealer, 27 Abbey hill
John, manager of Sir J. Hope's coal depot, 21
Parkside street
John, and Co. engravers, 227 High street
— — John, builder, 8 Morrison street
John, tailor, 33 Castle street
Robert, cabinetmaker, 26 Carnegie street
T. flesher, 23 Middle market— ho. 3 Leopold pi.
Thomas M., S.S.C. 7 Argyle square
Thos. leather warehouse, 34 Niddry street
William, solicitor-at-law, 17 Argyle square
W. Butterworth, writing-master, 7 Infirmary st.
Wm. apothecary to the Lunatic Asylum, 53 Ni-
colson street — house 10 St Patrick square
Wm. teacher of mathematics, Heriot's hospital
■ Mrs, 27 St Patrick square
Mrs, fruiterer, Heriot buildings
Mrs, corsetmaker, 9 Terrace
Mrs, lodgings, 1 6 Duke street
Mrs, 28 St James square
Moinet, J. (of A''. Brit. Insurance Co.) 16 Gilmour pi.
Moir, George, esq. advocate, 63 Northumberland street
James, surgeon and accoucheur, 8 Teviot row
Dr John, J. A. 8 Teviot row
■ John, printer (of D. Stevenson and Co.), 140
Princes street
John, boot and shoemaker, 39 Candlemaker row
R. (of the Gen. Post Office), 14 middle Arthur pi.
Mrs, boarding school, 140 Princes street
Miss, 2 William street
Misses, 10 Windmill street
Molison, Dr, 1 1 Picardy place
Molle, Miss, 27 Inverleith row
Monard, Monsieur, teacher of French, 6 Howe street
— -• Madame, teacher of French and Ital. 6 Howe st.

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