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M'William, William, vintner, Newhaven
Mrs, Female seminary, 1 Salisbury square
Maidment, James, esq. advocate, 103 Princes street;*
Main, Alex, tinsmith, 107 Pleasance
Edward, bootmaker, 12 Elm row
James, bookseller and stationer, .52 George street
— house 27 Brunswick street
Peter, boot maker, 22 Leith street
R. floor-cloth manufacturer, 15 Waterloo place -
Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 5 Catherine street
Mrs, 4 Charles street
Maine, Mrs, 2 Haddington place
Mayne, Colonel, E.I.C.S. 31 Melville street
James, esq. 42 Melville street
Robert, esq. 42 Melville street
Miss, 6 Pitt street
Mair, Colonel Alex, deputy. governor of Fort Greorge,
29 Abercromby place
Mrs, lodgings, 25 Duk6 street
Miss, cotton and worsted shop, 465 La\vnmarket
Maitland, Sir Alex. C. Gibson, of Cliftonhall, 27 Char*
lotte square
Alex, glass-dealer, 34 West bow
Augustus, esq. W.S. 1 south Charlotte st.— house
27 Charlotte square
Davidson, & Co. St Ann's brewery, Croft-an»righ
E. F. esq. advocate, 1 Albyn place
J. brewer, 34 Royal terrace
John, esq. accountant, 52 Albany street
John, writer, 9 south-east Circus place
Thomas, esq. younger of Dundrenan, advocate,
122 George street
Thos. esq. Blandfield house, Broughton point
Miss, 6 Vincent street
— — Miss, 9 south-east Cii-cus place
Malcolm, Dr, 7 1 York place
James, S.S.C. 40 George square
John, cabinetmaker, 19 Leith walk
John, tobacconist, 6 Kerr street
Renton, victual dealer, 80 Pleasance
Robt. letter carrier, 10 south St James street
Walter, writer, 28 Drummond place
Wm. painter and glazier, 33 Hanover St. and 16
Cowgate — house 5 Merchant street
Mrs J. 1 Clerk street
Mrs Thomas, 19 Salisbury street
Miss, 2 Salisbury square
jMalloch, James, baker, 47 north Richmond street
• William, cabinetmaker, 2 Shrub place
Manchester Assurance & Annuity Co. 47 York
place — Francis Eurke, esq. agent. See App.
Manderson, Giles, lodgings, 39 Dublin street
John, smith, Gilmore street, Paul's work
Manderston, Mrs John, 34 Abercromby place
Manners, George, boot and shoemaker, 6 Rose street
Mansfield, John, esq. of Midmar, 34 York place
Thomas, esq. accountant, 7 Thistle st. — ho. 51
York place
Manson, Alex, lodgings, 43 India place
George, tailor, 3 Davie street
John, bookbinder, 46 west Register street
- — Thomas, esq. 3 Fingal place

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