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> A^ ><•***/ Jl* JAM** A*
Mackenzie, Mrs, 1 Brandon street
Miss, I Nelson street
Hon. Misses, of Seaforlii, .') Randolph crescent
M'Kenzie, Adam, broker, lO.i Cowgale
Alexander, hairdresser, 22,i Canongate
Alexander, spirit dealer, 1 tH Cowgate— ho. \i:>
Alex, tailor and clothier, j south St Andrew st.
Alex, tailor, 2G.i High street
Rev. Andrew, 8 Downie place
Charles, grocer, Broughton street
Daniel, builder, oi Grassmarket
Donald, carver and gilder, l :\Ielviile place
i Donald, wright and undertaker, 70 Potterrow
\ George, spirit dealer, o77 Castlehill
: Hugh, letter carrier, Reid's close, Canongate
I James, tinsmith, 1.51 West port
Ja. working.! eweller, 21 Georgest.— h. 1 j Chap. st.
James, sheriff- officer, old Assembly close
J. jeweller & hardware merchant, 3f) Nicolson st.
John W. esq. W.S. 19 Scotland street
John, plumber, 15 Rose street
John, spirit-dealer, 9 Calton street
Dr John, 17 Maitland street
K. painter, 1 1 Lady Lavvson's wynd
Kenneth, spirit dealer, 471 Lawnmarket
Kenneth, painter, ]\Iary King's close
Kenneth, esq. W.S. 2 east Newington place
Murdoch, spirit dealer, 30 West bow
Robert, esq. W.S. 13 south Charlotte street
Samuel, artist, 7 M'Kenzie place
Thos, esq. W.S. 45 Frederick st— ho. 10 Henotr.
Thomas, victual dealer, 33 Jamaica street
WiUiam, (of the G. P. 0.) U east Richmond st.
William, lodgings, 41 Castle street
William, slater, 233 Canongate
William, dyer and scourer, 106 Rose street
i Mrs A. 71 Clerk street
i - — - Mrs C. 45 Frederick street
i Mrs, of Applecross, 145 Princes street
I INIrs, 10 St Patrick square
Mrs, midwife, 475 Lawnmarket
Miss H. dressmaker, 5f) Castle street
I Miss, 95 Princes street
i — — Miss, 15 George square
Miss, teacher, 2 Simon square
M'Keracher, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 141 Grassm.
, M'Kerlie, Robert, esq. Ordnance store-keeper, Castle—
j house Dickson's park
'' Mrs, 24 Clerk street
M'Kerrell, Miss, 22 Coates crescent
iSIackersy, John, writer, 47 Great King street
j Lindsay, ace*, 17 Howe St.— ho. 26 Dundas street
William, esq. W.S. 2 Bellevue crescent
Mrs, 47 Great King street
M'Keur, James, porter, Holyrood house
M'Killop, George, esq. 1 1 Ainslie place
John, surgeon, 208 Canongate — house 299
Mackie, Chas. surgeon, 6 west Circus place
Charles, esq. 7 Roxburgh terrace
John, messenger. Bank of Scotland — ho. ditto
— — John, smith. Queen place lane, Leith walk
■ ■■ John, grocer, 10 Mansfield place
— — John, bread and fancy biscuit baker, 9 Scotland st.

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