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]\I'Callum, John, spirit dealer, 6 east Richmond street
Peter, spirit merchant, 17 Buccleuch street and
12 low Calton — ho. 2 Buccleuch place
Thos reed maker, 23 Grassmarket
Mrs Alexander, 129 Grassmarket
M'Candlish, William, of Exchequer, 17 Minto street
M 'Cardie, Mrs, midwife, 63 Cumberland street
M'Caskie and Anderson, hat manuf. 90 Cowgate head
James, furrier, 90 Cowgate head
M'Caskill, Mrs General, jVIillburn cottage
M'Caul, Charles, contractor, 2 High School yards
M'Caull, John, clock and watchmaker, 36 Lothian st.
Machell, James, Hawick carrier, 12 Candlemaker row
M'Cheyne, Adam, esq. W.S. 56 Queen street
M'Cleish, John, surgeon, Maryfield, West kirk
M'Clellan, C. bookbinder, 63 North bridge
M'Clelland, George, esq. W.S. 146 Princes street
M'Clumpha, .John, tailor and clothier, 11 William st.
M'Combie, William, lodgings, 8 Downie place
y Maconochie, Allan, esq. advocate, 13 Koyal circus y
^ James A. esq. advocate, sheriff depute of Orkne^
and Zetland, 122 Princes street
James, watchman, G.P.O. 25 Arthur street
Mrs WilUam, 34. Clerk street
M'Cook, James, esq. W.S. 44 Great King street
M'Corkindale, Daniel, printer, 8 M'Dowal street
IM'Crae, Duncan, tea and spirit dealer, 25 Richmond pi.
Mrs, 1 Henderson row
M'Craken, Jn. esq. sol"^, 11 Duncan st. Drummond pi.
M'Craw, John, shoe warehouse, 389 Lawnmarket
M'Crie, Rev. Dr Thomas, 13 Salisbury place
Wm. & Co. manuf. of paper hangings and carpets,
9 Hanover street — house 13 Salisbury road
M'Crummen, D. agent, kelp stores, foot of Leith walk
M'Cuaig, Duncan, tailor and clothier, 6 Frederick st.
M'Culloch, D. commission agent, 4 so. back of Canong.
James, teacher. Orphan hospital
John, tinplate worker, 22 north-west Circus pi.
John (of British Linen Co.), 8 Morrison street
John, painter, 23 Home street
John, spirit dealer, 10 Horse wynd, Cowgate
Michael, spirit dealer, 215 Canongate
Robert, spirit dealer, 91 High street
Walter, esq. W.S. 139 George street
William, sheriff-officer, 571 Castlehill
M'Dermid, John, spirit dealer, 2 Canal street
Mrs D. spirit dealer, 8 Buccleuch street
M'Diarmid, A. tailor & clothier, 3 east Register street
John, of herring fishery office, 7 Salisbury street
Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 106 Rose street
M 'Donald and Sommerville, cabinetmakers and up-
holsterers, 25 east Rose street
Alexander, spirit dealer, I Leith wynd
Alex, hotel- keeper, 91 Princes street
. Alex. esq. of General Retiister — ho. 5 n. St David st.
Alex, flesher, 2 Antigua st. — ho. 6 Union street
Alex, cabinetmaker & upholst. 12 Queensferry st.
Alex. New Ship tavern and coffeeroom, 135
High street
Angus, tailor, 113 Causeway side
Archibald, bookseller, 409 High street
— Coll. esq. W.S. 18 Great King street

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