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Linning, John, ace' gen. of Excise, 15 e. Claremont st.
J. Woodman, esq. 15 east Claremont street
Michael, esq. W.S. of Colzium, 12 AthoU crescent
Linton, Adam, wright, 46 Thistle street
— — T. superintendent of high roads, 8 Romilly pL
Lipman, H. pencil and quill manuf^, 9 Greenside pi.
Lisenham, J. jeweller & general agent, 1 1 Roxburgh st.
Lisle, Robert, esq. 4 Duncan street, Newington
Lister, John, esq. 2 north-east Cirxjus place
—^ John, currier, Leith wynd
Listen, Alexander, collector of taxes for the burgh of
Canongate, 130 Canongate
— — Edward, brushmaker. Cant's close, 108 High st.
Robert, esq. surgeon, 99 George street
Capt. William, Williamfield, Newhaven
Lithgow, Wm. painter^ so. lane east Thistle st. — ho. 1
Dundas street
Mrs, 22 St John street
Little, James, agent, 77 Rose street
■ Ninian, esq. 29 Scotland street
W. Maxwell, esq. S.SC. 50 Cumberland street
Littlejohn, David, writer, 6 Brighton street
Thomas, confectioner, 33 Leith street
Livingston, Alex, general agent, 17 west Nicolson st.
— house 28 JBuccleuch place
Edward, writer, 6 James court
John, esq. W.S. 31 London street
John, mercantile agent^ 7 Roxburgh place — house
7 Buccleuch place
John, J. P. officer, 5 Alison's square
Josiah (of Whitehead and Livingston), 26 Buc-
cleuch place
• Peter, mercantile agent, 3 and 5 Brighton st.—
house 26 Buccleuch place
Robert, tailor, 29 Bristo street
Mrs John, 31 Clerk street
Miss, 8 Henderson row
JNIisses, and Gunn, dressmakers and milliners, 1 9
Heriot row
Lizars, Daniel, North Briton office, 5 south St David
street — house 9
John, surgeon, 38 York place
' W. H. engraver, 3 St James square
Llacayo, Dr, 46 Cumberland street
Lloyd, John, (merch', Leith,) 2 east Broughton place
Miss, stone ware dealer, 103 West port
Loan Co. Edin. 39 South bridge, and 1 south Xiddry
street — J. H. Stott, manager
Loban, Mrs, midwife and nurse, 47 Cumberland street
Lock, Peter, wright and undertaker, 17 Cheyne street
Lockhart, Hunter, and Whitehead, esqrs. W.S. 41
Northumberland street
Ephraim, esq. W.S. 14 Pitt street
Norman, esq. W.S. 41 Northumberland gt. — ho.
9 Inverleith place
Rt. esq. S.S.C. 25 James sq. — ho. Whalebank
William, tin-plate worker, 118 West bow
Lockie, Chas. linen-draper and hosier, 76 Nicolson St.
John, tailor, 21 Lauriston street
John, spirit merch', 156 Cowgate — ho. 11 west
Richmond street
William, tailor, 3 Mainpoiut
Lockley, Anthony, esq. 31 Ann street

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