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246 SMI— SOM
Smith, Mrs 10. Rose street
Smith, Mrs tea-dealer, 19. Parliament square
Smith, Mrs 2. Crichton street
Smith, Mrs 19. Jamaica street, New town
Smith, Miss J. straw-hat maker, 28. Thistle street
Smith, Miss 38. Dublin street
Smith, Miss 41. Queen street
Smith, Miss mantuamaker, Donaldson's close, Bow-
Smiton, Mrs 13. Gayfield place
Smollet, James vintner, 191. Canongate
Smollct, Mrs 119. Prince street
Smyth, James esq. W. S. 10. St Andrew square
Smyth, John of Balhary, esq. advocate, 1. Hart st.
Smyth, Robert esq. W. S. ditto
Smyth, Miss of Methven, 16. Hill street
Snodgrass, Francis esq. W. S. 5. Duke street
Snodgrass, J. boot and shoe maker, 13. College st.
Snodgrass, William shoemaker, west ditto
Snodgrass, Mrs furnished lodgings, 23. ditto
Sommers, James of Exchequer, — house Broughton
Sommers, J. and W. (late of the hotel), Paterson's
court, Broughton
Sommers, T. glazier, Advocate's close, Lucken-
Sommerville and Scott, esqs. W. S. 43. Northum-
berland street
Sommerville, Alex, wine-merchant, 65. York place
Sommerville, Andrew wire-worker, 105. High st.
Sommerville, Cha. shoemaker, 3. Carrubber's close
Sommerville, Daniel portrait painter, 7. James' sq.
Sommerville, Francis esq. advocate, 65. York pi.
Sommerville, Ja. spirit-dealer and saddler, FowkV

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