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^flampbell, Lady senior\o£ Ardkinglas, 58. Frede-
rick street
Campbell, L.adyjunior, Ardkinglas, Holyroodhouse
Campbell, Mrs 22. Jamaica street
.Campbell, Mrs 117. Prince street
Campbell, Mrs 12. north Richmond street
Campbell, Mrs of Duneaves 32. Dundas' street
Campbell, Mrs Archibald, Braehouse
Campbell, Mrs 68. George street
Campbell, Mrs Neil 30. James' square
Campbell, Mrs Colin 31. ditto
Campbell, Mrs Ederline, Old Assembly close
Campbell, Mrs straw hat maker, west end of Luc -
kenbooths ,
Campbell, Mrs William 2. George street
Campbell, Mrs Alison's close, Cowgate head
Campbell, Mrs D .of Ardneaves, 41. George street;
Campbell, Miss dressmaker, 33. Hanovejpstreet
Campbell, Miss 10. north fSt David street
Campbell, Miss 5. Picardy place
Campbell, Miss E. 2. Tiviot row
Campbell, Miss 25. Frederick street
Campbell, Miss L. and J. boarding sch^BJHjr.' Young
street, New town 7j^
Campbell, J. and Co. milliners, 29. Frederick str. j
Campbell, Miss 5. Tobago street
Campbell, Miss mantuamaker, 23. Clyde street
Campbell, Miss of Newfield, 10. south St David St.,
Candlish, William grocer, 20. Frederick street
Canan, Horatius esq. W S. Young st. New town
Caning, James wright, 28. Greenside street
Cant, George basket-maker, Skinner's close
Cantly, John harness- maker, 10. St Ann street
Carey, Geo. mathematical academy, 54. So. bridge

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